Lead Forensics Focus: What is the best marketing strategy for B2B companies?
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Lead Forensics Focus: What is the best marketing strategy for B2B companies?

What is the best marketing strategy for
B2B companies? Hello and welcome to Lead Forensics Focus. Elevating your marketing
and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing and sales
experts. In this video I’m going to cover the best marketing strategy for B2B
companies. We’ll work through online and offline approaches to discover which can
produce the best results. Let’s start with online marketing. 94% of modern B2B
buyer journeys starts online, and every day Google sees 3.6 billion searches. Our
modern world is online orientated so this is where we must market. There
are several online marketing strategies used by B2B organizations. One of the
most important is your website. The website is the hub of online marketing
activity and it’s crucial to success. Potential buyers discover your brand
learn about your product and contact your team through your website. It’s the
nucleus of your marketing strategy so make sure it looks good and is properly
promoted. This promotion happens through a digital marketing strategy. Digital
marketing encapsulates a vast amount of approaches to help attract potential
buyer attention and drive website traffic. These include search engine optimization the process of boosting your website
ranking making your website easy to find. Pay-per-click a form of online
advertising where search engines place your website at the top of the search
page, and social media marketing promoting your brand across varying
social media platforms to build a following. As the popularity of social media
grows this approach is rapidly becoming a solo strategy, with platforms such as
LinkedIn offering a complete focus on business networking. B2B organizations
are still discovering the power of this channel. Another key online marketing channel is content marketing, where educational
assets such as blogs white papers and videos are shared to help potential
buyers learn more about a brand and the services they offer, and of course we
can’t forget email marketing. For over twenty years sending emails containing rich
product benefit information and enticing call to actions has successfully
revealed new business opportunities. All these channel approaches feed into an
online marketing strategies. As we’ve mentioned a clear majority of buyer
journeys start online and that doesn’t mean the best strategies are exclusive
to the digital world. Powerful B2B marketing can still be
conducted offline too. Offline approaches have worked for decades and continue to
yield results. Think about how much impact a shop-window can have on your
purchasing decisions. An offline marketing approach includes events.
Face-to-face contact is still voted as the most trustworthy form of marketing
by B2B buyers and events maximises activity. Events give your business a
chance to help potential buyers live and breath your brand, forming closer
connections with your team for high value success! Other offline approaches
such as direct mail and print advertising can sometimes cost more than
online approaches but continue to prove highly popular. Sending prospects a gift
or displaying a large poster on a billboard is a less intrusive form of marketing
and 43% of B2B buyers find these approaches less invasive than online
marketing activity. So which marketing strategy is best with B2B companies? I’m
sorry to say there is no definitive answer and there’s no magic formula for
marketing strategy that will bring winning results. Every B2B organization
is different and so each will see different successes with varying
channels. However, one thing is clear the ultimate B2B marketing strategy embraces
both online and offline approaches, taking time to understand their target
audience preferences and responded across both mediums. If your potential
buyers don’t use social media don’t invest in that right now, and if there’s
an event that appeals to your ideal audience then go for that! The best B2B
marketing strategy is a flexible one, ensuring an online and offline approach
to ensure they catch the attention of a wide variety of target audience members.
If you’re unsure which strategies to select start by asking your customer
base some questions. How did they discover your brand? What made them get
in contact? What influenced their purchasing decision? This information
helps you discover which channels your ideal audience might engage with, and
which areas of your marketing strategy are most powerful. Use this audience
insight to fuel an effective B2B marketing strategy, that puts the
prospect first! I hope you found this video insightful and feel prepared to
build a winning B2B marketing strategy! Please give this video a thumbs up,
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