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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

I love LinkedIn for B-to-B marketing. You
also have an opportunity to hear what people are struggling with and offer
solutions. Plus if you’re leveraging video on LinkedIn, you have an
opportunity to really stand out from the competition. Video on LinkedIn is far
more likely to be dominating a person’s newsfeed and you still have a real
opportunity with posting organically which means you don’t always have to
necessarily pay to leverage video on LinkedIn. Kind of like the golden days of
Facebook when you put a video and it showed up everywhere and everyone saw it.
You can still achieve that with LinkedIn and not necessarily have to pay for it.
But if you do put a little bit of budget behind it in a sponsored ad for example,
you can really get your message out to the right people. So as you’re thinking
of a digital marketing campaign I highly encourage clients to consider LinkedIn
for B-to-B marketing. But remember, LinkedIn is not Facebook and it’s not Instagram,
so don’t go posting your favourite kitty videos or Sudoku challenges, anything
like that. Keep it professional, keep it relevant, and help people in your field,
and you’ll notice a change in your business.

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