Job Roles For Content Writer – Technical writer,editors,professional writing
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Job Roles For Content Writer – Technical writer,editors,professional writing

Hello All,this is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and Careers Today I will be talking to you about a Job Role of a Content Writer what you should know about a content writer’s Job ? Lets find out Move away from the first misconception that
content writing job is for people who prefer working from home. It is true that a lot of
content writers are freelancers and work from a different geographical location as that
of the company. However, it is essential to know that this job has a lot more scope for
freshers, who are looking for a permanent day job.
A content writer is the one who writes promotional and informational content for websites and
other company portals. Content writing is usually written in English but, a lot of companies
look for writer in local languages too. Now lets discuss some basic requirements of the Job role The candidates would be requested to produce content in all fields. Masters in engineering
and other technical background candidates are usually sought for technical content writing
position. For general content writer positions, bachelor degree in communication, journalism
or any related fields are preferred. Doctorate candidates are usually not sought for this
position, but the need of the companies varies for different position. Some niche companies
would require a specific educational background. they are different requirements for this particular role
Savvy in computer knowledge, internet usage and related activities
Excellent written communication skill (grammar) Up to date knowledge about the related
field High words per minute typing speed
Versed in digital content management process Candidates with specialized degrees or course
in professional writing are usually sought by general companies. Apart from providing
content, the content writer would be expected to research on the topic and understand it.
They need to be familiar with the basic writing formats for publications and websites.
Job description Basically, a content writer would be provided
the essence that a client is looking for. He has to surf internet and other resources,
learn about latest details and create appropriate content as per provided guidelines and within,
the proposed deadline. Apart from these, the candidates would not be imposed with any managerial
functions usually. The candidates are expected to manage the operational activities related
to their job. Scope of the job is unlimited
This is one of the few ways in which a candidate with a degree in literature can take up a
good position in corporate world. This position is for those who do not want to interact with
clients, take up core marketing or other fields. Candidates with a flair for writing can take
up this position. There is a recorded 3% increase in demand
and subsequent increase in salary of content writers. Content writers with technical background
can apply for technical writer position which has a good demand in software based companies.
Candidates of general content writing field can apply for senior positions like editors,
after a few years of experience or take up freelancing.
Freshers fear to take up this position because it is not usually marketed by companies like
other position. But, this is a position which is in demand and the growth in this career
path is also high. If you could update your knowledge in the latest digital content management
techniques and Google algorithms, you are always in demand. for further information on Jobs and Careers Please log on to The No.1 Job Site For Freshers in India we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us

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