LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy For Massive Results | How to Stand Out
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LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy For Massive Results | How to Stand Out

– We want to show you how to
get massive reach on LinkedIn, lots and lots of engagement
and lead generation, all from using LinkedIn video. – We’re gonna show you why it’s important, we’re gonna give you
some LinkedIn video hacks that’s gonna get you more reach. We’re gonna show you how
to secure long term growth on LinkedIn. And we’re gonna show
you how you can find out who has been watching your videos. – Woo, plus we’ll be showing you a huge no, no, no when it comes to
posting videos on LinkedIn, and it’s not what you’d think. Imagine scrolling through
a dull sea of boring posts from people that you’ve just
completely forgotten about, that you don’t even
know you connected with in the first place. And then, all of a sudden,
as you’re scrolling, boom, a big smiling, happy face is staring you right back in the eyes and talking to you. – One of the most powerful
things that you can do to stand out and grow relationships is to get your face out there, like literally take your face, shove it in other people’s faces, a big face outing. And with a LinkedIn video, you can now do these big face outings, like, all the time. This one reason alone should be enough to give you the impetus to get
started with LinkedIn video. But if it’s not enough, here’s another. – What’s the difference between these two
seemingly exact same posts? One has 28 views, no
likes, and no comments. The other has 31 likes, 16
comments, and 1639 views. – Boom. – It’s exactly the same
video posted on LinkedIn, but one has a significantly
higher amount of engagement. Why is that? Well, did you notice that
one of those was just a YouTube link, and the
other was actually directly, or natively, uploaded
straight to LinkedIn. That’s right. Previously, if you wanted
to post a video to LinkedIn, you would have to post a YouTube link. But not anymore, no. You can now natively
upload, or directly upload, your videos straight to LinkedIn. And LinkedIn is giving you
huge rewards in its algorithm, in its feeds, in its timelines for this. This means there’s a lot
of reach and engagement on the table all ready for you to take for the first time ever Andrew, I’m feeling excited about it. – I can tell. – I’m way too excited. – Just calm down, all right? Just chill.
– I need to calm down. You know, no, you chill. I need to like, sense
my tone here, don’t I? – And we’re seeing so
many people who are doing LinkedIn video have huge,
huge impact with it, even if the video’ aren’t
particularly that polished. Particularly and regularly
are really hard words, I can not say. Regularly and particularly. The beauty of all this extra reach is that you’re not just building
your brand awareness, but you can also build
your connection base on LinkedIn by connecting with people who engage with your video post. – Before we go into
giving you some more tips on how to get even more reach and ensure the long term growth, we want to know in the comments if you’ve started to use LinkedIn video. – Go on, pop them in
the comments right now, so we can check out all you
LinkedIn video rock stars. – One of the problems that we find is that people often have this
flash in the pan moment where they just think, “Hey, today I’m gonna do a video.” And they just randomly,
sporadically do a video without any proper thought or planning. If you truly want to
build up some momentum with your profile and get new connections and masses of engagement, then you really might want to
consider doing a video series. Here’s a couple of examples. – One member of Atomic
John Espirian is notorious on LinkedIn for being
relentlessly helpful. And one of the things he
does is his video series where he teaches you something
really, really useful in less than 20 seconds. Creating a series like this gives people a reason to connect with you and come back for more. It also gives people a reason to share that video with
others, talk about you, and tell people why they
should go and follow you, or connect with you on LinkedIn. – Another person who
does this incredibly well is Janine Coombes, who does
a video series on LinkedIn all about marketing myth busting which really opens people’s
eyes and makes them clear about their marketing strategy. Now I don’t know about you Andrew, but I literally can’t log into LinkedIn without seeing one of
these two people’s content. Because it’s so engaging, it’s video, and people are loving it. And this is your secret to your
longterm growth on LinkedIn. A video series, that’s what’s gonna get
people to connect to you and keep coming back for
more and more in the future. Not just the flash in the
pan, random LinkedIn video. – Quickly deletes my
flash in the pan video. But, word of warning here, this is a big no, no. If LinkedIn is not your main platform, maybe you’re trying to
grow a YouTube channel, or you’re trying to
grow your Facebook page, and you’re creating videos for those, then we don’t just want
you to upload those to LinkedIn for the sake of it. And we know this can be
incredibly, incredibly tempting to do because if
you upload it to LinkedIn and LinkedIn has all of
these positives right now, you might see a spike in engagement compared to the other platforms, but all you’re really doing is training people to go and
watch the videos on LinkedIn, rather than the main platform
that you are trying to push, whether that’s YouTube or Facebook. Saying all of that, it doesn’t mean that you
can’t use LinkedIn videos to promote your Facebook page or to promote your YouTube channel, you just have to be a
little bit smarter about it. – Exactly, we would definitely recommend posting little teaser clips or
short snippits of your video and posting them on LinkedIn, directing people back
to your main platform. So just remember that if you’re trying to
grow another platform, posting your full video onto LinkedIn is just training people
to stay on LinkedIn, and it’s not gonna help you
grow those other platforms. – Another thing you’re
definitely going to want to do is make sure that you are adding captions to your LinkedIn videos. – There’s a staggering amount of people that are browsing through
LinkedIn without their sound on, so to capitalise on this
huge percentage of people that are browsing LinkedIn
without the sound on, we need to engage them with captions. – We’re big advocates of using for your captions, it only costs a dollar a minute
to get that subtitles file and if you use our link below, you can get your first
10 minutes for free. – What? – Mhmm, Rev will give you
what is called an SRT file, which is basically just a file
that contains your captions, and then as you’re uploading
that video to LinkedIn, all you wanna do is hit the pen icon in the top right hand corner and that is where you can
add your subtitles file. – So make sure you
check out the link below in the description for your handy link to give you 10 dollars off using Rev. It’s seriously gonna help you get more reach and engagement
on your LinkedIn videos. – Now we’re gonna tell you how to find out who has been watching
your videos but first, if you’re enjoying this
then please, please, please do subscribe to this channel, we create videos like
this every single week. Go on Pete, give it to them. – If you click on the view counts number once you’ve posted your video, you can see which companies
have been checking you out. So you can get a real sense
of whether your videos are hitting the mark and engaging with the right types of companies and it’ll enable you to give you an excuse to go and follow up. And this is the beauty of LinkedIn, it’s a business platform, you don’t need to have huge
amounts of views on your videos because every single one of them should be extremely valuable. – So if LinkedIn is your thing, then we have another video over there that is an all in one LinkedIn
strategy that you can use, so please, please do
go and check that out. – He’s been Andrew, I’ve been Pete, we’ll see you next time. – Bye. (upbeat instrumental music)

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18 thoughts on “LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy For Massive Results | How to Stand Out

  1. Thanks for the shout, guys. Even if you don't want to go all in on video, having a little bit of video content accessible to your audience is a great way to build a better connection with them. Just a few seconds of seeing you in action could make you a lot more memorable to them, so please give it a whirl. All it takes is a smartphone and an ounce of bravery!

  2. Nice video, thanks πŸ™‚ I don't seem to have the option to add captions to my video (not on upload or after) – following what you say and what LinkedIn help says. Hopefully they add the function to add them once it's been posted further down the line so people can making their content more accessible.

  3. I've posted a few videos on Linked In and had an incredible response. Thanks for the tips for – sounds really easy. I'll try it next time. Having a video series is also a great idea – thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the great video! I shot a vid on my iPhone then transferred it to my laptop then signed onto LinkedIn and created a post by uploading the .mov file. I had REV create the .srt file but I don't see the pencil to upload the .srt file. ??

  5. Haven't started yet but have seen it and like it. Having watched this video I will definitely be considering a video series for LinkedIn.

  6. Hello, is it free ten mins as per video or five mins as per link please and can you edit the subtitles if they get anything wrong?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  7. UPDATE: We've found that some people don't have the option yet to add captions on LinkedIn, don't worry. Sit tight for it to fully roll out to everyone… BUT please make sure the video is .mp4 NOT .mov, otherwise it won't work either. Another work around is to use a tool called Kapwing – it allows you, amongst other things, to burn the captions onto the video permanently πŸ™‚ Hope that helps as another way around. And remember to get your captions in the first place, to add or burn on to the video, you can get your first ten mins transcribed from for free using this link:

  8. Thank sooo much for the shout out! I was just telling a friend the other day that video series are the way forward. Lots of random vids on LinkedIn at the mo, which is fine for testing the water, but a series focuses the mind. (Yours and your audience's)

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