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Launch Checklist: Building Your Userbase | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

There are many ways to gain users but
in the beginning a promotional offer or incentives are great tools. There are many different types of
promotional offers you can use to attract new users. If you have an app that
people need to pay for, you can offer a free trial to it. If it’s a free app you can
offer a premium version. For example with abarkment
we offer the app for free but, maybe we can give them
their first booking without any fees. There’s so many options. You could host a give away for a service
or a product related to your app. You can offer discounts to products or
services you offer. You can give away bonus points
that they could use for something else on your site. You can even come up with a special
offer for referring someone new. You and a friend,
$10 off your next order. The bottom line is you want to get
people excited enough about the offer so they share it. And once your promotion is on social
channels or in a press release, it’s more likely to go viral and
attract more users to your app. Now it’s really wise to track your
promotions that you’re offering. That way you can figure out what
promotions work the best and give you the most return on investment. You can use this by tracking
a discount code people use. Or using something like Google Analytics
to track traffic to your site after you release a promotion. We’re going to cover Analytics
more in lesson five, but we want to get you in the mindset
of measuring everything you can. That way, you can make future
decisions based on your results. Now let’s see what Noam has to
say about promotional offers and incentives to gain users.

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