Korean Fried Chicken Market-style  (Sijang-tongdak: 시장통닭)
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Korean Fried Chicken Market-style (Sijang-tongdak: 시장통닭)

Hi everybody! I brought a chicken! Today I’m going to make Korean fried chicken Sijang-tongdak. Sijang. Sijang means market. So “market chicken.” So you remember my yangnyeom-tondak coated with red sauce And also dakgangjeong. Sweet, crunchy crunchy chicken, you remember? And also honey butter chicken? These chickens are so so popular that millions of people watch and make this at home. If you visit a Korean market in Korea Korean traditional open-air market They have their own know-how, secret How to make it very crunchy and tasty. Store by store they have a different shape But usually the market chicken that I know is a whole chicken One whole chicken is fried. First, I’m going to season this chicken with salt and pepper. This chicken is a whole chicken cut in half. And just salt. This is a three-pound chicken. And each pound you need a quarter teaspoon of salt. And ground black pepper. Season like this a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Or even overnight you can do this. But today I’m busy! I’m going to move forward. I’ll just set aside here. And then now I will make batter. Quarter cup potato starch. All-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons. Baking soda, quarter teaspoon. Quarter teaspoon… And salt, quarter teaspoon. And then, this is a secret ingredient! Roasted soybean powder. So nutty! I just learned this when I was living in Korea When I visited my cousin’s house She always brings this really crunchy delicious chicken. Because next door is a chicken place. One day I followed her and while the lady was frying the chicken We had to keep watching until it was finished. And I saw the batter was a creamy color a little tan color. I asked the owner: “So what makes it this tan color?” And she said: “Kong-garu!” Konggaru is roasted soybean powder. Konggaru two tablespoons. Any leftover konggaru always freeze. And put it in another plastic bag so that it always smells nice. I will add one large egg. Ice cold water, half cup.
That’s it. Color is really nice yellowish color. I’m just heating my oil. I’m using a cast iron pot and I added two inches of cooking oil here. Also, another trick I learned: This oil is brand new oil, it doesn’t have any flavor. To give it flavor, I will add some onion Small onion. So let’s add this here. This is really hot oil now. I’m going to coat my chicken with a quarter cup flour. My house smells so good because of this onion. So now, very crunchy, I like to remove this onion. This oil has a really onion flavor. First this… Let’s cut just a little bit. Like this. In the leg area, cut. And the leftover flour, well mix this. And now I will just put this one, and simply… This is around 350 Fahrenheit. I will just fry 12 minutes. And then later I will fry one more time – double fry. So occasionally, just turn over. I’m not running a fried chicken store. Just only for my family I’m making this. I cooked first a half chicken because my pot is small. But if you want to have a big party, just go ahead and get a huge pot filled with a lot of oil, and then you can just put in all the chicken at the same time and fry. Between medium high and medium. Control your heat. When you see the color is a little brown then turn down the heat. (alarm rings) So 12 minutes, let’s take it out. And now it’s this guy’s turn. Ok! So let it cook around 2 minutes. 2 minutes after you can turn it over. For sijang-tondak we always serve with salt. Just a little salt here. And hot pepper flakes. Just a little bit. And ground black pepper. And sesame seeds. So this is salt. You can dip this chicken in this mixture of salt. I turned over. Mu-pickles, radish pickles. Serve with this. I made this and I kept it in the refrigerator. So very cold! I made just a little amount. I turned down the heat to medium. Ok, 12 minutes passed. I need to heat this oil. About 30 seconds. First half chicken. Take this and your scissors. You see? Inside is pink. It’s not cooked. And here, too. So I’m cooking another 12 minutes. After finishing your first fry, it looks really really crunchy. Why do you want to cook and double fry? You will see there is some blood coming out. See, inside is not cooked yet. (alarm rings) I will put it here… And then next is this. Heat up my oil. Let’s add this. (sizzling) Maybe one hour later this chicken gets a little soggy. So once you make this, just finish eating. (alarm rings)
Then you will really enjoy the crunchiness. Yay! Crunchy crunchy! Here is the chicken! Chicken for you! Have some! (laughs) One thing I forgot! I need beer! I put my glass in the refrigerator and everything is cold. Oh my God, the foam is a lot! (laughs) Cheers everybody! Mmm! Beer latte! (laughs) Ok! Let’s have some chicken! (crazy crunching sound) Mmm! So delicious! Crunchy, hot. And a pickle. Radish pickle. (crunching)
Mmm! This radish pickle you guys can make it so easily. This recipe plus video is on my website. (crispy crunching sound) Really good! Mmm. The soybean powder, I can feel the flavor. And very crunchy, lightly crunchy. But inside the chicken is very juicy. Salt. Mmm! (laughs) Today we made sijang-tondak. “Market chicken.” Crunchy crunchy fried chicken sold in a Korean market. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!

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  4. Corn starch can be used instead of potato starch. And the soyabean powder can be replaced with flour if it's difficult to find in your region

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