Life-Changing Internships for Nazareth College students
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Life-Changing Internships for Nazareth College students

Internships are critical, especially today, because you need that real-life experience and I think it’s somewhat of an expectation now when workplaces are looking at resumes. What I love the most about my internship experience is that it’s real-world experience, are actually working with real clients both regionally and around the country. At Naz I took a class in information security and that really planted a foundation for what I want to explore later in life and that definitely helped me figure out what I wanted to do it this internship specifically. It’s kind of giving me the insight of what actually goes on within the firm, which you don’t necessarily learn at school. This internship means a lot to me because I want to do something like this in my life. So every day at the internship, I’m working hard to be able to reach my ideal goal in life, which is to be a jazz musician and have a foot in the door. Doing internships and having other people tell you — like oh think about it this way or try doing this instead of what you usually do — is so eye-opening and like really helpful for my career. We’ve put them in situations that most tenured business people would not be exposed to, and these guys have represented themselves impeccably. I’m planning on applying to law school in the fall and I feel like this internship really steered me in the right path and showed me that that’s something I would also want to pursue. The internship has provided me so much valuable experience that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else and Nazareth has really supported me along the way. I am a Nazareth graduate and I currently am an adjunct at Naz, so I know the quality of the candidates. We always look to Nazareth because they have excellent marketing programs. We have a number of Butler Till employees that teach at Nazareth and always have wonderful things to say about the students. Nazareth fosters an environmental of more than just textbook learning. It’s, you know, real-world experiences and it’s getting out, it’s giving back. I personally believe that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Center for life’s Work. They showed us everything about this company and made it accessible. I would recommend to do an internship while at Nazareth College. It really helps you to become more confident. A Nazareth internship prepares me for anything I put my mind to. Nazareth College has given me a life-changing opportunity. I came here as an international exchange student, never thought to stay here longer than one semester and then decided to transfer because I feel like home.

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