Kean Student Ambassadors Have All The Answers
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Kean Student Ambassadors Have All The Answers

A student ambassador’s job is to make sure
that that transition from high school to college for students is seamless. Our main goal is to help the students or the
parents in any situation, regarding any question that they may have, to just go out of our
way to make sure that they’re getting the best information possible. Whenever I see students on campus, especially
after giving them a tour, it always gives me a great sense of pride knowing that I helped
them take this path towards Kean University. Making that first impression when they come,
especially with their parents, is key to like having students come in and add to the Kean
community. Seeing those people that have come into the
university, having that connection with them, knowing that I actually assisted somebody,
got them in the right spot, and everything they’re doing is gonna be good, is probably
one of the greatest feelings you can have. Prior to when I attended Kean, I went on tour
with one of the student ambassadors that already worked here. She was super energetic about the school. So when she was describing the places and
things that you can do, I was like, “I wanna be that excited to attend here.” That’s what I needed. If I could make somebody feel the way that
she made me feel, that would be rewarding. I think developing all these skills in terms
of communication and interacting with different types of people, it’s only going to push
me forward, especially with my major being education. Anyone in any major essentially: you need
those skills in communication. Everything that I do on a day-to-day, I know,
is shaping me into the teacher, the principal later on, that I wanna be and that I’m gonna
become. Being a student ambassador has really helped
me with my timing, scheduling, and also just being able to be like an effective
communicator and a leader. I’m a project coordinator at Wunderman Health,
it’s a pharmaceutical agency in New York. A lot of what I do now in my
job is about communication. I think student ambassadors are top of the
line. They embody what Kean is supposed to represent.

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