Learn Mailchimp Video 2 of 18 – Marketing Plan
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Learn Mailchimp Video 2 of 18 – Marketing Plan

Have you thought about, really thought about, the reason that you you market your business? Why do you market your business? For most of us it’s really simple to define the objective; we want to sell more, we want to make a more of a profit, We want to help our cash flow but maybe selling. If you are a not for profit it might be donations or it might be to do certain good and so on to raise awareness. But it’s really important that we start with what our business objectives are. What are our business objectives? And then we work backwards and say “How can we use marketing and advertising for that matter to meet our business objectives?”. A lot of large corporations, government departments and so on are very formal and they create something called the marketing plan and a marketing strategy. You know they do differ but they can be very specific about defining the demographics, the gender of people, where they live, their income groups, all sorts of different things and target their marketing towards that. But it’s a very formal process. They might go through now for small businesses Of course it’s often difficult to be quite so formal but it is again a very important thing. What is the end objective? How are we going to use marketing to meet that end objective? Now, two terms that are important; Well I think anyway particularly in marketing is one called “top of mind” and this is where Mailchimp can really help us Top of mind is is about when win our customer. A consumer thinks about our category, our brand category and we immediately come into their mind. So a lot of car companies, for example, they know people don’t buy a car every single day. It’s a bit expensive but they advertise. They promote often so that when a consumer comes to make that purchasing decision the brand immediately pops into the brain. Mailchimp can certainly help us with this top of mind because we want to occupy that space in our consumers mind. But when they think of a product we sell or whatever we do they think of our brand. And also what’s important is something called customer lifetime value. Customer lifetime value is how much is a customer worth to us over their entire, over the entire life. We could substitute the word for customer for donor or something like that but I’m sure you understand because a customer is not just a once off let’s say purchase. It might be a serious of purchases You know the relationship we have with the customer is really just a once off, We tried to make it more than that. And again Mailchimp can really help us with this customer lifetime value as it does with the top of mind. So I’ve spoken very briefly about a marketing strategy and what goes into that marketing strategy. And again it’s about demographics, all those things that might even go down to what you know what’s what kind of campaigns. We used it to advertise for those people but not those people do we send postcards to those people but not those people and so on. But all of this comes down to our business objectives; keeping our brand in top of mind of our consumer. I know they’re trying to increase the customer lifetime value and of course mountain because it’s it’s more than just an email marketing platform. Now it’s a suite of marketing abilities and services and products. We can use these different products and services such as Google retargeting. And so it’s when someone visits our our store. You know maybe an advert; will keep seeing an advert of ours which will keep our brand in the top of their brain. You know marketing is very good for top of mind as well. Keeping reinforcing saying that example I always use in training is you know something we need to be wary of as well in our marketing plan is sending often enough but not too often. We want to send often enough so our Brand is top of mind you know But on the same token we can’t send to often otherwise people will see it as spammy. Yes but also people just switch off from our message So we couldn’t send an email message today for example saying buy our product, buy a product, with this product and say all their products and sell this process And so that’s probably so It’s a very common error companies make because they know them to be top of mind. So the way to get around that issue for example is what we would do is well look at the frequency But maybe people maybe certain organisations do need to market often, advertised in postcards quite often. But often what helps there is you would have in that example of sale so you’d maybe send when every few days saying sale with the case might be. But what you do is the other messages Then you will add value to the consumer So I work with a flower seller for example; they’re selling a lot of flowers. They were sending a lot of buy roses, buy these flowers, buy those. People are just switching off so mixed up the message a little bit. You know maybe the message was then how do you have a short video of how do you keep your flowers fresh. And that might just be one campaign. Your next one might be buy our fresh roses. The next one might be why x y Z and flowers are so popular at this time of year and so on. So we add education and a benefit to the consumer and then also I ask him for the sale. So yes marketing a marketing plan is really just being conscious about our marketing activities We then use Mailchimp and the various different types of campaigns to target those various demographics and help increase our lifetime value

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