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Launch assets: Press Kit | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

As Tali said, you don’t need a lot
of money to get media attention. But like other things with startups,
when you spend less money, you’ll have to work harder
yourself to make things happen. A best practice to get prepared for media coverage is to
have your own press kit. The press kit holds all of the things
you want to share with the press when they cover your story. You’re going to want to make sure
your press kit has quality assets. This is simply an information
packet about your business or your product with images, screenshots, icons,
and other media you want to share. You should include general information
about your startup, your product, and your team. You should also include high
resolution files with your logo, icons, screenshots of your app, and other marketing images such as
people using and enjoying your app. The goal here is to make
your product shine. So include whatever does that. You could also include
a picture of your team, especially if it’s an A+
team you want to brag about. Check out the instructor notes for
additional examples of press kits.

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