Law Firm Marketing Strategy: Provide Value in EVERYTHING You Do
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Law Firm Marketing Strategy: Provide Value in EVERYTHING You Do

Hey everybody how’s it going, it’s Andy Stickler and I am currently sitting in my
hot tub because I hurt my back so if anyone has any good back, lower
back relieving strategies, let me know. I tried acupuncture this week,
I had a, I did a massage, I actually did an acupuncture twice
but if you’ve never done acupuncture, it’s really interesting, I could do a whole
video on my experience with acupuncture. The guy that does my acupuncture looks like,
you know the guy from office space who’s like, you have my stapler? He looks exactly like that guy but
he actually is, he’s really interesting actually it’s weird they put a needle in my
hand and they put one like right in my forehead like right there and it made
my back pain instantly go away, it’s crazy and it’s progressively
kind of coming back a little bit but it’s actually way better today than
it’s been over the last couple of days. But you know as I’m sitting here in my hot
tub looking at my neighborhood, my pool, my, you know, I’ve got a freaking Dorado
back there I’m looking at that and the reason that I’m looking at all this
stuff and kind of just reflecting on kind of what I’ve accomplished and what are
these that the reason that I have all of this is not because I focused on me
and that’s kind of something that I think is a really important lesson
for a lot of people to understand. I try to give as much value to my
clients as possible, I’ve got, you know, 45 some odd clients and I work my butt off
to make sure that everyone of them gets clients, gets good results, is happy, understands what’s
happening with their marketing campaigns, all that kind of stuff and that’s why my clients,
first of all is why I get good results because I’m obsessed with getting
good results for my clients. There’s time when I’ve even had clients
that have not gotten good results because and the reality is SEO, you can do all the
right things and you’ll get 45 different results with 45 different websites and
you can do the exact same campaign, it’s a very strange thing but there’s
sometimes when it just doesn’t work and, you know, I can’t really explain why but there’s just sometimes we’ll do all
the right things and it just doesn’t work and even in those instances when it just
doesn’t work, you know, we’ve gone we’ve actually paid out of our pocket for
Adwords and for Facebook advertising and for different things for clients because
we want to make sure that they get a good result. We know that if we get them, if we allow
them to get everything that they want then we’ll be able to get everything that we
want and that’s why I’ve been successful, that’s why I put all this content out,
I put out all this content, I provide, you know, tons of value and that’s not,
it’s not all for show, it’s, you know, I’m really interested in helping people
because I know that if I help people then, you know, it’s going to come back to me
10 fold and I don’t know if that’s selfish or if that’s being selfish by not
being selfish or what it is but, you know, just kind of looking around
at all this and looking, you know, because I live here, I do all the stuff
but I don’t necessarily always just kind of come out in the middle of the day and just relax
and, you know, my kids are running around, don’t know what they want, you can see they
kind of made a mess over there but, you know, I don’t necessarily just come out and relax
and just look around and, you know, if anyone asks me what’s the key to success
in terms of how did I get successful and how was I able to, you know, have a
really nice life and have a really nice house and be able to take off Friday if I want to
and different things like that and the answer is, I provided value for other people,
I basically stopped worrying about myself and I only helped other people and I do that, you know, my actions speak pretty
loud with what I do for my clients but now what I’m also doing is I’m providing
value through my Facebook group and through my emails and
through all that kind of stuff and basically I mean I put everything
out on the table, I say look here are, every day I try to release another video
that has some actionable content that tells you exactly what, you know,
here’s one more thing you can do to try to get more clients today and,
you know, I mean anything that I do in life whether I want to be a marketer in my whole life,
I probably will be. But I don’t know what I’m going to be in my
whole life and my dog is coming outside now. But that’s my marketing strategy and that’s
what everyone’s marketing strategy should be. If you provide value to everybody around you
then you’ll get everything you want, there’s a quote I think it’s,
I may have already said, I don’t remember but the quote that I had,
you know, something about like, if you help, you’ll get everything you want if you help other people get everything
they want, you know, and it’s true. So, just looking back thinking about that and
if there’s one thing to think about this it’s just provide value with everything
you do, provide value and it will come back. You know, provide value not
expecting to get anything back and I promise you it will come back to you, you know, that’s why I think that every attorney
should be recording at least one video every single day just talking about one way
that some, one of their clients is having problem, something that they could do
to help themselves, you know, that’s what I do and it just works incredibly well. So, that’s my thought for the day. If anyone has any good back, lower
back pain relief strategies let me know. I’ve been laying on tennis ball, I’ve done
acupuncture, I’ve done all kinds of stretches, all kinds of stuff but if anybody has any secrets,
let me know otherwise have a good Friday, talk to you guys soon.

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  1. Andy, look into A really good treatment program for back sufferers started by Pete Egoscue almost 20 years ago. Let me know if it was helpful. Take care. I'm a fellow back sufferer and I'd be happy to share what I've learned over the years. Be well, my friend. Steve Brodsky

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