John Bruno Explains Elastic Path Commerce Cloud
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John Bruno Explains Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

Hi, I’m John Bruno, Vice President of
Product Management at Elastic Path. Software and today I’m excited to talk
to you about Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. Now Elastic Path customers have been at
the forefront of digital innovation in the commerce world for a long time and
with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud we’re going to be able to accelerate
that, that much further so with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, what we’ve done is we’ve focused on taking what we’ve been known for, for a long time that’s the
flexibility and extensibility of our platform. The ability to plug it into
whatever digital touchpoints that you see fit and now take that to the Cloud.
Our customers are looking for us to be a better partner and to push more of our
product development and innovations into their hands. At the same time they’re
looking for enhanced scalability in performance, something they can truly
rely on in the most important and critical aspects of their business. So if
you’re a retailer out there who are staring down Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you
can count on us to deliver the performance that your customers expect.
Additionally, security it’s about making sure that your platform, that your
commerce site you don’t have to worry about things like attacks that could
potentially bring down your site and impact your ability to generate revenue.
So we’re thrilled to bring to you Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, so that we
can be that innovative, flexible partner for the future of your digital commerce journey.

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