Learn how Rockets of Awesome is using our Commerce Services Complete Fulfillment, Delivery & Returns
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Learn how Rockets of Awesome is using our Commerce Services Complete Fulfillment, Delivery & Returns

So Rockets of Awesome is a personal shopping service, and vertical apparel brand for kids. what that means is that we have a design team in our office in New York City that is designing a full apparel line for boys and girls, sizes three to 12 so the opportunity that we see in the market is that, it’s a $45 billion market in the US and it was really important for us that we delivered that trifecta of style and quality and value. And so, what we recognized was that kids are growing out of their clothes we’re replacing an entire dresser for our kids every season. And so, could we take the preferences from their kids and from the parents and be able to deliver a personalized assortment of clothes into our customers’ homes at the beginning of every season? the end to end experience for the customer is critical. It’s what we obsess over. And we wanted to make sure that the return process was also as seamless as possible. you know, ultimately, what we’re trying to do Pitney Bowes and with Newgistics with them as partners, how do we do that seamlessly? How do we do it efficiently? and really optimizing for the time that it takes a product to get out and then back to the warehouse so that we can use any products that customers return that are returned in perfect quality to go out to the next customer. we actually couldn’t deliver that feature to our customer before they were a partner. so working with Newgistics, now Pitney Bowes, has been really seamless and kind of magical. You know, I think that as a team, we have a full team meeting every week and you know months in, one month in, six months in really looking to them as such tremendous partners who have not only made our operations much more seamless, , but made our customers experience really exceptional.

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