Lead nurturing strategy | if url visited | Marketing automation use case
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Lead nurturing strategy | if url visited | Marketing automation use case

Let’s imagine you are a SaaS start-up, and
you have a team of sales representatives ready to reach out to prospective clients at a moment’s
notice. Catching leads once they show some sign of interest is a key point of your strategy
to help educate and communicate your company’s offers. Because of this you’ve decided to
implement tools to help you automate the lead assignments to your sales reps. Your plan is simple; you’ve identified key
points on your website that help to gauge a prospective lead’s interest. After conducting a general mailing to your
list, you check if anyone has clicked a link that points to one of your key pages. Particular pages of your site come only after
a site visitor leaves their email address to access an exclusive area of your site.
Visits to these key pages indicate that the visitor has a keen interest in the content
available there. Once someone is registered as having visited
this page, you tag them as a lead. Those who do not visit the URL are tagged
as unqualified and you move them to a retargeting campaign. Those subscribers tagged as leads will then
be sent an engagement email; referring to the content they were presented with on the
page they visited, and offering additional information. You’ll then check if they clicked the link
you included in the message for them to learn more. Those that didn’t open the message
or click the link – you’ll wait a couple of days to let them air out, and then send
them a retargeting message to help refocus their attention. And back to those key subscribers that did
click the learn more link. You can then send them a follow-up message with the promised
content, and a bonus surprise of 15% of their first two months of service with you if they
signed up today. Finally, those who opened that message will
get a final tag, of a verified lead, and moved into a sales representative campaign in your
account that automatically sends subscription notifications to your sales representatives
who may then contact the lead immediately to help nurture the offer; and close the sale.

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