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Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program

(MUSIC) (ANTWON ALLEN) I work in mostly the Communications
Department, and I help edit the videos that we shoot for patients and interviews with
doctors. (NARRATOR) 18-year-old Antwon Allen is spending
his summer at Johns Hopkins University. He’s one of more than 300 interns enrolled
in the Summer Jobs Program, now in its 22nd year. What I want to do in college is marketing
and beyond college is marketing, so I would hope to use the information that I’m learning
in my department. (NARRATOR) The interns are exposed to various
opportunities for eight weeks throughout their summer that include nursing, clerical work,
photography, editing, real estate, lab work and much more. (NARRATOR) Lorraine Wilson is the coordinator
of the program. She’s passionate about her job due to the
mentors she had growing up in Baltimore city. (LORRAINE) Having those mentors in my life,
I know that it is my job while I’m here on this Earth to provide those same opportunities
to youth. (HANNAH STANLEY) I’m Hannah Stanley and I
work for Facilities and Real Estate. We use lasers to survey buildings to figure out what the room numbers are and
figure out the measurements so that departments know how much space they have. (VICTORIA ABLE) Hello, my name is Victoria
Able and I work at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. (VICTORIA) When you think of Johns Hopkins,
you think of strict, rigid, and as I further worked, I realized that I
don’t have to be perfect at all, you’re only human. (NARRATOR) Asia Waters is a first-year intern
at Facilities and Real Estate. (ASIA) I would recommend this program only
because it helps in the future, and it gets your foot in the door. (NARRATOR) The interns also gather together
every Friday. (HANNAH) The Professional Fridays are really
cool, and you get to know a bunch of new people. (HANNAH) On Professional Fridays we talk about
real-life issues like sexism, racism, we talk about diversity and inclusivity. (NARRATOR) The Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program
is a great opportunity for inner-city youth to get job experience, make extra money, and
form long-lasting connections that will eventually impact their lives. (MUSIC) MUSIC (MUSIC)

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