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KLM Intern On A Mission – Social Media Service

I heard you also have robots
working here. Correct? As an intern, I spend a lot of time
checking KLM’s social media channels. I often wonder what happens with
all those questions being asked. Today, I’m going in
search of an answer. This is one of KLM’s
social service teams. They handle about 35,000
cases a week via social media. What exactly do you do here? We have people here
seven days a week, answering the questions that
KLM passengers ask via social media. We actually do this
in 10 different languages. And of course we try to answer
their questions as quickly as possible, because they’re asking
on social media. So we try to give them an
answer within 30 minutes. We really do have a lot of agents.
We have 350 worldwide. That makes us one of the world’s
biggest social media service departments. I heard you also have robots
working here. Correct? Well, we don’t have actual robots, but we do use artificial intelligence… …to handle our cases as efficiently
and effectively as possible. Which perfectly reflects KLM’s
ambition to always remain innovative. Most of the questions
are about baggage. Very simple questions like:
How much am I allowed to take along? But we also get passengers who
want to change their flight… …and are unable to do
so via the website. Rachella’s explanation is
very interesting, of course, but I’d like to know
whether it really works, so I’m going to pose a
question via social media. In this exceptional case, I’ll be finding
the answer to my own question! Let’s do it. I went behind the scenes
at the social service team. I found the answer to
my question, which is: Dutch stewed-pear cake. Without giving too much away,
I can tell you it’s really tasty. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
a like and subscribe to our channel. See you next time! Bye!

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12 thoughts on “KLM Intern On A Mission – Social Media Service

  1. Tuurlijk was het weer leuk Merle. Ik ben een grote KLM-fan, vlieg ook 2 a 3 keer per jaar als het lukt met ze. Maar stiekem ben ik de grootste fan van KLM Intern on a Mission. Alle intern's tot nu toe hebben het hartstikke leuk gedaan met de korte filmpjes.

  2. great video, great office! Do you also want to be a #traveltroubleshooter for the KLM? Enter in contact with us for more information

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