Kent State Aeronautics Students on Internships/Co-ops
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Kent State Aeronautics Students on Internships/Co-ops

I was the summer intern at
Nationwide Insurance Flight Department in Columbus, Ohio. I co-oped at United Airlines. The internship at the
Cleveland Weather Center was extremely fun. My first internship
was at NASA Langley, and I have participated in
a multi-disciplinary team of students from all
around the country. And we participated on a
design build and fly of package pick up and delivery UAV. I’ve had two internships with
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The first summer that I
had an internship there, it was in performance
management. And I realized that
I didn’t like it. So the next summer they
gave me the opportunity to intern in another department,
airport operations, which was something that
I ended up loving. My advice to students is to
do an internship no matter what direction you want to
go in aviation, whether it be corporate or airlines
or private aviation. It is definitely a
good thing for students to go out and search out
internships and co-ops. If I could give advice
to an incoming freshmen, I would tell them to seek
internship opportunities as soon as possible. You shouldn’t fear
not being prepared. They will help to prepare you. You will learn so much more
about yourself and aviation. I got to work in Willis
Tower on the 27th floor at the Network
Operations Center. I got to work for
the FODMs every day, answering telephone calls from
pilots with real-time issues. I got to fly and sit in the
jump seat on numerous trips. I got go on overnight
trips, day trips. Got to experience
everything that the pilot do and participate in. All aspects of their flights. I got to work with
center controllers and I got to see how they
interact with the Cleveland Center Weather Service Unit. So working with the
CWSU, for short, I was able to give them
pertinent weather information that they can then
use and distribute to their other center
controllers to give to pilots. This internship helped
me fulfill my career goal of becoming a
corporate pilot by building a ton of connections with
professionals in the industry. I have recently
accepted an offer to go to NASA
Armstrong in California where I’ll be participating
on a flight testing and UAV integration into the
national air space. I think Kent State
completely prepared to be the pilot side of flying. I could fly the
simulators and all that. But when I got to
United, I got to see the other side of the
operations of an airline. And I was completely
blown away by that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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