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Lawyers: Get Clients From Facebook By Doing This

Everyone talks about how social media
is the way to market themselves, and a lot of lawyers that I talk to really
want to get new leads from Facebook. But they just don’t know how. Well today, I’m going to
show you the way to do this. This is the way that I used to
marketing my marketing company now, and obviously I’m not a lawyer. But this method works
with all businesses, and I’m going to show you how you
can make it work with lawyers. It’s seriously changed my life. It’s
the best way that I market myself now. So, what you’re going to do is you’re
going to create a Facebook group. And I know that that seems
a little bit intimidating because you probably don’t
have any followers right now. But the reality is you don’t
need a lot of followers, and I’m going to show you
how to get more followers. My group only has about
250 people in it. However, you’ve got to think about that.
That’s 250 actual real life people. 250 lawyers each with
law firms, and budgets, and you know, they all need
clients and they all need sales and different things like that. So, the numbers don’t have to be
big to really make this work, but I’m going to show you how
to get really big numbers. So, first thing you’re going
to do is create a group. Now the reason you’re
going to create a group is because groups get much better
reach than Facebook Pages. Now, your law firm probably
has a Facebook page, and I’m not telling you to get rid
of that, you’re going to keep that. But, you want to create
a group as well. Now, your law firm page is going
to be named after your law firm. So if your law firm is
called Smith Law Firm then the Page is going to
be called Smith Law Firm. I want you to name the group the topic of
the group, rather than the actual name. So you’re not going to call your group
“Smith Law Firm Facebook Group”, you’re going to call it if you’re located
in say Orange County California, you’re going to call it “Ask an
Orange County Divorce Lawyer”. Or “Orange Country Family Law
Issues” or “Family Law Problems”. Or something like that, that actually tells
someone when they look at that group, “Okay, here’s somewhere where I’m actually
going to be able to talk to an attorney about some of my
family law issues”. And the entire topic of this group
is on the subject of people who are you know, dealing with
divorce, or child custody issues or different things like that. So, that’s the first thing. Now, what you’re going to do is you’re going to grow the group
using Facebook Advertising and I’m going to tell you how to do that.
So first what you’re going to do is you’re going to need
to create an eBook. Now, an eBook is basically
a glorified blog post. It’s not — and I’m
spelling eBook wrong here. Okay, I can’t multitask.
That’s supposed to say eBook. Anyway, so an eBook is a glorified
blog post, maybe 500-1000 words. And you’re going to
go to and you’re going to send that blog
post to a designer on All you need to do is
find eBook designer, and you’ll find some
graphic designers that’ll design something
for you really nice. For, I don’t know, twenty, twenty
five bucks, something like that. Now, the topic of the
eBook is very important, and what you think you
want to write about, is not what you want
to write about. What you need to do is you need to ask
your current and your past clients what their number one question before
they came to you about family law was. And what you’re going to find out is
that what you want to write about and what people actually want to learn
about, are probably two different things. For example, for me, I thought
that lawyers wanted to learn about Search Engine Optimization
and websites. What I’m actually finding out is that
lawyers want to learn about social media and how to get more
leads from Facebook. That’s why I’m
creating this video, because I know that’s what
lawyers want to create. That’s what lawyers
want to learn. You need to create
something that you know your clients are going
to be interested in. If you’re a bankruptcy attorney, you
may found out that your clients are interested in “How do I keep
my house during a bankruptcy?” If you’re a family law attorney you might
find out that people are interested in “How do I get divorced as quickly as
possible, as cheaply as possible, without losing
custody of my kids?” Or “How do I get divorced
without alienating my kids?” I don’t know what the answer is. But basically you don’t know what
the answer is either until you ask. So you need to ask them. Ask
twenty or thirty people. And it’s simple, just ask them “What is your
number one question or what was your number one
question about family law?”. And you’ll be surprised
what the answer is. So then you want to write
an eBook about that. Now, the title of the eBook
has to be very enticing. I like “How to
Without” statements. Now a How To Without statement
follows this format. It’s How To, and then insert
the thing that they want, without the thing that
they fear the most. So, “How to get divorced
without alienating your kids”. “How to file for bankruptcy
without losing your house”. That’s how you do a How
To Without statement. Those titles resonate very well with people
and I suggest you follow that format. Now, once you have the eBook you’re
going to create a landing page. Now, I don’t want you to worry
about the landing page. I’m going to give you a free
template that you can use. It’s in Click Funnels and the link
is going to be in the side bar here. Now, ClickFunnels does
cost $97 per month. That landing page software,
ClickFunnels landing page software makes this whole thing function. And if you actually have a Facebook
group where this is working in, you’re not going to have any
problem paying that $97 per month. I know that’s a reservation. Now, ClickFunnels also
offers a 14-day free trial. So you can try this whole
thing out for 14 days. If it doesn’t work, cancel,
it doesn’t cost you anything. And that’s my pitch
for ClickFunnels, even though I’m not
working for ClickFunnels. But, I’m going to give
you a free template. This is the exact same template
that I use for my clients, or for my law firm marketing– for my marketing
company’s marketing. Now what happens is, when you
get to the landing page, there’s a picture of the eBook. And then there’s a place for somebody
to enter their email address. And you can also record a quick welcome
video, which I suggest you do. When they enter their email address they’re
then taken to a confirmation page. The confirmation page says “Thank
you for downloading our eBook. The link to download the eBook
has been emailed to you”. And then it’s going to say “Next Step
– Join our Facebook marketing group”. And for me I think it says, because I
have a marketing group for lawyers, so mine is “Join the law firm
or lawyer marketing group”, whatever my group’s called. And it’s a button, it’s got
the Facebook logo on there, and people are begging
to be told what to do. So don’t say “Hey, if you
got some time, do it”. Say “Your next step is
to join this group”. And what’s happened to me
which is really interesting, is about 95% of the people
that download my eBook, join my Facebook marketing group.
It just happens like clockwork. I see the notification
come in for the eBook, and then I see the notification
or the request to join the group. So that’s what
you’re going to do. Now, you’re going to
run Facebook Ads, and if you need some assistance
running Facebook Ads– see again, a victim of not being able to multitask!
Facebook…Ads. You’re going to run Facebook Ads and they’re going to be
very simple Facebook Ads. You want to run traffic campaign. You just want to select some demographics
that match your target audience, put a picture up at the landing page
and a button that says “Download Now”. If you need help with your Facebook Ads,
let me know, I’ll give you a guide. I’ve got a free guide. I
also have a paid version, but I’m not here to
pitch that right now, and the free guide
will help very well. So, what’s going to happen is, as
you’re running these Facebook Ads to the landing page, the landing page is going to
let people download the eBook, but it’s also going to point
people to your group. Now, that’s where
the magic happens. Your job is to make
yourself an authority, and the way you’re going to make yourself
an authority is to provide value. Inside your group, you need to
create content every single day. Now I don’t want
you to freak out. You don’t actually have to
create content every single day. But you do need to have a
post that goes up every day. Some people prefer to create
content every single day. I personally prefer to create
content every single day. And really, it doesn’t
take that long. There’s a lot of different types
of content that you can create. You can create Frequently
Asked Questions. And actually what I recommend is
you pull out a piece of paper, and start taking notes on every piece
of content that you can create, and that way you have a
list to fall back on. And once you actually
start writing this down, you’re going to realize that it
actually doesn’t take that long and that you actually do
have a lot of stuff to say. Now, first thing I recommend
is go to your website. Look at every practice
area you have and write down five Frequently Asked
Questions about every single practice area, and if you have more
than five, that’s great. Every single one of those
Frequently Asked Questions is going to turn into
a piece of content. And the way you can do content is you
can either just talk about something, or even better, you
can tell stories. I think that stories
work really well. I don’t tell enough
stories and I wish I did. I need to get back into
telling more stories. But if you can tell
stories, about you know— So for example, if you’re
a divorce attorney, and you’re going to do child
custody, and child support, and all these different things. You can just think back to all the client
stories that you’ve had over the years. And not even yours. Think about,
you know other attorneys, think about things that have happened to
other attorneys and recycle those stories. But anything that you can do
that’s going to teach somebody something that they need to know, and
provide value, that’s what you want to do. You want to make
yourself the authority. And that’s what I do, and
it works extremely well. So basically what happens
is, like I said, I only have 250 members
in my Facebook group. But I put down a video
every single day on a different aspect of
marketing a law firm. Now what started happening is
people started asking me questions. And inevitably they start getting more
curious, and getting more curious, and as we kind of
go down the road, a lot of these people end up hiring me to
do their marketing for their law firm. That’s what’s going to happen to you.
You’re going to put down something, a piece of content that’s going
to resonate with somebody, and they’re going to say
“Hey, wait a second; I’m having the same issue, let
me ask you some more questions”. And then you know, that’s question’s
going to lead to an answer which is going to lead to another question
which is going to lead to a consultation. And then they’re going
to be a client. And that’s what’s actually
going to happen here. You’re going to start
growing your brand and creating yourself as an
authority on your subject. So, you can do Frequently
Asked Questions. You can look at every
page on your website. Just write down five or six Frequently
Asked Questions for each practice area. You could do client stories. Another thing you can do is you
can document instead of creating, and that’s something Gary
Vaynerchuk talks about, where basically, you don’t necessarily
have to be creating content all the time. You can take a picture walking into
the court house and you can say “Walking into the Court House”.
People love behind the scenes access, so anything that you can do to
actually document your day is perfect. And that’s something I do a lot. It’s
something that a lot of people have– And actually if you at, if you
ever look up Gary Vaynerchuk, that’s all he does, is
documents what he does. “I’m going to this meeting, I’m going to
this meeting, I’m going to this meeting”, and it’s perfect.
That’s what he does. The other thing you can do is you can
do what’s called engagement type posts. Now you need to be careful, you
don’t want to do engagement bait. And I have a master class that’ll
talk more about engagement bait, but you can ask questions,
you can take polls, you can do different
things like that. Another thing you can do is
to comment on current events. Now, like I said, what I like to do
is I like record every single day and post in my group. But, there’s some people that
will sit down and they’ll record, maybe on a Monday they’ll take two hours
and they’ll record seven or eight videos. And then you schedule them out
through the entire week to post. That’s something
you can do also. So, this takes persistence. The most difficult part about this
entire thing is the first couple weeks when you build the group and
there’s no one in there, and it’s extremely difficult. When I started my group– I shouldn’t say
it’s extremely difficult. It’s very easy. But it’s very easy to get discouraged,
which makes it difficult. When I started on my group I
added like two or three friends, and I think I added
my mom in there. So basically what I did,
is I created a video and “Oh great, my mom liked the video.
Perfect, nobody’s in here”. But, what happened is, all of a
sudden I started getting requests, and then I had five people.
And then I had ten people. And then I had twenty people.
And then I had fifty people. And then I broke a hundred people.
And then I had 150 people. And now, people actually
watch my videos and they actually look
at me as an authority. And what I learned is that that entire time
when I was struggling to create content and I just didn’t want to do it, because I didn’t feel like going
to make a big difference, that was allowing me to 1 – get comfortable talking
in front of the camera, and I mean you can see me, I’m still
not great in front of the camera. I think I spell half the
stuff wrong up here. But, I just do it, you know. And what you
find out is done is better than perfect. You find out that as
long as you’re out there and you’re putting content out there
and you’re finding your voice, that’s another thing, you need
to show some personality. Don’t– a lot people want to go out
and they want to talk like lawyers. And the problem is, is
that lawyers are lawyers. But the problem is that your target is
not lawyers, your target is real people, every day people that
didn’t go to law school. So you need to talk in terms
like they understand. So, you know, just consistently
put content out there and I promise you this will work. Now, I’ve given a lot of information
today, but there’s so much more to this. And there’s so much more to
getting this set up properly and then actually executing it. So I know a lot of people out there
can take what I’ve done today, and run with it, and
do something awesome. But, if you need more information I’ve got a master class that
I just released,it’s $37. And my plan is to way over deliver and get you really set up
so that you can make sure that this is the absolute way that you’re actually going to
get clients from Facebook. It works for me. It’s insane. I
will never do anything else. This is the absolute best way
that I can market my business. And it’s the best way that you can
market your law firm as well. So like I said, there’s a link in
the description for a master class. The master class goes over
everything I talked about in extreme detail,
plus a lot more. It talks about how you
can incorporate email, and how you can
incorporate YouTube, and how you can incorporate a lot of
different things so that — uh, LinkedIn! You know, so that you can just basically
really knock it out of the park, and use all of social media, not just
Facebook, to get leads for your law firm. Now for $37, that’s
a huge value. My whole thing is that I’m
going to over deliver. And honestly, hopefully
you’ll buy more stuff from me at a higher price in the future. But,
that’s kind of the deal right now. So, like I said, the link for the
landing page which is 100% free is in the description. The link for the
master class is also in the description. If you have any questions
leave me a comment, or just shoot me a message on
Facebook, or shoot me an email. A lot of you can find my email.
A lot of you do email me. But that’s all I’ve
got right now. So listen, I hope that this
method works well for you. I hope you learned a lot and I look
forward to hearing your success stories.

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  2. I am establishing a digital marketing agency and would like to focus on attorneys. It makes sense to create a group and promote that. However, I am confused about the targeted audience of this group. Would members of my group be lawyers, clients of lawyers, or both?

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