Josie’s Architectural Engineering Internships
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Josie’s Architectural Engineering Internships

I liked art and I always was a good like
math science like problem-solving student so I kind of wanted to find a
balance between the two so I was looking originally at architecture and then
found that architectural engineering was kind of more of my fit and then realizing
that there are only so many schools that do that so Lawrence Tech was when it
came up so I actually talked to Philsa Walters and she is the one who sent
me like a huge list of everyone who was looking for people so I just kind of
went through the list started sending emails see where I could go I got to
actually apply stuff that I was learning in class to the real world which is
great and I think I learned more that way because I actually got to apply it
to a project and then going back into my classes and into my studios I could
apply that knowledge there too I had two offers the one that I’d worked
with and one from my professor so it was a really hard decision to pick which one
I liked after a lot of thought I did choose to go to the Limbach and work more
closely with one of my professors

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