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Landing Pages and Messaging | Pre-Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

Okay, so let’s start getting our hands
dirty in creating our customer facing marketing materials. Step one is to create our landing page.>From a marketing perspective,
a landing page is a stand alone web page that in the beginning
can serve as our website. It has a specific objective and
usually limited options for visitors. In the early stages of your business, you might want to use just a landing
page rather than a full website. To generate interest in your product and
to collect contact information from potential users before you put
a lot of effort in a full website. This is when we really get to
figure out and test our messaging. We can track the reaction and behavior
of people to our messaging, sometimes by having two or three different
versions and running an A/B test. We’ll talk more about A/B
testing in lesson five. One of the cool things about your
landing page is that it can help you validate your idea. You can build out links
to potential features. And depending on the number
of clicks it gets, you can decide if that feature is worth
investing resources and developing. On aBARKment,
if we added a link to cat sitting and no one clicked on it, we would know
not to build out this feature. Given that we are a startup
with a limited team and budget, this method
can be game changing. Some startups would prefer to launch
their landing page before their product is even viable. So they can measure traffic or start collecting email
addresses of interested users. Once you have a basic product or
MVP, minimum viable product, you can use your landing
page to measure conversions. There are nice free tools out there to
simply build your own landing page. We used InVision. For a refresher of how to use InVision,
go back to our prototyping course. When thinking about
creating your landing page, you should answer a few questions for
your customers. Let’s cover those now.

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