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Keyword Research | How to Do Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation of any
SEO campaign. Hi there, my name is Dorian and I’m here
to let you know how to choose the right keywords for your business! Before we begin, make sure to Subscribe and
click the bell below to keep up to date on all the latest SEO tips and updates! First we begin by discovering your audience
and what they are searching for. This allows us to find out what will be the
best keywords for your business, in order to receive the highest amount of quality leads
from your website, and to convert those leads into valuable customers. If you don’t know what your audience is
searching, it takes longer and is by consequence, more difficult to target them. Once we have a clear understanding about what
your business does, we conduct a SWOT analysis. This is a common marketing practice in which
we discover your business’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Market Opportunities and Possible Threats. This allows us to tailor targeted keywords
to what your audience is actually searching for, and market your products and services
efficiently. Now that we have a clear understanding of
your business, we proceed in researching keywords in a few different steps to choose the best
possible keywords. Firstly, we assess your current digital presence. This includes your current keyword rankings,
backlinks and overall digital authenticity. Then we compare your website performance against
your competitors’. How are they performing? How are they gaining traffic? What keywords are they ranking for? Finally, it is the time for some exciting
stuff. We brainstorm for any keywords which could
benefit your business; New combinations of products and services with clean geographic
or buying intent. Most Digital Marketing agencies focus on a
high Monthly Search Volume, also called MSV, but this isn’t always the best solution. For example, if you run a dentist cabinet
in Perth who focuses on urgent patients with damaged teeth. The keyword “dentist” has 10 thousand
searches across Australia. This isn’t the best keyword choice as it
is too vague. As we want to target the best potential customers
possible. “emergency dentist perth” better aligns
with your business’s unique value proposition. Keyword intent is the most important aspect
of choosing the right keywords for your products and services! If you want to watch more about SEO, click
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