Learn To Trade Penny Stocks From Timothy Sykes
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Learn To Trade Penny Stocks From Timothy Sykes

my name is Tim Sykes and I teach people to trade stocks I am a self-made multi-millionaire and I am the number one ranked trader out of sixty thousand on Cove ester I got started in high school and I turned my bar mitzvah money of twelve thousand dollars into two million I'm from a middle-class neighborhood this was big money besides just making money for myself I love helping others make money so I have thousands of students now in over 60 countries I've done a lot of press because my story is rather unique I've been on CNN CNBC Fox ABC CBS written for the street comm MSN Money I come from this world of full transparency it's not just about making money it's about being honest and being honest on Wall Street is sadly or revolutionary concept penny stocks are speculative companies trading under $5 a share that's what I specialize in there is manipulation but it's very predictable you know the manipulators aren't very smart there's the ability to have a huge edge because you have just a little bit of intelligence and if you're meticulous you can take advantage of it I started trading penny stocks because I didn't have a lot of money to begin with penny stocks are very speculative and they're very low priced so it's ideal for people with small accounts I teach by example I trade the stocks but I also produce watch lists research videos and I just try and get everybody to understand exactly how I'm trading and you can learn from both my mistakes and my successes what people can learn to do is just read disclaimers number two realize that you can short sell stocks you can bet against these stocks and number three is really just don't trust anybody on Wall Street you can't save everybody but if more people would learn to do this there would be a lot less misinformation out there there would be a lot less sadness you have to have meaning in your work if you don't have meaning it's all worthless

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46 thoughts on “Learn To Trade Penny Stocks From Timothy Sykes

  1. why we need to pay for learn with you…if you have a lot of money and like to make video,then just share the video how you teach us if we pay you, you want people to make money like you right??? why not just give us free,like you say,you wanna help everyone makes some money

  2. I got into trading after seeing this guy talking about it 2 years ago. After watching his videos on YouTube I realize most of the videos on his channel is mostly to promote his courses

  3. Ive been trading for a decade, self taught. Ive watched what these guys are doing, Its quite realistic. They are trading patterns that work on volume. Ive figured many out on my own. In the end, we all have to be comfortable with the trades we make, weather they are recommended or found on our own.

  4. Hey guys. I have tim sykes full collection of penny stock dvds. If anyone is intersted , email me at [email protected]
    Honestly , I gave up but its hell of a content to be a successful trader.
    Price – $300 CAD

  5. I purchased his books spending $500-$1000 about 2 years ago & never recieved anything in return, 2 years & still waiting. Enjoy the free content but don't spend on his products cuz there's a high chance u won't get anything back.

  6. Hey buddy I’m not gonna try and sugar coat anything plz just give me 1 hint of what stock to buy right now plz don’t mean to bother u I seen u just twited 3 min ago plz respond back

  7. Hey tim do you think you can give this E book to your subscribers it is free from forex thanks http://bit.ly/jvtruezoner

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  9. i remember watching this video years ago, now i'm here today filled with knowledge, thanks to you tim, i appreciate that. fyi when i saw this video i was immediately sold.

  10. Hey tim! Im completing step 4 of your homework. Look forward to following your keys to success on how to be a millionaire!

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  12. WARNING FOR EVERYONE, Timothy Sykes is not trading him self, the only way he's make money is by you guys buying his courses & programs, if you guys still don't believe me then do me a favor I have over 27 people so far they bought his problem and invested there money to Timothy Sykes programs poor people didn't made anything back, THIS NEEDS TO STOP, if you guys still don't believe me then I want you guys to contact TIMOTHY SYKES your self and tell him that you will meet him where ever he's at, he will not show you his account he will not share if he does trades everyday or not,  if you guys or smart then please don't buy his programs anymore.  thank you

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