Know Your Target Market! Digital Marketing Strategies (With Examples)
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Know Your Target Market! Digital Marketing Strategies (With Examples)

Last video, I did I’m gonna do a similar
format. I am going to talk about marketing while I do my makeup. So, the
makeup that I’m using for my foundation is Makeup Forever Ultra HD. To really, you know, succeed at your business you need to be you need to
know who your target audience is but many people are find don’t go into depth
or any type of depth about what does that even mean.
Next, I’m going to be doing my eyebrows. For my eyebrows, I use this brush. What I
use to fill in my eyebrows would be this makeup right here. It’s called Carbon, and
Carbon is by…there we go…this is by MAC. Oftentimes, I ask people who’s their
target audience and they’ll tell me “oh girl, it’s everybody…like I want
everybody to buy my products and services” and I’m like, umm its never
everybody. Narrow your scope. Focus. You gotta focus.
So, that’s how you get the best results. We’re going to talk about this in terms
of examples a $50 nail polish. I love me some nail polish but will I
pay $50 for it? Not at this point in my life.
$50 for a nail polish I would say is a luxury item. The target
demographic is not likely be college students, right? It could be like but
those are the outliers they’re not the majority. Think of college students you
think of people who are in school penny-pinching trying to save enough
money to pay off their college tuition by the end of their college career. What
would be a couple of factors that we need to consider if I’m thinking about
someone who’s buying a $50 nail polish. Number one, if its luxury you would
think that they have a certain household income I would say someone who’s making
upwards of $80,000 – $100,000 a year and up. Anyone who is making that
level of income typically fall into a certain age range. More specifically, I
found that the median income for someone falling around that age range would be
between the ages of 35 and 45. What does that all mean? It means you got to dig a
little deeper than that. It means that for right now the visuals that you are using on your marketing materials on your website and so forth.
If you’re using individuals, which you should use people, because people relate
to people, that they reflect that age group. Then were talking about
psychographics. Like, what do people value when it comes to this? When it comes to
luxury items? I use a concealer and I put a little
bit on the tip and that’s what I’m using. The psychographics behind someone who’s
purchasing a luxury item would be that they place a higher value on luxury
items. Either they find them to be of a better quality or perceived
quality or they like the experience of a luxury brand compared to others and and that’s why they buy the product. Or,
you could say they like a lifestyle that impresses others. They may consider
themselves to be sophisticated, you know, nouveau rich, you know. And, so
that’s something else to consider in terms of the psychographic, you know, the
psychology behind the person that would buy a $50 nail polish. They may
also enjoy being the center of attention you know that may be something that you
find out in assessing those who of/are able to pay $50 for a nail polish. So, what does
that mean? What does that mean for your marketing? Most of us, just about all of
us, act, buy based off of emotions. And, the emotional connection is
psychological because emotions are psychological. What would I do?
Like for example myself. I would number one, the age range has to be someone who
looks between 35 and 45 years old so I’m more on the level of like a mature
looking woman but not too much older. And then with regards to them placing a
higher value on luxury I’ll make sure that the website has that luxurious feel
to it. I’ll have tones in there that that are associated color wise with luxury. So
here we have the Huda palette and it’s the Coral Obsession palette and
these are the colors that come in it, and as you can see I like this one in the
middle okay a little too much. So, here’s a second example. Not dealing with luxury
we’re dealing with let’s say budget brides, budget-conscious brides. They are more
likely not ones that falling into that category of making upwards of $80,000 –
$100,000 a year. They are more likely to shop around for a deal to get the best
bang for their buck…make their money stretch. So, they may want, you know, just
because they’re not spending a lot of money doesn’t mean they want anything
that looks like crap but they they don’t want to break the bank paying for things
either. So, what does that mean with regards to demographics now working
backwards? Well, if females between the ages of 35
and 45 are more likely to have a higher income and those individuals who don’t
would obviously fall into other ranges age ranges and most likely they’re
between the ages of 18 to 34/35 years old. Individuals who are either starting
their career, building out their career, and then you have to take in account for
the fact that it’s within that its without those age ranges that
people typically get married. Let’s give you another example.
Apple computers even they for as many people who buy Apple
products, Apple and their marketing, from what I can see most definitely
they don’t target everybody. Everyone’s not a target market for Apple. Most
recently, what I have been seeing is that Apple’s target market our Millennials of
younger Millennials and older Millennials and older Millennials we are now being
called Xennials. They’ve dropped the Mill on it. Guess they figure how many y’all
gonna be millionaires. Let me stop playing. Oh shoot, I am mess. We’ll be millionaires. We will be. So I’m going to then take take my blush brush right now and I’m
going to use this right here which is a Ultra HD
Micro Finishing Powder by Makeup Forever None of this is sponsored. They’ve given
me no makeup to be doing any of this with. This is just products I’ve
purchased myself and that I use every day for my makeup. And I feel like I’m
a little bit shiny out here bring the shine down. So, I want to
continue with like Apple for example. So, when it comes to their demographic not
just that their Millennials of younger and older generations…
older sections of a generation but that they are out of box thinkers, out of the box workers, and those that I want to capture moments as they take place. I’m not gonna
say like the market research thats need it for it to back all of this up is easy
to do, it’s not. I’ve been trained on how to do it it takes me it can take
hours for me to go through it and do it and not everyone has the time some
people do and they do it themselves, fine. And some people call on me to do
it. Now this right here I’m putting on some mascara. Again it’s SNAPSCARA by
Maybelline and it’s in Burgundy. Now, another example I’m gonna give you guys
would be, let’s say, Tropicana. Do you see Tropicana commercials in evening? At night? No, you don’t. I know I haven’t. Let me know if you have, but I don’t see
them at night, I see them in the morning. And the reason for that, if you really
think about it, is that they also have a target audience of who’s most likely to
be at home in the morning during the hours before a child goes to school..
parents. So what I want to use next cuz I’m thinking…blush. So right now I have
it’s another BECCA product and did BECCA the last time.This is BECCA and this
is the color and it is called Nightingale. This is one dab, one dab,
one and it’s so pigmented that that’s all you need for your blush. Look at that.
And then I’m gonna follow that up with, and I love using, if you’ve noticed, I shadows
just for just about anything. this right here is called Roasted
Chestnut and it is by Sephora. I bought it most recently and it cost me $8 and I
will use that to do contouring of my cheeks. I will go back to my eyeliner and this
brand I don’t know I feel like it’s being discontinued. I was told it’s not
sold in Sephora anymore, and it is called black|Up. Again, to go through hundreds
and hundreds of documents and I know what to look for in those documents to
help me really refine what it is that that target audiences should be like
what’s their profile for them. I’m trained in, in building out a profile
but in order that is what you need in order for your business to really grow
and thrive. And last but not least, I’m gonna do my lipstick and the lipstick
that I’m gonna be using is actually Fenty, and it’s their color Grizelda. So,
now that the look is complete I would like to thank you for taking the time to
watch this video. I hope that you like, share, and subscribe and follow me on all
of my social media channels. Peace!

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