Latest CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: How Dropshipping Will Be Affected and Aliexpress Dropshipping Suppliers
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Latest CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: How Dropshipping Will Be Affected and Aliexpress Dropshipping Suppliers

(Coronavirus Dropshipping) Important update on the situation in China and the coronavirus and how it affects dropshippers ecommerce entrepreneurs, and anybody Taking products from China all the way to the rest of the world I’m going to take you through an entire update on the current situation this week is crucial for the progression of Dropshipping progression of factories and the coronavirus through China and how it affects our business. We’re going to get into it right now So you are informed and you know what’s going on, so you can tell your customers prepare your business and build a better store Let’s find out. But before we start I want to congratulate my student Washington right here who was able to crush more than 1,400 dollars in a single day and he’s doing that again and again and again one clay base without spending money on ads It’s all completely organic traffic and I’m thinking of making a case study video training for you on how to get sales Organically if you are interested in that make sure to comment down below organic organic I make a special case study training here on YouTube subscribe to the notification about and that like button to show that you want that video and last thing if you want to become like Washington and actually work with me and my team to take your business to the next level make sure to schedule a strategy session with The first link in the description and stay until the end of the video for the details on that now Let’s get on to what you’re here for the coronavirus and drop shipping update The first thing I’m going to talk about is a high percentage of the workforce in China is already back to work this week But and that’s a single thing that a high percentage of the people already going back to work going back to the office Especially with services for fulfillment like CJ drop shipping hyper SKU, they have logistics and factories open But they’re not producing They’re not at a hundred percent So most of these factories even though they are still working they are working right now. They have their workers back They have a high percentage of duction ready. The problem with the virus is that it’s stopping a lot of different industries So the virus not only stops the factory from working It stops the supplier of the raw materials for the factory truck to make the products it supplies For example, the little techy gadgets that you buy from Aliexpress and then you sell them on your Shopify store Those have very different parts that all come from different parts of China Different factories different suppliers different raw material companies and that all supply chain is getting affected by the virus So even if a factory is working It does not mean they can produce 100% and also it doesn’t mean that they can produce the order volume that’s typical of those factories So if you are a drop shipper, I would not recommend. You scale massively. Feel free to test some products Feel free to test some ads obviously make some money But make sure to not scale and keep your customers Aware that there is this problem and we’re gonna touch on that topic right now about what customers think about The products coming from China and how it’s affecting their behavior from buying online the second thing here that I want to talk about is the actual corona virus itself the spread of it The spread of the growing a virus around the world is insane We’re extremely fast in a cruise ship in Japan It went from one case and that cruise ship is called the diamond princess if you want to google it just google of diamond princess, Japan and it went up to 400 Cases in just a week from one person having the case in a cruise ship all the way up to 400 people having coronavirus so the spread of this disease is something that pretty much scientists and experts haven’t really seen before and The problem that I mentioned in the last video is that they can spread without you having symptoms So even if you don’t have a cough, even if you don’t have a fever you could be spreading it to almost everybody so make sure that if you are traveling if you are for example with family just Be careful. If somebody came from another country from Asia or something has been traveling a lot throughout Asia could happen it could spread even without feeling anything so you should make sure to stay very safe and For customers who’s gonna be very important. They’re gonna know this it’s all over the news. It’s in the headlines so people know that this is insanely fast and spreading very very quickly and for number third and Extremely important note when it comes to actually selling products from China online. Is that products from China? Will not impact Customer behavior or will impact slightly will slightly impact Customer behavior and Unless you sell which is also a very important topic is consumables things you can actually eat or put on your face and then skincare more applications Something that you put on your face on your head on your body, etc You drop it Which is a very big fulfillment service that I partner up with and I use and I send my students to they did a video about Customer behavior and how it affects people buying products from China. They asked a lot of people Hey, what do you think about the coronavirus? And how is it going to impact you buying products from China and their work? Well, I’m not really going to be impacted by it I’m going to keep buying products from China or at least keep buying products online Just not things that I can touch and put on me so if you’re selling anything, for example like skincare or any makeup products or wigs something that people can actually put on themselves or if you’re yourself buying wigs or things that you can put on yourself I would not recommend Selling it throughout the spirit or throughout the next one to two months to be honest If you are selling something that people don’t have to put on themselves, maybe it’s something for outdoor sports Camping or maybe you’re selling things for the house like cleaning So it doesn’t necessarily have to go on you or put on your face put on your body Then customers won’t really feel bad that the virus is happening in China and you’re getting products from China because not directly affecting them they know that the virus is not going to transmit to them from the package, but make sure to Educate your customers something very important We’ve gotten some emails on a Shopify store people asking hair Coming from China because I’m scared that I’m going to get the virus from these products, but it’s just been a few customers It’s not really hugely significant. It’s not going to affect your store at all. I have students just like, Washington They’re doing $1,000 a day shipping products from China and it’s not affecting customer behavior Unless you sell something that strictly affects that line of thinking of Oh wait This might give me the virus or if I’m going to put this on my face on my skin Or I’m going to eat it Then I’m gonna get the virus on a more general note the US and Canada the United States and Canada Which is pretty far from China and they’re both Pretty much locked down in the amount of cases that they have. I think they have 15 or 16 each I think Canada has less actually, but it’s pretty much locked down. The spread hasn’t been much, but they are bracing For impact and the director of the CDC the Center for Disease prevention or this is control of the United States said that the virus might be Bigger than people are putting it might be really bigger than what everybody actually thinks it is and they’re even canceling flights due To this problem one flight that canceled was basically a prank one guy started screaming like hey guys I just came back from Wuhan and maybe I have corona virus. So be careful Don’t touch me and they had to take him out of the plane take everybody out of the plane. That was in Canada and basically cancel the whole plane and a second one was a passenger that had symptoms of the flu or of the corona virus and somebody Basically complaint said hey, this guy can’t fly and everybody started complaining and they took out everybody on the plane. So this is real it’s a real fear that people have pay my gonna get the corona virus if I travel so make sure to Stay updated on the news see what’s happening and see how it’s affecting customer psychology to it and then the last thing that I want to touch is customer service is King and I want to put this very very big here because a lot of you are especially with Facebook are Ignoring customer service and you’re thinking out whatever if I have a few customers that don’t really like my product or have lays It’s not gonna matter in long-term long-term It’s gonna hurt you a lot and the main thing that I focus on with every single one of my businesses, for example With consulting business here on YouTube with my Shopify stores with everything is customer satisfaction Making sure that people are happy with your purchase If you have a massive delay due to the coronavirus or even if you’re struggling with the coronavirus tell your customers Hey, there’s a delay based on the coronavirus. We’re sorry about this if you want to for example buy again from outer store Here’s a special coupon code you can also what I was discussing with my students on a group mentoring call is that If you are worried about Facebook customer feedback going down on your Facebook page You can run a retargeting add to your purchases basically people have bought from your store You can run a retargeting ad saying if they were happy for their purchase. So basically asking your customers Hey, were you happy with your purchase? Can you fill in the survey? And if you go to for example type form com you can find a nice customer feedback survey that you can retarget Your purchases so when facebook retarget them They won’t have a problem with facebook and they won’t have to talk about that problem to Facebook They can talk about it to you. It’s better when your customers come to you and tell you hey, I hate your product I hate your business and set up going to Facebook and Blocking you from Facebook getting your account back and so on So it’s very important customer service is king, especially now and always end with Facebook Make sure to retarget your purchases people have already bought from your store with a survey to make sure they are happy if you’re interested in learning how to avoid this whole coronavirus madness and essentially how to build a better more long-term sustainable business just like Washington again I’m gonna flash them again 1,400 dollars per day and want to work with me and my team to help you do it Make sure to go to that first link First link in the description and schedule is trying to call with us you’ll talk to us directly You do need to apply so apply as best as possible We’ll pick you get on a call with you and see we can work with you and actually help you grow your business Make sure to schedule a call right now And if you’re interested in finding us and international suppliers that you don’t have to rely on China to sell your products and scale your business make sure to click the video that’s gonna pop-up right here how to find US Canada and International suppliers is for free here on YouTube Make sure to click that subscribe hit that notification about that like button skin to a call with us and comment Organic down below if you want that organic free training. I will see you on the next video

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