Law Firm Marketing Fail (2019)
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Law Firm Marketing Fail (2019)

I got a piece of mail from
an attorney on Saturday. It’s a newsletter kind of
and I wanted to go through it because I think there’s a lot of things
that we can learn from this. I think that this piece of mail
really misses the mark and I want to show you maybe some things
that I feel that they did wrong. So if you’re going to be doing physical mailers
which honestly I’m not a big fan of, I think in the internet you can get
a lot more bang for your buck but if you’re interested in
doing physical mailers I want to show you some ideas that maybe will make it hit the mark
a little bit closer in this guy did, check it out. Alright, so this is what I got in the mail. This is from Michael T.
Gibson PA, he’s a, it says auto justice attorney, I’m assuming that’s a personal
injury attorney, car accident attorney. Now the first thing that doesn’t
make a lot of sense to me is he’s located in Orlando, Florida, now, I’m located in Mulberry, Florida
which is about an hour and a half away. So I’m not exactly sure why or how
I ended up in his mailing list. Orlando’s a really big area so I don’t know,
you know, I’m not really sure of that but just kind of, first thing
I’d look at it and say, why am I getting a flyer from
an attorney in Orlando? So that’s something you don’t necessarily
want people right off the bat kind of wondering why they’re
getting what you’re getting. Now, the other thing about this flyer
is it’s kind of a newsletter, I want to show you the format of it. So they’ve got an auto justice
community hero program and it looks like they’re giving award and
kind of spot lighting somebody who’s done something good in the community and I think that’s great. The problem I have with
a lot of this is the formatting. I have no idea who Michael T. Gibson is, I didn’t sign up for his newsletter
but he sends me, he sent me a newsletter. Now I still open it because I was
kind of interested in what it was but look at this giant block of text here. I’ve been looking at this thing, for this thing’s been sitting on my desk
for a couple of days now and I’ve never read it, it’s just there’s too much text,
I’m just not interested in reading it. Now, let me show you going further
look at all this text in here, it’s just nobody’s going to read that, you know, and it’s just not a good format. Nobody’s going to read this,
I understand what he’s trying to do, he’s got, you know, he basically wrote a blog post
that he sends out and it’s 20 years later and the lessons I wish I knew. Now, here’s the interesting thing about this. He’s a personal injury attorney,
this blog is about divorce and that’s kind of what he
learned about with divorce. I don’t understand,
you know, lesson one, your family and
your kids are not worth it, it’s kind of about lessons learned
as he went through divorce or as he, you know,
honestly, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know exactly what it’s about
because I haven’t read the whole thing because I just, I mean
look at it this is giant blocks of text nobody’s going to read this type of thing. So, you know, so lesson two, divorces are zeros,
some financial gain, don’t blow all for nothing, I agree with all this type of stuff,
limit the collateral damage, I agree but I don’t think
anybody’s going to read this and I’d be very surprised if
this is actually effective for him. Especially because he, you know, the day he is a personal injury attorney
and we’re reading a well not even reading we’re kind
of just looking at a giant block of text that’s all talking about divorce. Now, what I would suggest, if you are interested in
doing something like this I think that this is kind of a lesson in a way
that it’s not going to work. You know, what I would suggest instead is
do something that’s really attractive, that’s actually designed by a
graphic designer and is very easy to digest. So what I would suggest is take an info graphic
and put it in a newsletter. So, for example,
let me show you on my computer screen here, these are some info graphics
that we’ve created
for our clients. This one is driving safety in New York and
basically what we did is we did some research, let me see if I can zoom in so you can actually
see what is on here. See, you know, we did some research,
we had a graphic designer do this and this thing costs us $40,
it didn’t cost us that much but when you look at things like this, it looks nice it’s got interesting information in it. This would be much more effective
than a giant block of text, you know, I mean these are
just much more attractive. Here’s another one we did. Bad weather and teen drivers,
car accident statistics, teens and driving, you know we have graphics
and its not fancy graphics. I mean these are mostly icons
but what we did is we went to a website called
and we found a graphic designer from overseas. I think this guy is in,
I think he’s in India actually and, you know, they create these graphics for us. Here’s another one,
that’s where I did this one, this one is,
our client also does a police brutality, break down of citizens killed by police
in the United States as of July, 2016. So we just did some research and
we created this really nice graphic and it looks way better
than something like this and we actually get a lot of shares and
a lot of comments on this type of thing. So, take a look at this,
let me know, I don’t know if I’m being a little
harsh on this guy, you know, let me know,
would you read this? If you got a piece of mail like this,
would you read this? Do you think that he’s doing a good job? Do you think that maybe
he can do something new? And, you know, what honestly I’ve never
sent a piece of mail that looks like this. So maybe there’s something to it,
I can’t imagine that there is but what’s your experience been? Have you had specific good or bad
experiences with the physical mail? Let me know.

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  1. Your video is great, the direct mail not so much. Wish I could join your group but I'm not a layer. I have lawyers wanting to talk to me wish I could help them more. Would love to talk to you and discuss maybe me recommending them to you. If I can't help them maybe you can.

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