Linda Jones, President & CEO Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce
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Linda Jones, President & CEO Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce

Hi I’m Jennifer Price with Washington
Energy Services. I also happen to be a member of the Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce.
it’s located right here in Lynnwood, next to the Lynnwood Convention Center and I’m
so excited today because we’re interviewing Linda Jones President of
the Lynnwood Chamber come on in! Linda, I am so excited to be here today
interviewing you for the Lynnwood Chamber. Can you tell us a little bit about
yourself? Absolutely I was raised here and I got
to raise my family here and I’m really excited to be part of the Lynnwood
Chamber. We arrange our events to work with
everyone’s schedule. So we have a breakfast, we have a lunch every month
and we have all kinds of other opportunities. from informal networking to
get to know your business community. We arrange our sponsorship opportunities to
fit each and every business, so what you’ll find is there are different
levels of sponsorship and different types of events. We want to make sure
that your money goes where it works best for you. If I wanted to get more involved
and build my business how would I go about doing that with the chamber? I
would really encourage you to attend as many events as we’ll work with your
schedule. What kind of events? We have the luncheons, we have breakfast, we have all
kinds of networking events. You can even have an after-hours event right there at
your own business. Can you tell me about the Coffee Hour? Absolutely this is a new
concept where we sit together and we talk about subjects that are important
to all of us and we all support each other in finding those answers. And does
that build our business? It does build your business and more importantly it
builds the relationships and the partnerships that you have with the
other business members. So Linda we’ve had this great interview
do you have anything you’d like to say to the community? I would I would like to
encourage people if they’d like to advantage of the growth opportunities in
Lynnwood, contact us!

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