Jason Calacanis, How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Future Of Employment | #AskGaryVee 233
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Jason Calacanis, How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Future Of Employment | #AskGaryVee 233

– On this episode
Jason Calacanis stops by. (hip hop music) – [Gary] You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. – Hey everybody,
it’s Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 233 of
The #AskGaryVee Show. Two of my favorite people are
here Jason Calacanis and India. India, why are you even here? This is amazing, I’m excited. – I don’t know. – Eliot, are you sad? Show sad Eliot. Sad Eliot.
I love it. India, very good to see you but
Jason more importantly for the four people that
don’t know who you are, why don’t you give them
a 30 to 75 second bio? – I’m a angel investor. I create media companies.
– Is that what you start with? – No, I start with–
– I say things all the time. – Yeah, exactly. No, I started Silicon Alley
Reporter here in of New York, so I started a bunch of
internet companies, mainly in publishing and I am an
angel investor and commentator. I’m kind of like the
West Coast version of GaryVee. I like the Knicks,
you’re the Jets. – Yep. – Your ambition is
to buy the Knicks. – Yeah, that’s my ambition.
– You like seeing the Garden? – It’s getting
harder and harder. The value of these companies is
going up from these TV deals. – I know. We’re not
being more successful than the value of
these companies. – Exactly.
– It’s getting worse. – Gary and I are getting
more successful, it’s great. – But not fast enough.
– The gap is growing. – The good news for me with
the NFL is that ultimately has a decline with concussions and
this and that and so we’ll see. But anyway so
what’s been going on? A lot of people, you know
it’s funny, I have a lot of young, young entrepreneurs
and a little bit more, not all just tech,
where you have an enormous name so I think for
a lot of people… Look, I think from my standpoint
from afar and we’ve interacted a bunch, he just
executes and hustles. I like that. Very early web 1.0
kind of entrepreneur. – Yeah. I started when the web
was no images, no video. The 90s here in New York.
– Yep. – It was pretty exciting.
We all knew it’d get big but– – It took longer than
we all thought. Right? – Yeah, it did.
– ‘Cause we were kids. Right, by the year 2000 it felt
like the I remember Wine Library was gonna sell all of it’s wine on Wine Library
by the year 2002. – You know, this
device is an unexpected– – Game changer. – game changer because we never
expected you would have a super computer in your pocket
with a broadband connection. – Didn’t we find the video on
Wine Library TV where I’m like you can use Twitter
on your phone now. – [Andy] Yeah.
– We need to pull that up. – Yeah, and it’s not an
SMS and there’s apps. – [Andy] I actually just
have it right here. – Do you have it?
– [Andy] Yeah, it’s in my inbox. – I was just sent a
tweet about Uber. – When was it?
When did I say it? When was the video from? 2007? – [Andy] Episode 232
of Wine Library. – Which is? Whoa, and
this is what, 233? – [India] 233. – Oh, we almost, that
would have been great. That would have
been amazing recall. – But things change fast,–
– Super fast. – I was looking at this– – And Jason, you’re one of the
few guys in that angel ecosystem that I grew up with that was
smart enough to invest in the angel round of Uber. – Yeah, one of the things
you learn about being an angel investor is you don’t have to
know if the company’s going to succeed, you just ned to know
if the person’s going to travel. – Yeah, Travis is. – And you just knew with
Travis that he’s indefatigable, he’s a hustler,
he’s hard-working and I passed on
Twitter and Zynga because I couldn’t
figure out the businesses. And that’s when I was
like you know what,– – I’m betting on horses.
– Exactly. Evan Williams and Mark Pincus–
– Mhmmm, jockeys. – winner whatever they do.
– That’s right, yep. – You got to just bet the person and their ability
to figure it out. – Talking about great
people, let’s go to India. India, let’s get into
the first question. – [Jason] Oh, here we go.
– From Bryan. – Oh, video.
– All video. – [Jason] A video from Bryan.
– [India] Oops. – Rusty. – Hey, what’s up GaryVee? My name is Bryan AKA MindofBun,
I’m on the app Musical.ly and I have a following of
over 600,000 people. Not only that but I’m one of
four Musical.ly reps that live in New York City. So my question is
I don’t know what to do next. I feel like I’m
stuck in a plateau. I don’t know what to do next. I love making these videos,
not only on Musical.ly but I’m also pushing
everybody to YouTube, too. I ask this question because
I have friends who have less followers than me who have
managers and people who I know that have millions of fans who
don’t even have managers or they don’t even know what to do. So, what should I do
next with this following? Do I go out there and look
for companies or brand deals or should I link up with the
manager or what should I do? I put my business email out
there and I’m not always getting emails every day or something. I am patient, I do wait but
lately I just trying to figure out a way to get a source of
income from this because, again, I do love doing this, I love
doing this but at the end of the day I still have my mom
harassing me saying A, are you gonna get
a job or this and that? And yeah, so Gary
what should I do? – Jason, it’s fun to have
you here with this question. Good job by you guys curating
because again we lived through early bloggers getting famous–
– Sure. – then Twitter was really
the first preview to this– – Sure. – where both of us were lucky
enough to be one of those 100, 150 people that
everybody was following. – Sure. – What kind of advice do you
give to, I’m paying a lot of attention to the
Musical.ly stars. – Sure.
– This is the youngest generation of stars
we’ve ever seen. You’re making a joke of
VaynerMedia being young,– – I know. – We’re talking about 9,
10, 11, 12-year-old stars. – Yeah. – Like it’s, it’s Nickelodeon
up in Musical.ly right out. What’s your advice for this? – Well, I mean what
is the goal here? Does the person want to be, do they actually
have any raw talent? Are they actually a musician? Are they actually a singer or
are they just kind of becoming popular for doing– – Do you think that’s possibly
becoming just talent in itself? – That’s a good question. – Like you said that and
I’m debating it myself. – Right. Do you
actually have a skill? So what I think is adding skills to your repertoire like
that can only help you. So if learn an instrument,
if you actually learn to sing then you can kind of
take it to the next level. So when you saw Justin Bieber
on YouTube it was like, “Yeah, he’s a YouTube star but
he actually had core talent.” – No, he was a real talent.
– He was a real talent. Then you look at
somebody like King Bach. – Yes.
– On Vine,– – Yes. – he was the number
one guy for a while. Probably still is.
He actually is funny. – He’s a real comedian.
– He’s a real comedian. – Actor.
– Actor. – Yes.
– He’s a comedic actor. – Yes. – So I think adding skills when
you’re a young person is one thing that this
generation got backwards. – That’s a good point. – They go get the
fame and it’s great. You can hit that lightning in
a bottle but get that skill you can, it can never be
taken away from you. – Yeah, I think networking. I think just even asking this question like, for example,
I’m interested. I’m spending more time in
Musical.ly so let’s get this kid into my office, I want to
meet him for 20 minutes. And you just need to do
that over and over, right? – Yeah. – How many people have been able
to get to you and met for 15 or 30 minutes just by pounding you on social and email
through the last decade? Give me a rough estimate of
numbers because I know– – Over a thousand.
– That’s it. – Over a thousand,
it takes time. – You, right and some people
they email you one time and you gave them 15 minutes and some
people have emailed you 37,000 times and you’ve
never talked to them. – Exactly.
– That’s the punchline. – I look at the quality like I look for people with
skill but that’s me. – But you know this, it’s a
subjective moment in time. – Sure. – Like at that moment
it felt like, right? – Yeah.
– I mean it’s a crap shoot. – Yeah but you know what? It’s a numbers game, if you,
one of the things is I had, I have a portfolio company that
raised money from seven people and they’re like we can’t raise any more money,
it’s not working. I’m like well, how’d
you get the first seven? They’re like well, we
met with a ton of people. I said how many
people did you meet? They said 15. I was like so you can raise
money from 50% of the people you meet with and now you met with
another five, you didn’t get an investor so you’re quitting?
– Soft. – So soft.
– Soft! – You got to do at least 50
meetings and what you do is you take notes after every meeting
and you ask people candidly why did you pass on investing? The way you can help me,
I understand you’re passing, can you just tell me the truth? – Interesting. – Be candid with me
and tell me why I suck. – I love that.
– Or tell me what I need to work on.
You know what? People will do it if you give
them permission to speak freely. – Love it. India,
let’s move it forward. By the way, I’m serious,
I want to meet the kid. Make it happen. – [Jason] Hey-o!
– Manu. – Hey Gary. It’s your Canadian homey Swish. I had a question for you, very
short and sweet, what’s your career advice to DRock and
how he can progress his career because he’s a madly talented
person and I know, for sure, you want the best outta him. – Manu, great question. For me, I think DRock needs
to hold on to me for dear life ’cause I think is grossly
overrated because of the fame and stardom of my
amazing ability. (DRock laughs) And so if I was DRock,
I’d be holding on for dear life. – Is this one of
your whack packers? – No, that’s DRock. – That’s what I said,
one of your whack packers. – So DRock, he is obviously
filming DailyVee and he’s got clearly, he’s got video skills
and he’s built an enormous– – Yeah. – Now when I take a selfie–
– How long as he been here? How long you been here, DRock?
– [DRock] Two and a half years. – Alright, let me tell you
something about loyalty. It’s year three and four
when the magic happens. – Interesting. – Everybody wants to
bounce after a year or two, go to the next thing.
– [DRock] Yeah. – ‘Cause somebody’s gonna go, “Oh, DRock’s associated
with him? “Let me give him a 10% bump in
salary to jump over there.” But I’m telling you– – Or 100 when you’re
making $2 an hour, you know. – Yeah, exactly. I always find that people that
stick around for year three, four, five in a startup they
kind of ascend to this level and they learn some stuff and you
want to learn when you’re young. And the problem is a lot of
people don’t put the time in. They quit too early. – I think the big thing is,
I agree in some ways and I’ll go slightly different. You just have to reverse
engineer what, you got deploy as much self-awareness as you
have of this moment and reverse engineer what you want. If DRock wants, for example, if DRock wants
to make a movie, for real. Right, a feature film, he’s
never been a better position with me because as long as he
keeps believing in me and as long as I keep proving that
I continue to grow I’m closer to being able to fund a feature,
I fund a feature film now. – Sure. Why not? – It’s like raising money. I don’t want to.
No way, DRock. (DRock laughs) But you just have to
know what you want. I think that my career advice
Manu to you, to DRock, India, Other Tyler, Andy, to Jason, to
myself is know what you want and put yourself in the best
position to succeed to get there but be careful because the
thing right in front of you is normally not the thing that’s
actually going to get you to the best position to
actually do what you want. – Hmmm. There you go. – India.
– But you’re in the game. That’s important.
– Yes. – [India] You ready
for a crazy video? – Crazy video?
– Here we go. – [India] Crazy from Zeek.
– A minute 44. – Gary, Gary,
Gary, Gary Vaynerchuk! Hey you remember when episode
three you said it should be your life dream to get your
question on my show? Gary, it’s my life dream, man. Please, India!
Come on, girl. Get me on the show. Just kidding,
India, you’re awesome. I love you. Hey, I’m really glad
you didn’t get fired. (laughs) We were worried,
we were worried. Vayner Nation was worried. Hey, DRock, can our cameras
get together and focus? (laughs) I’m Zeek Fit Freak coming
from you Valparaiso, Indiana. Cornfields and everything.
Oh God, help me. I need a mountain. Somebody get me a mountain. I’m a personal trainer
and a lifestyle manager. Ooh, that’s a new one.
Lifestyle manager. Ooh, what does that even mean? Well, I’ll tell you but
let’s just get to the question. Okay? No but really, I love what you’re saying
about self-awareness. It’s one of the number one
things I talk to my clients about, one of the number one
things that is changed my life for the better in so many
different ways but being truly self-aware I know that what my
best talents obviously is the energy that
I bring to the table. And I’m telling you,
I’ll bring this energy to the table
wherever I’m at. Okay? Call me out there, right now. I’m gonna drive out there.
You think I won’t? I will bring this energy, Gary. And I know this will be really
great for brands but I’m trying to brand my own thing
on the side, right? So the question is
how do you harness an emotion that comes through the energy that I develop and give and
share with other people? How can I monetize that online? I’ve been working on it and
I could really use your help. Thank you so much, Gary. I love you, man. Hey, DRock link in
the description. Ooh, get right
there, right there. Lift life guys and
go New York Jets! Woo! – Jason, what are
you doing with that? (group laughter) – Wow, it’s like Jim Carrey. – He’s really, really, that’s
got some interesting charisma. What do you think? How does he
monetize all that energy? – Well, here’s the thing,
we both know online is a great way to get attention. It’s a little bit challenging
sometimes to monetize. Obviously, the
CPMs are very low. It’s hard to get the brands,
that’s why big agencies like your’s exist and other
ones around town. They have the brand
relationships, so they’ll be some opportunity to join
these networks of stars, you know about those.
– Yep. – And that’s a fine way to do it
but I think building your brand online and then
increasing your prices offline. So if he’s a trainer and he’s
got five clients and they’re all paying $50 an hour, what
I always find is people are afraid to raise their prices
and lose clients, right? So if he keeps growing and he’s
that good, he should be able to double his price. Then double your price, then
double your price and maybe have five people who are paying $400 a session where
that kind of a thing. So be good at
whatever your skill is and then keep raising your price. – Products, services, content.
– Yeah. – There’s only 4 to 5 things
that one can do to monetize. – Sure. Yeah. – You got great energy, you get
attention, you get you build a base and then you can
do a lot of things. You could sell
them stuff, right? – Sure.
– Make a product, yep. You can sell a T-shirt like you
can sell them a physical thing. – Yeah.
– You can create a service. If you train people and
it’s 50 bucks an hour then it’s 100 and 200,
you can be in a place where you as a personality
gets monetized. You sign a book deal,
you sell a lot of them. You speak for 100 bucks then
1,000 bucks then 5,000 bucks. You create a
scalable content play. You put out something that is,
you know, you put your classes on Udemy and all
these kind of things. – Yeah. – You collect, Creative
Collective and things like that so you and I can give
you like a lot of things. But the truth is only five or
six things that are out there. – It’s always the rookie mistake
when I talk to somebody and say what’s your business model? And they say well, it’s going to
be advertising and subscriptions and then we’re gonna sell things
and then we’re gonna sell the data and they list 18 things. It’s like, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The great companies,
Uber, take a percentage. Tumblr, advertising. Google, ad networks, right? It’s very rare that you see even
a big company, Apple selling hardware, goes into a
second or third business line. You have to pick
one and master it. – Go deep. – And just master it because
you know how hard it is to get advertising and content to work. You have to be the number one
person in your category and you have to very tight relationships and you have to
deliver for those advertisers. On a product basis, people who
are making great products and selling them at a high profit
like Apple, man, it’s hard to compete against
people like that. You have to be
exceptional in this nature. – The other thing for a lot of
you that are watching that I think will be valuable
is try to do everything. Give a free speech. Create a content e-book. Go try to get a publishing deal. Try different things. – And see which ones pop.
– Yeah. – And which one you enjoy.
– Yeah. I think so. – That’s critical to because
if you don’t enjoy being in a service business and having
customers, you can’t do it because you’re gonna
hate your customers. – Oh my gosh, all my
tech friends as you know– – Yes. – Like from what I came from,
they’re like you like this? You like having–
– (sighs) Brutal. – I’m like I like it ’cause
I know what it’s building for me long term.
– Yeah. – You know like nobody in tech wants the unscalable
nature of this. – Of a service business.
– Nobody. – No.
– Nobody. – But if you look at it, you
have real clients and look at the knowledge you’re getting. You have all these Millenials
out here and they’re different, aren’t they?
– I don’t think so. – Maybe different
than Gen X’ers. – You know what, I think
that’s a popular conversation. I think people pretty basic.
– Yeah? – They the same tried-and-true
things which is they have some balance of their
wants and needs. I just think that
they have more power. – They do. – They have more power because the world has
gone in their favor. They’re 20-something in a
time where 20-somethings are respected by 40, 50 and
60-somethings around business because business
is being done here. And they know it better. – Do you get the sense when
they’re looking at you that they’re like, “I can be him
and I can do what he does.” – I hope not because then
they’re fucking stupid. – Yeah. I think I’m looking
around the room, I think a lot of them are like
I could be in charge. – You know what’s funny,
I hope they feel that way but it won’t happen.
(group laughter) – It takes time. – Alright, India, let’s go.
(group laughter) – What’s up Gary and team? Hadi Yousef here.
Off of your inspiration, I started vlogging my
startup journey. I’ve been interacting with
online communities like the great Vayner Nation and
just making sure that I’m putting out good content. But aside from patience and
thinking about the long game, what are some things that
someone like me should be doing to grow his audience?
Thanks a lot. – So I think one thing that
stands out for me and then you’ll jump in Jason is
I think more real-life stuff. Like every meetup.
– Sure. – Like Jase, you might remember
this, when I first got, it’s really fun to get your
perspective on this. When I first came
into the ecosystem,– – Yeah. – I was pouring wine at a
Jaiku, Leo Laporte meetup. – Yeah. You were the wine guy.
– Yeah, I was– – You were more
like, who’s that guy? – I was service.
I was the help. – Basically, I mean
I didn’t want to say it but it’s kinda true.
– And so like– – They’re like we
need wine here. – And meanwhile, and meanwhile I had the biggest
business in the room. – For sure. – Everybody else had
business on paper. – Yeah. – I actually had a business but
I was willing to earn my keep in to the ecosystem. That’s the advice I would
give here which is if you’re documenting your journey,
amazing but go to every I mean Israel is such a
hotbed for tech startups and just startups in general. Go to every meetup,
meet every person, be part of the ecosystem. I think you did
that extremely well. – Be everywhere.
– That’s right. – When I started Silicon
Alley Reporter here I wore a Silicon Alley Reporter
shirt every day. I had 20 of them so I was the
brand and I would show up at every party and I’d have
copies of the magazine. You have to be the brand and
you have to be everywhere but a little hack for him might be is
be the most intelligent question under the most important people’s blog posts
or their tweets. In other words,
really take your time. Forget about building your own
content and your own audience, find somebody who’s got an
audience that you would like to acquire and be the most
intelligent person in their ecosystem for a while.
– Love that. – Which is kind of what you did. You’d meet the guy you’d be like
this guy is passionate about wine but I’m here to see Leo
but this guy’s also kind of interesting too, right? And so you can put yourself in
Fred Wilson’s comments on AVC it’s like who are these people writing highly
intelligent comments? – You know what this is
really smart, especially in the Facebook ecosystem where if it’s
actually that, it populates up. – Yeah, they trend it up.
The best comment goes up. But this takes time and you
have to not be thinking about yourself with your comment. That’s the problem I think. People are trying to build a
brand so they think it’s about– – They’re pitching instead of
bringing value to the community of the micro community
within that blog post. – Correct.
– Yep. – What is the topic
we’re talking about– – Yep. – and how do you say
something highly intelligent and further the conversation? – And to you, because you
don’t come from 20 years of experience, 30 years experience
you need to put your lens on it. By the way, there’s a lot of
people reading comments on those blogs that are just like you,
entrepreneurs are trying to make it than us reading it. – We’re not
reading the comments. – So you saying here’s my
perspective from an Israeli led startup that from a
23-year-old’s perspective, you’ll get a lot
of juice from that. You need to own it. There’s way too many people
trying to fake the funk right now that their so genius
business people and they have no experience under
their fingernails. – There’s nothing more, I think,
appealing than somebody who’s a young entrepreneur saying I really don’t
understand how this works. Can somebody explain it to me or
help me because I really would like to be successful? People will come
out and help you. – 100% if you deploy the
humility and don’t fake it. – Yeah, there’s no
reason to fake it. – Well everybody does it.
And by the way, I’ve been there. When you’re not there yet,
you kinda wanna, you want to, I used to say yes and this.
It just was not smart. I should have said please
tell me and this and that. I would have got there faster. – In my meetings, any time a
word comes up that I don’t know, I say, “What does that mean?”
In a business meeting– – I wouldn’t even have meetings
then I’m terrible at vocab. – No but when you have to pitch
and someone’s like oh do you know about this?
And I’m like what is that? And I just say explain
to me what that is. And they’re like oh
it’s an acronym for this. And now I’m like now
I’m getting smarter. – Yeah. 100%.
– Right? – India, let’s more this.
I know we got a call. – Yeah. – Last one.
– Last call. – David.
– Whoa. David’s in a suit. – Hey, this is David Villa in
Tampa, Florida. I’m the CEO of IPD and hey Gary,
I got a question for you. How do you deal with the sacred
cow with a top performer in your business that generates
a ton of business but is toxic to your
company culture? – Fired! Fired. Fired, David. Fired, David! Does he have anything else? – [India] Eliot and I thought
you were gonna say that. Tox, fired.
– Yep. – Even before he
finished, right? Good guess. Fired. Fired. Fired.
– Yeah. – Fired. – It’s fired.
– It’s fired. – Life is short,– – It’s not even about like
living your best life and life is short.
It’s you lose. Like, you lose. Like you’re just gonna cap out. It’s like math-based marketing. Eventually, you run out of time. And you can only
extract so much. – You know what? It’s like, you
know you have someone like JR Smith on your team and he’s
eventually going to implode and cost you a championship. (crosstalk) – No, no, JR Smith, JR Smith
as the number one on that team. – Yeah. – When the top performer
is toxic, you are finished. – It’s game over, yeah. – The other thing, by the way is you have to be the most, you have to be
the top performer. To me, that is the number one
thing that I’ve always loved about my businesses
which is, I don’t know, I just don’t rely
on anybody. I could never imagine running a
business that I would sit there and say if DRock quit. – He’s scared of that
guy quitting because he’s the top salesperson.
– 100%. – That’s what, I can
see the fear in his eyes. – 100%. – If he wasn’t he’d be like
well, I’ll just do the sales. – He wouldn’t even
ask that question. By the way, in a
car salesman world, there’s a billion
great car salesmen. By the way, in the comments
section if you’re a tremendous car salesman and up for
moving, leave a comment. – Absolutely. – Alright, Jase, you get to
ask the question of the day. Any question you want. Great focus group of hundreds if
not thousands of answers inside of Facebook and YouTube,
what’s on your mind to young entrepreneurs and business
peeps and social media peeps? What are you
curious about these days? What are you looking at? You’ve been a very
successful investor. You’ve been absolutely
historically correct on trends. Even the people that
love to razz you and things of that nature,–
– Yeah. – can not deny you’ve seen
things play out properly with your business behavior. – I put numbers on the board.
Thank you, Gary. – Putting up. – I put some
numbers on the board. – By the way, as people that
have put themselves out there,– – Yeah. – you get your pros
and your cons of that. – Sure. – Nothing trumps the resume.
Having wins helps. It’s air cover. – As I tell people, you know
when they criticize whatever, I’m like I’m just a guy
who got lucky eight times. – Right, just eight.
– Just eight times. – Yeah. – At a certain point,
if you just keep hustling and you have one of those
wins every few years– – By the way, is that number
really three or four? I’m actually
genuinely interested. – There’s some that
you don’t know about. So for example,–
– Please. – I’m an LP in a fund.
– Yes. – That fund,–
– Sacca. – I can’t say which
one it was, not Sacca. – Sacca. – But it was in that stock
certificate up there,– – Got it.
– and it was in What’s App. – Yep. – And I just got a call one day and they’re like you have
these two huge wins. I was like I didn’t know
I had those wins but somebody made those investments–
– I get it. – on my behalf.
– I get it. – So those things happened. I just sold my book and I’m
doing a book on angel investing. And Hollis,–
– Good luck. Hollis, I know. – from Harper is doing it. – Just so you know, little,
behind the scenes I get calls from Hollis once in a while
is like what’s the story here? And usually I’m like and this and I’m like on this one
(clicks tongue). – No, no, she was like
Gary went to bat for you. I was like oh, very nice. And you guys know,
I hate to go to bat. – For sure.
– No, India, I don’t go to bat. – [India] I know. – So, okay, so my question for
everybody is what do you think the future is of employment now that we have
robotics and AI and what are your solutions if in fact we see a
lot of jobs go away? How would you solve a problem
of a society with, let’s say 20% less jobs available, which would
increase unemployment which, you know, we say the number is
3 or 4% right now but it really doesn’t include people who
gave up which is another 15%. So what if we lived in a world
where the majority of people couldn’t find a job and half the
people were employed, how would you try to solve for
that in a creative way? Because in our industry we
debate this, but we all and in the past we’ve always
come up with new jobs. But it feels like this
could be the different time. – I was at an event
where Joe Biden spoke. And the reason I’m name dropping
is ’cause maybe because he’s got a quote out there that somebody
can make this completely tight ’cause I could be wrong. I don’t remember if he said it’s
the number one job in America or the number one job, now I’m
recalling, for people that do not have a college degree but
whatever the punchline is and again somebody leave a comment
for clarification, he said the number one job in the
marketplace is transportation, drivers.
– Right. – And he goes with this looming, this is the number
one job people have. – Sure.
– And I actually think– – Truck drivers.
– Right. – Cab drivers.
– That’s right. Yeah, I mean listen and by
the way, that’s what happens in industrial revolutions–
– Yep. – like shit’s
about to hit the fan. – And what is the
solution for our society? – Yeah.
– That’s an open question. – No, that’s a big question.
– That’s a big question. Gary,– – Congrats, when’s
the book coming out? – It’s gonna come
out next summer. – Alright.
– Yeah. I may lean on you for
a tweet here or there. – We’ll have you ask a
question and we’ll link it up. – Alright, good. I need a little, you got all
these kids here working on this stuff, I may need– – You’re blown away, you are
fundamentally blown away by the youth of this organization. – I’ve never, I have never
seen an organization this young. I’m looking around the room, that kid’s definitely
in high school. (group laughter)
This kid’s 20, 22. – [Gary] Tyler, how
old are you, Tyler? – [Tyler] 25.
– [Gary] Bang, 19. – I said he’s in high school. 22. Hold on.
– Okay. – This kid’s 21.
– [Other Tyler] 23. – Yep.
– That kid’s 25. – [Andy] I’m 28.
– Yeah, Andy looking good. – She’s 26.
– She told you. – I knew that
already, she told me. – This kid’s like 22. – How old are you? – I’m gonna, I’m 45. – Nice number.
– [Andy] This is the oldest VaynerMedia’s looked
since I’ve been here. – Put it this way–
– Did you hear that? – as old as two people here.
– I know that. I get it.
– I know. – You keep asking questions,
we’ll keep answering them.

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100 thoughts on “Jason Calacanis, How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Future Of Employment | #AskGaryVee 233

  1. Bro this interview was deep guys well done. Ever since I started watching you Gary I have really learnt a lot and Self awareness is really something I am working on a daily basis. I also love the last question were your friend asked about AI and Machines replacing jobs. I think its a great time for us human beings to reinvent ourselves and enhance innovation. Nothing can beat an open mind not even Ai. We should just be ready to embrace it and see how it can best serve as in making the world a better place:) Much love from Zambia, Africa.

  2. To your question regarding the tech revolution and jobs.
    I believe that our society overall should expect to have less jobs because technology will be able to perform the tasks previously needed by people. However I think two things will occur. Yes, there will be more jobs created by these new technologies that will require the human touch. In this case more brains than muscle. Second, we will have to shift to a society that pays humans to create, learn, study, and invent, and teach. Which Is why Gary's company will fit so great, in our future.
    Because of this tech revolution I believe we will be given the opportunity to create a new job market. Maybe the government or maybe big business (Gary's Company) will create a market where people will spend their times following and learning about he things they care about, and how to improve on those things. Sharing this info, maybe in creative ways. Also, More coding jobs will be available, more tech jobs will be available, and this revolution may act as a catalyst to spark a massive jump on science and technology jobs where humans will be needed more for our brains than our muscles.
    I don't think there's any need to fear what's coming. Humans will find a way to adapt, monetize, etc. we always do right… 🙂 ❤️

  3. Services will always be around, it is a self-funding cycle.
    I work my ass off in service, so I hire a Landscaper, he works his ass off in service to hire a maid, she works her ass off to hire a nanny, they work their ass off to hire a framer to build something, the drywaller work hs ass off and walks into my business.

    Robots can be programmed to do repetitive tasks, but they can't lay carpet, install drywall, prune a tree, care for a child, be a father or mother or carry on a conversation while driving a cab.

  4. #QOTD I kind of think with all this new technology, people forget about the basic things like food and water. I believe the next large industry will be figuring out a way to transport clean water to states that need it the most like Texas. Having good clean food and be able to transport it across countries will be vital to our us as people.

  5. Gary VEEEEEEEE !!!!
    I want to thank you so so much for being alive !!! You are a true inspiration for many and for me you are the best of the best !
    I'm so grateful that i found your content , your image !
    Because of you now i know that i don't know a lot of things and that makes me go do sh*t !
    I ordered your book #AskGaryVee today and i'm so excited to see what i have to learn from it !
    I already see my future way brighter than i used to see it 😀
    I didn't make a name for myself , but now i know , in the short term (10 years 😀 , trying to learn patience ) that's gonna be exactly what i'm gonna do !
    Thank you so much for all the inspiration ,daily motivation and value you provide for me and others !
    You are loved !

    Best regards,

  6. As a Modern day Hero, I want to thank you for posting this video. We are in an age where we have access to free knowledge, where we can make a hobby a business. As humans beings, we strive to be leaders and be our own boss, we need to take advantage of the education we receive from these videos to achieve our success.

  7. Love your stuff gary. Looking forward to seeing you at CBT in Atlanta. I am in the Automotive industry and have been vlogging a bit so I don't get to see your stuff as much anymore. Thank you. 1>0

  8. Best charisma between a guest and GV yet! Definitely an awesome show. Would love to see this come together again in the future…

  9. What would you like to see from Hawaii? If there was someone in Hawaii and you could view "things" from Hawaii through that person what would you like to see!

  10. The days were you were a handed a six figure job are over. This is my theory. This new economy will expose many people as to who is adding value and who is not. It will tie directly with your income.

  11. Kick Ass Car Salesman and will pack tomorrow to relocate. Would kill to be a part of Vaynermedia. My hunger to knock it out is off the charts!!

  12. This, This right here, provides me with true value. IT directs my brain in thinking better, further, and more efficiently.

  13. Gary, I'm not actually a car salesman, but I'm a "car salesman" when it comes to selling! And I don't even have to move; I'm in NYC! Link up?!

  14. I hate that I noticed that "Episode" was spelled wrong lol. Feel super negative but it's the little details I catch xD

  15. In my opinion, i think a good solution for unemployment could be an organization that promotes mini start ups with government or private funding with a web tool that puts together 4 or 5 o people accordingly to their skills. Launch the product or service with guidance from people that take interest in the start up with opinions inside a comments section and a % of the income will fund another company. Sharing contacts, clients or even products / services could make a self growth, sustainable group of local companies. Like bringing in together a psicologist, a passionate social media person, a designer and a nutriologist could make the people within government employees healthier with diet, activities, sessions, etc for a monthly fee.
    Well, that is a random thought. =)
    Greetings to all, great day.

  16. The obvious answer is financial incentives for startups and way more experimentation in that field but we all know entrepreneurialism 'aint in everyone's blood. Ideally more of a global village where character based brick and mortars (barbershops, funky bars etc) and niche online stores would expand, which we're already seeing… but realistically I think a lot of it would bloat out to middle management. People managing people managing robots.

    Great show guys, got a ton from this 👍

  17. I think the mobility that a personal brand gives you is still underestimated because people don't know where they want to go or how to build a vehicle who gets them there. Its not enough to have fans or followers, you have to know what you're going to actually do with that leverage.

  18. #QOTD Hands down if we want to win A.I. in education is the future, everyone learning from A.I. at their own pace, mapping information to what their strengths are and making them their best and identifying their real skills and interest.

    As for the people displaced and left behind by technology, we will have no choice but to subsidize community college and vocational programs to give them some kind of skill that is valuable in a new society if we don't want them to become welfare dependent, especially when it comes to rural America. It may mean dramatic increases in taxes but the alternative is that we will have rampant unemployment or in desperately not leaving unskilled laborer behind we will lose in the global marketplace…

  19. Hi Gary. I'm a 17 year old DJ and I feel that my brand is too mature for my age. Should I push my brand towards a funner brand or should I grow my maturity with age?

  20. Deep QOTD! I believe it begins with investing in tech programs at the local level as do most things! To churn out a highly skilled workforce for the robotic/AI revolution, you need to invest in local socio-educational infrastructures and provide necessary funding for students/participants. In my spare time as an entrepreneur, I am teaching myself to code. I can say without any hesitancy if there was a local program where I could trade work hours/skills for robotics training, VR training or further coding, I would sign up today! 🙂

  21. The future of labor is Freelance. I think we are already seeing a Freelance Nation rising with all the labor marketplaces including NYC's WorkMarket. I actually think this change night liberate people to finally pursue what they love by being able to try many things quickly.

  22. How can the number one job be transportation when we have self driving cars on the horizon? Drones delivery your pizza. Why do trains even have drivers? Maybe that answer could be true short term but how can it be sustainable?

  23. Jason is the man. To his question- coming from a 4 year college graduate (bio major) millennial who is now pursing the "YOU" economy as many of us now are-

    I think AI is going to swing the pendulum towards the side of job creation while also swinging back in the other direction and eliminate jobs that can easily be replaced with upcoming AI and robotic developments. However, determining the direction with the largest momentum and force is complex as heck. Luckily, I think many of us don't have to worry about such things as the era of self-employment is upon us. SCREW CORPORATE AMERICA and cubicle life.

  24. I believe that the main areas that people can find work i
    1. Wellness and HealthCare
    As there is more and more pressure on our health care services governments will become more strained to look after their people and individuals will look for alternatives methods for health. I believe that fields like (chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, osteotherapists) will see an increase and for people who are unskilled they can start to teach themselves general fitness and health as because when someone is healthy it is attractive to people and you can become a walking advertisement for people to ask you to consult them on how to improve their health.

    2. Data Analysis
    As data becomes BIGGER AND BIGGER the more than people can understand and interpret data to help businesses grow the more valuable they will become. Although we know there are computer systems that can do the quantitative data in large amounts, the qualitative side of data is still best done by humans as we use computers to support that work. People are fundamentally relationship and that I believe is best analysed by people.

    3. Transportation
    As the population of the world is still increasing better and quicker ways of travel will become more priority. This is why apps like Uber and Lyft have done so well but going forward I believe we actually need new forms of travel. This can also open up engineering jobs for people in the future.

    4. Consulting (especially soft skills)
    I can see that the consulting industry will increase as the skills gap widens. More and more people will need advice on how to improves dated services and applications. The more people can specialise in their industry and predict future trends then the more they will be in need to give advice to companies. Soft skills are always areas where people need help. Especially training in improving social skills.

    Hope this helps.
    What do you all think will be the jobs for the future marketplace and whats the solution to fix the problems we are having?

    Thanks Gary for brining in great people.

  25. My answer to Jason's question: Bionic employees… it may sound stupid, but being replaced by a robot is not something we should be scared of. If we use tech to augment our ability as humans to do our jobs and be more efficient and effective, then that'where the future lies. I'm in financial services so me perspective is a little bit limited, but using tech to make us better at our job has got to be exciting for most people right?

    p.s. Gary… you need to try a Shiraz from the Bendigo region (Australia). Best big reds in the world. I'll send you one if you want to try one

  26. Question can be answered through history. When societies advanced to the point they had a great amount of free manpower, changes corrected the situation. Either by war, or by appearance of new sectors.
    Right now there is more scientific people working than there has been in the years before 2000, together.
    Also, new markets will arise to cover necessities like human interaction and leaving more free time, from home made food to personal shoppers and products will probably get personalized, which will create workload. Not to count higher number of policemen, nurses, medic staff, and so on.
    Also green employment has multiplied x30 in a decade or so in Spain, so I guess that is a global tendency too.

  27. I found it so hard to get rid of toxic people when I started managing bigger teams. I found the more confident I got in my ability, the better I got at challenging the toxic people and making them leave the business to make the overall business improve. It's so important to concentrate on people doing the right thing by you

  28. Short term – high unemployment
    Long term – American's become like immigrants and understand the value of education. Not completing school, but truly learning enough to take control of your life.

  29. Jason – The more people that are dispalced from traditional jobs there are the more I expect there to be a shift to personal assistant like jobs; Uber will squash drivers soon enough

  30. Employment for unskilled workers will be our biggest challenge as a society moving forward. I also think there's no easy way to solve it. There's talk of a guaranteed income for everyone but if you give people too much leisure time its going to lead to societal problems – many more than we have currently. People need to be engaged and have a purpose.

  31. QOTD: When Jason said "Robots and AI are taking away our jobs right now" the first thing that came to my mind is "Well then someone's needed to develop the AI, that must be the next hot job sector?"
    Disclaimer: I'm not in the AI business or whatever lol. I just make art and videos.

  32. GaryVee Love your Truth Bomb at 9:38 minutes in! I AM Receiving So much out of watching your videos I APPLAUD you for Doing Your Thing! Luv your Work! After watching your videos 6-8 times a day for several days I now Feel a Genuine Internal Drive and Motivation to DREAM bigger and I am implementing and taking MASSIVE ACTION, have been working until 2 am most mornings and Feeling More Alive Now than Ever Before!

    Giddy Up
    The Vitality King

  33. Wow, what a great episode. So much content here. QOTD: There are two books that I think really address this questions: "Disrupt You" and "Bold". They take a positive spin. I have begun the habit of taking 15 minutes every morning to brain dump ideas. Just fill up a page with ideas that come to mind. Seeking patterns and threads. Gary is right. Shit is going to get real – perhaps we are going to look at the disruptive power of Air BNB and Uber as childs play. Exciting time to be alive.

  34. Jason's comment on having the smartest comment is SPOT ON. Time to start raising the standards of my comments. Thanks!

  35. Gary you say do what you enjoy, my question is what about liking all the things? Do you choose one or do them all?

  36. @JasonCalcanis There's actually a great TEDEx about that. They say that in that world, people would be free to be as artistic as they want to be and fully utilize their time be it in art, science or business. They also make mention of the changed value in time. I think most people will rely on art as the art has it's own creative merit and that's where people will focus, then on monetizing it through entrepreneurial skill.

  37. I am glad I have been watching all of your episodes to completion while I am putting together my schedule for the next day! I am a top performing car salesperson in Santa Rosa, CA. I had to respond when you sent out the request, even though I am about three months late to the party. Let me know what you had in mind with the shout out. I'm available through this account, or through Instagram DM at Jay_Shindledecker
    Thanks Gary!

  38. Been gravitating to your content however this episode i wasn't feeling.. you down your team constantly.. it's cool to be confident but cmon you're coming off as a complete douche. Guy asked if hypothetically could be replaced by member. Gary states they're" fucking stupid"The first thing that Popped into my head was Damon Dash breakfast club interview when asked the same question.. he uplifted his guys..

  39. Honestly, I have no idea about job solutions as AI takes over production jobs/services. I DO know that relationships will always be the nexus where deals will be made so i think emotional IQ will become more of a premium as time moves on in this 'second industrial revolution'.

  40. I think that a law should be put in place, where a company hires the owners of the automated bots to work for the company, with wages being made that will give the owner a source of income.

  41. So much great info. I keep coming up with questions for you but you have so much content I keep finding the answer in a video you already did.

  42. if there was a cryptocurrency taskrabbit for anyything by anyone.. thatd be interesting. micro payment structures could be designed by the big companies for people to get paid by minute on jobs and projects for the company or individuals. fulfillment would feel like video game play. [go to (address) for perimeter clean up. 3hr potential. .025bc/min]


  44. #Qotd I think future job come down to the basics. Not about diploma's not about the government trying to solve it. Just about a person asking another person, what can I do for you?

  45. I sold cars over 15 years ago back home for a couple years and NOW, I'm 100% confident that I could go back to that same dealership (if it still exits b/c we all know where THAT industry is going) and be the #1 salesman in the dealership within 3 months. Period.

  46. im a tremendous hustler not cars but i was deep in the hustle game as a kid now im thirty need to get back in the hustle game on the legit side, i dont have a product , i make music working at that but need to make money, im a good salesman,,,,love your content,,anything i can do ill come work anywhere man im single debt free can move anywhere yo zuzuzuzuzuzu!!!!!!!!!

  47. this is just my second video in and he fires a man underhandedly in broad day light like that? lol smh shame on you guys and those interviews were all fake, staged interviews….

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