Latest share market news in 5 minutes | YES Bank | Sun pharma | SEBI
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Latest share market news in 5 minutes | YES Bank | Sun pharma | SEBI

The market opened on Monday. Investors like you and me were hopeful that it will go up because finance minister had removed extra surcharge on FPI. Something like that happened. It went up and down but at the end closed above 11,000. I, Jagdeep Singh, welcome you to Groww channel. This series Weekly News we have brought for you because a lot of investors don’t understand the news and it consequences it has on our investment we don’t understand at all. In this series, we will explain news in simple terms so that you can see the results on your investment. Let’s talk about the first news. The first news is related to Yes Bank. As I told you last week, Yes Bank received a setback from CG Power Again, this week Yes Bank got another setback from Moody’s, an international credit rating agency. They dropped Yes Bank’s ratings from Ba1 to Ba3. They also told that they have a negative outlook on Yes Bank’s business. What is the reason for this? Let’s discuss the reason. We have to understand why Moody’s lowered the ratings of Yes Bank. What is the reason behind it? So friends, whenever a bank expands it business it has to get money from somewhere and give it to others, it has to expand its loan book. For that the bank would need money. Yes Bank also needed money to expand itself for which they raised QIP on which we had made a video. So Yes Bank raised money on QIP, but credit agency has told that the money is not enough to make Yes Bank’s business robust and to expand in the future. But Yes Bank has said that on 30th August they have a board meeting where they will decide how to raise money in the future. So for investors, this causes concern that the rating agency downgraded the rating but you should also see that whether Yes Bank will raise more money to counter this in the future. If it does raise more money then you can decide what to do with your investment. Let’s go to the next news. The next news is about Sun Pharma. On Monday Sun Pharma’s shares used to trade at 420 rupees. By the end of the week, on Friday, the share is selling at 450. So something has happened. Let’s talk about it. The news is that SEBI cleared Sun Pharma from the fraud allegations it has been facing. Friends, eight months ago a whistle-blower had made allegations of fraud against Sun Pharma. This allegation was made eight months ago. In the eight months, its shares dropped by 30%. SEBI took eight months to investigate this. But now SEBI has declared that the fraud allegation was false. So the shares of Sun Pharma went up 10% in one day on Thursday but by the end of the day, dropped slightly. But in one week its shares went from 420 to 450. With this news investors can stop worrying about fraud but we will have to see how long it will take this share to come back to its level Let’s go to the third news. You must have heard of Icra Crisil the rating agencies that rate businesses. When there came issues in DHFL there were many questions raised on these agencies. Now ICRA has terminated its CEO and MD. Friends, this is a major news for any company that they terminate their CEO and MD at once, that too without any reason. So this is a troublesome news for investors. And ICRA’s share price dropped 4% after Thursday. RBI has transferred 1.76 lakh crore rupees from its reserves to the government. Where would the government use this? It can be used mainly in two ways. First, to reduce the fiscal deficit. Fiscal deficit is the difference between income and expenses of the government. Every government tries to keep the fiscal deficit stable and low. So the government can use the money to reduce the fiscal deposit. or it can be used to infuse money in the economy so that there will be recovery in the market. But government has not clearly declared how it will use the money. Government has told that it is not even decided what the end use of this money will be. News about mergers keep coming. big companies merge with one another to benefit from each other. Another news has come up that public sector banks are also planning to merge. The first merger is between PNB, OBC and United Bank. Another merger is between Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank. After this merger, it will become India’s fourth largest PSB. This was this week’s news. Now I’ll give you an interesting update. As you know, when big companies have to raise money from the market they can do it through IPOs. But for start-ups this was difficult. To get money from common people. They had to go to venture capitalists for money. To solve this problem SEBI is going to launch a new platform using which Start-ups can raise money. This is also good for common investors that they will be able to invest in start-ups too. This was this week’s news. Friends. next week we will also launch a learning series that will explain basics of stock market. We will also tell you how you can choose good stocks. So please follow our channel like and share this video and comment.

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