Le BRANDING, comment ça peut vraiment t’aider | L’ARTmoire | Par Fanny Duhaime
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Le BRANDING, comment ça peut vraiment t’aider | L’ARTmoire | Par Fanny Duhaime

Branding is what it is and how it is used
as an artist. Hi me it’s Fanny Duhaime, I’m an artist
painter and I gave myself as mission to help you propel your career as an artist. Have you ever heard of branding without
know what it was, or maybe that you have a good idea of ​​what it is,
but you do not understand at all how can it apply to an artist? Branding is the branding of
your business is the way you go represent it visually. As a visual artist, your branding
will be directly related to your artistic style, the subjects you paint and the colors that
you use it most often. To start your reflection on your branding
I suggest you make your moodboard. To find ideas and see what it is,
you can search with this term on Pinterest. You will see there are lots of suggestions. Basically, it’s an inspirational painting
which brings together images, colors and writing styles. Branding is mainly defined
by these three things. So you have to make a color selection,
about 3 to 5, pale and dark that are directly related to your artistic style
and your personality. You must then select fonts
writing. Maximum three, one of title, one of subtitle
and a text that you will use for your website and publications on your networks
social. Be careful when downloading your
fonts, check that they are well free of rights while dependent on the use
that you want to do. Same thing for images, whether for
your website or for your publications, check they are free of rights or take the
simply. They must represent the style that
you paint, or what you love your personality. So once you’ve done a search,
that you created a moodboard, that you you are therefore selected colors, that
you found writing fonts and images, you can now use them
in everything you create as visual for to promote you. Your publication on social networks,
your website as we said, but also on your business card and all your documents
professionals. With the VIPs this week I saw everything
that in detail I gave them several visual examples, and useful tools. If you are not a member yet and you want
to join us, I put you the link in the description just below the video. Do not hesitate to click on the thumb
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