La Jolla Video Marketing Specialist | Video Marketing Plan
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La Jolla Video Marketing Specialist | Video Marketing Plan

Are you considering listing your home for sell are you frustrated that your homes been sitting on the market with no offers? Well, what if I told you that our videos could sell your home? Today I’m going to share with you the video marketing strategy that got this home sold with multiple offers in 41 days after had been On the market for over three years with another broker number one The first video that we did on this property was of course a property video But this isn’t just an average property video this included an HD voiceover Hi aerials time lapses and really just given an opportunity for us to walk through the property and give it to her The second video that we did was actually a teaser of the long version property video We need a shorter version for all of our social media outlets so that it can accommodate the marketing plans That we have with those specific platforms The third video that we did was an interview with the owner who better to tell the story than the one who actually Designed the home and it was really the most powerful video that we did it and had over 30,000 views within the first month and it really was able to articulate the true character and that is Nobody better, of course to share the story than the owner The fourth video that we did was we have one of our internal experts come in He is our director of architecture for Pacific Sotheby’s who is considered an expert in his field over 35 years in architecture and we wanted him to come in and give his opinion again a different point of view of what he felt about them and Last our fifth style of video is our vlog which is really a more natural way that we could take somebody Through the home as if we were showing you a grilled No longer are the days that we just have to do one property video to get a home sold Real estate video marketing has evolving So we have to have a multi layer approach because we understand every video Portrays a different emotion and every emotion is attached to a different marketing plan So for more information, or if you’d like to see what we’ve done for our particular properties Or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, click the link below and we look forward to working with you and getting your home. So You so much for watching please take a moment and subscribe to our Channel make sure you hit that little Bell button So you get notified as will be having new videos coming out every week and of course if you want to see more Click over here and you’ll be taken to our next video But most importantly don’t forget to tell all your family Friends colleagues all about amber as we’d love to help you with all of your real estate needs here in San Diego cha-cha for now

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  1. Would love to see your 20 point check list for SIR Realtors with video marketing! I'm in PVD with MCSIR. Love your channel!

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