Juice Plus: Fruit/Veggies in a Pill; or Multi Level Marketing scam?
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Juice Plus: Fruit/Veggies in a Pill; or Multi Level Marketing scam?

Today we’re going to talk about Juice Plus.
A couple of my patients have asked me about that. And the question always comes up, “Is
Juice Plus a valid, worthwhile supplement or is it another one of those supplement – or a multi-level marketing scam? Because I’m
in prevention, and because I’m clear that the literature does support some supplements
– I get A LOT of questions about supplements. So we’ll talk about it. My name is Ford Brewer. I’m a cofounder
of PrevMed. We do heart attack, stroke, cancer & disability prevention. I’m licensed in
35 states. We travel to states to see patients. And where appropriate, we do telemedicine.
A lot of patients travel here to Nashville to see us. We can’t make you do High Intensity
Intervals & resistance training & manage an appropriate BMI. But we can help you by telling
you what you need to do – and why – and how to organize around it – and provide
appropriate medications to support you in staying healthy. Today, we’re talking about Juice Plus. Is
it a scam? Well, let’s talk about it.What is Juice Plus? First of all, the way, I understand it, it’s juiced
fruits and vegetables. The carbs have to have been removed. It has fruits and vegetable
components, so they have to have had significant carbs. But if you look at the label, it does
NOT have significant carbs. Vitamins & other nutrients have been added to juices that have
been dehydrated and put into pills. So, you’re getting your fruits & veggies in a pill. You
can evidently get a lot more fruit & veggies out of a pill than you can out of eating fruits
& veggies. Now, does this make sense? What’s the evidence?
Bear Grylles & the German Olympic team & several others swear by it & take it. I’m not sure
that those are the greatest – most reliable sources for science. When you start getting
into the science, they’ve got a lot of critics – both in the science area and the regulatory
area… like the UC Berkely Wellness Newsletter. And Steve Barrett. Steve Barret publishes
a couple of things – called the Multi Level Marketing Watch and the QuackWatch. He put
Juice Plus on the list of “questionable research entities”. Why so much pushback and criticism of Juice
Plus? There are a lot people that juice. These guys just decided to put it in powder (dehydrate
it), add vitamins, and take the carbs out. That sounds like not such a bad idea to me.
I mentioned Multi Level Marketing Watch – Steve Barrett. Here are some of his multiple complaints about
the group – “Conflicts of Interest”. These conflicts of interest revolve around
their research components. Let me give you an example. This example is with the John
Wise episode. In 1986, John Wise was the co-author of several studies that showed Juice Plus
prevented several diseases. John Wise was the Executive VP of USAI – United Sciences
of America. It was a multi level marketing group. It sold vitamins & supplements. In
1987 it was shut down by several states and federal regulators for making false marketing
claims. There was a new company that John Wise went to after USAI was shut down. It
was called NAI. NAI soon got the Juice Plus contract, which was about 16% of their revenues.
(& which was being run by John Wise). So that was maybe not great judgement in terms of
selecting who does your market research. Speaking of not the greatest luck – or choices
– in marketing – then they decided, “you know what? There’s a great athlete endorsement
connection here. There’s an athlete named OJ Simpson – known as ‘The Juice’ – a
really good athlete – very popular – doing lots of endorsements. Let’s get an endorsement
from him. And they set up a contract – 6 figures – multi-year… There are pictures
of OJ standing up in front of thousands of Juice Plus distributors saying it got rid
of his arthritis and made him play golf better. Pretty soon after that, he was on trial for
the murder of his wife and another person. He said his arthritis “made it impossible for
(him) to have done that. ” So, again, I don’t know if I’d say it was a bad choice or just
unlucky. Anyway, Juice Plus. Do I take it. Actually,
I’m trying it. I’ve got a friend who asked me to. First of all, why would I try it. I’m
a medical science geek, an epidemiologist. Let’s go back through what this it. Let’s
review the logic. – which I think is pretty good. I’ve got a juicer. I juice quite a
bit. But it is a mess! Juicing is a mess. Obviously juicing fruits is going to give
you way too many carbs. And even juicing vegetables is going to give you too many carbs. Carrots
& beets – have you ever heard of sugar beets? Did you know that a lot of sugar is obtained
from beet juice? I’m Insulin Resistant, as are most people
in their 60s. So, I’ve often thought, “Man, it would be neat if someone came up with the
idea of juicing, dehydrating & taking the carbs out!” That is exactly what Juice Plus
does. So I’ve taken it for a month or two. Do I feel better? I continue to feel better
& better. That gets into the issue – does it mean Juice Plus did it? There is no way
I can tell. There are two products. One is processed vegetables.
The other is fruit. And as you can see, very few carbs. The idea is you can get a whole
bunch of fruits & vegetables without having to overload on carbs and eat too much. Again,
I don’t now if that’s true or not. Will I continue it? Let’s get back to that concept of an N of
1. N means the number of people in your research project. With the growing importance of genetics
– and the fact that prevention gets a lot people who criticize the standards in medicine…
And I do, too. There are a lot of things in the standards of medicine I criticize. For
example, statins – and how they focus on LDL and tend to forget about inflammation.
Yes, I’ve studied genetics. I’ve been in the postgraduate program for genetics at
Stanford. It’s really clear that genetics is re-writing the textbooks of medicine – and
the standards of medicine. So, from those perspectives, an N of 1 is appropriate. However, here’s the problem. You get somebody
like me – and like a lot of people that say, “ You know what? I’ll try that. At
the same time that I’ve added Juice Plus, I’ve also changed my diet several times.
I’ve changed my exercise patterns several times. I’ve changed my medications. I’ve
changed way too many things to attribute it to that one thing. So the next question is – some people may
have – are you going to buy it again? I don’t know. It’s expensive. But I’m
tempted because I love the logic. I’d love to hear your thoughts. From my perspective,
Juice Plus has a valid product. But like so many supplements companies, they’ve gone
down that ugly path of trying to generate way too much evidence, quote “scientific”
medical evidence – that they work. And in their zeal to do that, they got really sloppy
in their marketing, and in their “research”. Now, maybe they’ve cleaned up their act.
I don’t know. For their product’s sake, I wish they would. I’d love to see some
real research around Juice Plus. If you’re aware of any, please let me know. Thanks.

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40 thoughts on “Juice Plus: Fruit/Veggies in a Pill; or Multi Level Marketing scam?

  1. Thank you for your courage and frank discussion of these products. I hear ads regularly and the associated endorsement most recently Mark Gastineau who used to play football who suffers many football related maladies. Your testing of this product clearly shows your quest for the truth and support for your readers. Thank you!

  2. I have enjoyed listening to your comments about preventative medicine, I too switched from being a cardiovascular RN to a health coach to promote prevention. I have been taking Juice Plus since 1995 prescribed by my OBGYN. None of his patients ever had preeclampsia while taking JP. I am now 65 years old. I have never had a health issue, I do not take medicine, and I have never healthier in my life! We need vitamins for enzyme and cellular function. JP is flash frozen real fruits and vegetables in capsule form, FDA approved as a food product. Believe me, I am skeptical, I have researched JP through every doubter these past 25 years. The proof is in the pudding. I am healthy. Never sick. It works.

  3. I have been on their (juice plus) site and I see a lot of references to research which is purported to be peer reviewed and independent. Can you be more specific about why you think the research is not legit?

  4. Ive been on them for 6 months and nothing has changed in my health, good or bad. Probably just a scam, I never knew they were around for so long.

  5. 190/5000
    My mother's diabetes has changed positively since juice plus, my father's cholesterol is now good.

    I also know people with cancer who use juice plus with very positive results

  6. I have taken multivitamins for years, still got sick. When I first moved across the country to Colorado I got sick like 6 times in 6 months. After my first 3 months on juice plus I never got sick again. That was 3 years ago.

  7. I'm not gonna lie. Watching a bunch of these videos (not yours) on here has me questioning wether it is a scam or not! It certainly seems like a lot of people are just repeating the same info over and over..with no real facts! It is definitely a pyramid scam if you ask me! So, even thou people are making money selling it, the real winner is the NAI (a publicly traded company). Which to me is a big red flag! I've also googled about the company and their are some alternatives thoughts about their products!

    I'm gonna go into what seems like a rant but I feel like it will give one a better perspective on what I've gone through and why I've tried JP and the reasoning for why I think their should be some questions about what else can be done with ones health than taking supplements of any kind!

    I tried their product a few months ago, based on the suggestion of my holistic doctor however I never really did any digging about the company or their past! I took a 4 month supply in 2 months as I had to take my life back into my own hands after dealing with incompetent and close-minded doctors! Last year I had to be put on blood-pressure meds and adhd meds all because I had Psoas syndrome. Which is rare and most doctors don't have a clue about it! However, 2 ER visits and me having every test done, yet me saying it felt like a muscle and specifically saying Psoas, they knew more than I, until finally I had to take my life back into my own hands and I just stopped eating in January this year! Mind you, I had a torn/ruptured Psoas muscle for almost a year! Until a chiropractor finally diagnosed it!

    I didnt know what I was going to do but something told me the food I was eating, etc had to change! With the help of my holistic doctor we got me on some course of action and one of her suggestions was JP. I started taking it around March until April and then couldnt afford it! And I have yet to purchase it again, except for the Omega-3! I have completely changed my diet and cut out all sugars, additives, gmo's, etc and have been able to get off the blood-pressure meds. I was as high as 160/120 (january) and now Im at 124/80 (june)!

    My personal assessment is it may be beneficial in some respects however I personally feel that eating right and a moderate workout everyday is the answer! I mean, do we really need supplements to supplement the real thing? And can we really take the word of a corporation whose model is a pyramid scam? I even had my mom try them for a week (2 each a day) and she couldn't tolerate them. They made her sick, backed up, and not feeling right!

    The omega-3 seems to work for me, as I can tell when i dont take it! However, their may be some other brands out there that are not only better but cheaper and you dont have a pyramid scam going on to create business! I have yet to try this new company as I just found out about them tonight and have some omegas left but Im intrigued at $30 less and not creating $ for corporate america!

    As you state, great concept but……???

    I honestly dont believe these videos on here where people are stating they are losing weight because of JP! On top of that, their just seems to be many company paid people and their videos just one after another!

    I mean ask yourself, did our ancestors take supplements? Why do we need supplements? What's causing a supposed need for ones need for supplements?

    I guess for me…I dont attribute losing 35 lbs since January of this year, getting off blood-pressure meds, and feeling the best I have in almost 10+ years to a supplement/pill! I attribute all of that to focusing on the things I can control, which is what I eat and how I treat my body! I get it, its much easier to take a pill and feel like its actually doing something, when really is it?

    If you start at the root of the problem, their shouldn't be any need for supplements!

    One last thing, is support your local farmer! Go buy foods from them instead of helping a corporate driven entity sell more pills to the public! At least your local farmer is trying to feed their family, help pay rent or whatever they have for bills….and aren't just trying to make their stock holders RICH!

  8. My main question is how the hell do they put all those fruits and veg into a pill, also i took he capsules for a while to give them a go and yes i did feel happier in myself but my blood pressure spiked to almost hypertensive, i have a family history of high blood pressure and im on ARB medication, i stopped taking the medication and tried the capsules because i was told by my upline that the capsules and shakes reduce blood pressure, and now i am being told to take them with my medication and im just not willing to take the risk in case of an interaction

  9. I’ve been taking Juice Pluse for a year and I have no gotten sick ONCE. This product is an answered prayer. I was having all sorts of complications with gastritis and then a friend told me about this product and I have been at my healthiest since then. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  10. The 3 capsule blend, omegas and shakes have changeddddd my life. My skin and hair are finally healthy. I used to suffer with terrible dandruff, psoriasis. I was also able to get off my ADD medication. I’m so grateful for these products. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet in a powdered form just makes sense. Fruits and vegetables are powerful for the human body. But the only way you’re going to see results is if you stick to it long term and make it apart of your lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix. ♥️ god bless.

  11. Prefer to eat a balanced organic diet.
    Juice plus users claim never to be sick, well nor are we in our house and we dont take juice plus. Just good organic fruit, veg, fish, natural probiotics, apple cider vinegar, diet. My son gets a multi vitamin and Elderberry and thats the height of our supplements, and its £15/month max.
    Plus is that not a lot of plastic or what are those capsules made from exactly?

  12. Even if the pills do their thing, if you eat junk food, you're going to deal with the consequences inevitably! The people who take the pills and never get sick are just probably on a balanced plant-based (or not fully plant based) diet. Your actual diet, the food that you is is going to affect you way more than those pills would. Don't get me wrong, I landed on this video because I've been offered to try it/sell it, and Im' skeptical but I'm also here because I'm open minded and would try it for myself just to say I did.

  13. Just thought I'd post this for you since you asked for details on it this guy is into fitness and points out alot.

  14. Sorry Doc, but you opened your channel to their marketing trolls. Still, I appreciate all you do and hope you continue your good work.

  15. I appreciate the honest, balanced approach. I do take it, not just for visible results, but for the fact that it is the nutrients a of fruits and vegetables to an extent it's hard to intake that level on any consistent basis through eating fruits and vegetables.

  16. I loved your Video! You are awesome… I love Juice Plus. You did such an excellent of explaining all of this, I will share your Video. thank you 🙂

  17. Can a woman loose 100 pounds on this product? I just bought some and the lady told me pounds will fly off. I Probably got scammed ☹

  18. Thank you for your video. I used to get sick every time the seasons changed. Once on JP, it doesn't happen as much. I went off for 6 month about 3 years ago and decided to do a sprint triathlon. I gained 20 lbs in 2 months while training and eating salads! Everyone said it was muscle, but it was not…..I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. Went back on JP and believe going off hurt my health but I didn't learn my lesson. Last winter I went off for 3 months and a cold turned to walking pneumonia. I am confident it helps my immunity system beyond a doubt! I'm on JP for good. I just did the Shred10 and feel amazing. I have lost 15 lbs since going back on JP 3 years ago. Its not a weight loss pill but when health issues arise, it helped me become healthier and happier.

  19. You mentioned you had changed your diet a few times since taking the product. How much would you pinpoint the positive changes in your body down to simply lifestyle choice versus the pills themselves, and couldn't you obtain the same or more effective results by taking specific multivitamins at half the price of Juice Plus (as well as a healthy lifestyle) to supplement gaps in your diet?

  20. I had sepsis and suffered from fatigue for years and skin psoriasis but have taking the JP capsules for 5 months out of desperation (its been hard paying for them) but I’m so glad I did. I was watching my nutrition and exercising as much as possible but now I have so much more energy and my skin is no longer sore and itchy which kept me up at night. I endorse it to friends and family now as I think it’s really helped. I agree more studies are needed and a lower priced product.

  21. Thank you, Dr. Brewer. This doesn't seem like anything new. There are many companies that make a green drink powder from a variety of vegetables. I take one from Trader Joe's that has 4 net grams of carbs and 1 gram of sugar. It's under $20 for 10.6 ounces. They also sell a dehydrated fruit version, Red drink, that has 8 grams of net carbs and 3 grams of sugar. Would also live to see some legitimate research on these type of products.

  22. Look I’m a big time sceptic, when I first heard of juice plus I just laughed, but then the more I looked into multi vitamins etc that pharmacy’s sell but our body can’t even digest properly etc, so I thought I’ll give it a go.
    I didn’t change anything but just took these pills, took about a month and a half before I started feeling any diffrent I definitely started to be able to wake up easier in the mornings, hangovers didn’t hit me near as hard, I felt like I wasn’t dieing halfway during the days etc etc etc
    I stoped takeing it when I had a wisdom tooth out within a few weeks I just started feeling shit again etc and then a few months later started taking it again and once back on it felt great again.
    My partner cince taking it when she’s sick it’s never as bad as she would normally get her pregnancy while on it was amazing compared to constant issues with the first to etc and it’s promoted her to live healthier as well because she’s now spending money on her health

  23. Hey, thanks for this Dr Brewer. I love your down to earth "tell it like it is" style. As an MD myself I am suspicious of companies that quote "scientific research" that is flawed at best and down right deceitful at worst. Every MLM company says the exact same things, we have MDs on our board, backed by research blah blah blah, but for the average person "scientific research" sounds credible, but for you and I we know what credible research is, and it is hard to come by. Again, I respect your balanced approach, thanks.

  24. I have learned from experience:

  25. isn't fiber the main reason that fruits and veggies add to nutrition, above and beyond vitamins and minerals? slowing the glycemic index, and adding to the overall idea that things as close to the non processing chain are best?

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