LEAP Pathway: Hillary Detert
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LEAP Pathway: Hillary Detert

Since I knew I wanted to be
a dentist when I was nine, it’s kind of felt
like everything that I’ve done since
then has been preparation towards accomplishing that goal. When I visited Mount
Holyoke College, I stepped out of the car
and I turned to my mom, and we both went, I think this
is where I’m supposed to go. Like, I instantly knew
when I got on campus. In my freshman biology
class I actually found the person who would be my
advisor and my thesis advisor. He overheard me saying I
wanted to go to dental school my freshman year, and
he said, oh, well, I’ve supervised about
three dental theses, if you want to write one. And I was like, of course
I want to write one. That sounds like a
great opportunity. I talked with him, and I
found alumni connections to do dental shadowing. I got the link
funding this summer through the Elaine B.
Marieb Science Foundation to conduct the oral cancer
research that I did. Basically Mount Holyoke has
been supportive the whole way, in sort of advancing
my original goal, and it’s opened me
to new opportunities within my field of interest.

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