Kean Cougars Climb Higher Through Internships
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Kean Cougars Climb Higher Through Internships

I am an intern at Mazars, which is an international accounting firm. I had the opportunity to intern at Premiere Stages here at Kean. I’m an intern at Newark Museum. I’m currently in education and exhibition
design. I had an opportunity to be an intern at 8 Squad Rebel Radio, which is internet based,
and Magic 98.3. I actually did a whole internship in China, through Kean, and I interned with a company
called Onehrt as a consultant, and then I did a marketing internship in New York about
a year ago. I got my first internship through Kean University’s Career Service Center. I interned at the place that I work full time
now, for the position that I shadowed under. My goal is to become a certified public accountant and Mazars is giving me the experience I need
for that. What was really great about my position at Premiere was it gave me a very robust understanding
of the arts management field and that really helped me steer myself towards the parts of
working for a theatre company that I really enjoy. Working at Newark Museum and my previous internship experience has allowed me to choose a career
path for the future. Being in an internship, I was able to do everything from promotions and events all the way to
actually being behind the microphone. Having those two internships helped me really
gear to what I want to become, which is a program director. My internship experience was very helpful for me. The duties that I had to do were really focused
on building my skills because some of the skills that I learned at that internship it’s
not necessarily what you learn in the classroom. Internships are inherently based in the education of the participant. Everything that you do is based on your career
development and your learning and understanding of your job. I think an internship is a great opportunity for a lot of people to put their knowledge
into practice. That’s experience on your resume, and that’s
something all of your employers look at. Through this internship, I think I was able to prove myself and show not only my skills
but my worth as a marketing coordinator. After interning for a few months, I was offered
a full-time position. As soon as I graduated, I sat down at the desk with the assistant news director. He was so intrigued about all my experience
and he said, “I like you. Welcome aboard.” The last couple days of my internship, one of the HR representatives called me into her
office and she was like, “We would like to bring you on full time. Here’s your offer letter. Think about it.” But I knew right then and there this is where
I wanted to be.

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