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100 thoughts on “Korean Guys Guess American Household Products

  1. I have been awake since 5am. Edited this video straight. SO im going to bed. Sorry don't hate me, I'll respond to comments when I wake up in the morning. Also Sorry if I made any subtitle errors. I re-read them many times but i'm so tired there's bound to be some. Sorry and thanks for watching and supporting

  2. I’m confused do they not have deodorant or degree in Korea? Cause I’m gonna need to know before I go so I can pack me a couple

  3. That blue thing with a firing pin – first I thought "Hello Kitty handgrenade". Then when I saw it said "Downy" I thought "It gives you …Down's syndrome?"

  4. "used for anal exam." puts near mouth

    I'm confused…



  5. Why do American cleaning stuff look like drinks or food? If they weren't told it's not edible, they probably would've died. Dfq

  6. Omg they’re all so cute! I love the guy that said it’s 99% pineapple it says so right here! 😂😂😂 ❤️❤️❤️

  7. You gotta watch over these guys. Seriously, that one guy wanted to drink the Pine Sol and eat the powdered bleach. Please protect them.

  8. When he said the turkey baster was sexual I laughed. It’s like even he knew lesbians used it to have babies.

  9. Park Hae Gwon is just horny (you turned him down so nicely lol)
    meanwhile Mansu over there being hungry. I hope he had a good snack afterwards! xD

  10. – “ it’s a drink? I can drink it? It says right there, ‘pineapple drink’. Pineapple. 99 pineapple.”

    -“It’s used for cleaning the floor.”


  11. That one dude must have not had lunch he thinks everything is food, and the other dude I’m not sure if that how he acts but I feel like he obviously has a crush on her

  12. And when that one dude asked are u just friends with the most serious look on his face I start dying 😂😂😂😂

  13. The VapoRub reminds me of a Filipino stand up comedian 😂 where he said that his mom made him used it for all sort of pain and illnesses 😂 (literally the only thing I have at home from the list :') but my brother probablyyyyy use deodorant)

  14. Gotta say that my faves are just two guys. The one who wanted to eat everything and the one who was smoothly flirting with you. 😂

  15. "Can I drink it?"
    "It's used for cleaning floors."
    Perfect reaction for someone practically salivating at the thought of drinking Pine-Sol LOL

  16. I don't know why this was recommended but it's hilarious. One thing I've realised that the Americans need is to do as the victorian's learned; make sure to package cleaning products completely different from food…

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