Kent State College of Aeronautics & Engineering Students on Internships
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Kent State College of Aeronautics & Engineering Students on Internships

I have had two internships
while at Kent State. The first one was with a
smaller general contractor out in Fairlawn. My second one was working with
a larger general contractor that does work all over the US. So I was fortunate enough
to have three internships since the summer of 2014. I got my first start at
the Wadsworth Airport as the assistant manager there. Later on, I was recruited
by Premier Flight Academy to be their assistant
director of operations there for their flight school. I first experienced
an internship with [? Wasilic ?] Construction
as a civil engineer at Akron, Ohio. I was a CAD engineer there. My second internship was
at Cleveland [INAUDIBLE] in [INAUDIBLE],,
Ohio, where I was in quality assurance in
the mechanical engineering department. I’m graduating this
May, and I have a job lined up with Honda
of America Manufacturing. It started with a small
company in Youngstown as a CAD design
engineer, and that led me to Federal Mogul and
Champion Spark Plugs And I worked as a manufacturing
engineer in turn for Champion Spark Plugs in southern Ohio. My first internship was at
NASA Glenn in Cleveland. After NASA Glenn, I
had the opportunity to intern at NASA Langley. I was a member of a program
called the Aeronautics Academy. A lot of job
descriptions request that you have one to
three years’ experience for an entry-level
position, and you can’t get that if you
don’t do internships. I had a hand about a lot of
segments within the industry. So it really defined
what I want to do. But at the same time,
it made me realize what I didn’t want to do. Everyone has an idea coming
into college like, oh, this is what I want to do. But it doesn’t really
happen until you actually experience it in the
workplace and say, oh, OK, this is not what I want to do
or this is what I do want to do. I found out that a research
career was definitely right for me. It was definitely
something I wanted to do. So that helped me adjust
my coursework and actually my major, switching to
math, to better prepare me for going to graduate school. It gave me experience
in operating in a professional
engineering environment, learning how to
deal with managers– learning how to complete
projects on time. I would say take every single
summer you can to intern. Ditch your high school
jobs that you had and start getting your
experience immediately. I think the number
one thing would be start as soon as you can. Try to have an idea
of what you want to do and try to experience that
because you never really know what you like until
you actually try it.

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