Little-Known Instagram Hacks for Marketers
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Little-Known Instagram Hacks for Marketers

no matter how much you use Instagram there's always a new trick to learn so we've gathered a few of the lesser-known Instagram hacks to help you make the most of the app have you ever been in a social media brainstorm and if only you could pull up that social video you saw last night it would be the perfect example to kick things off turns out if you liked it you can just go to your profile and click the options button then select posts you've liked the bigger you're following gets the more people will tag you in their posts you can find all of these under the photos of you tab on your profile if there's any you want removed tap the three dots choose hide photos and check the posts one by one if you're like me you have one filter you use all the time good news you can reorder the filters for your favorite is front and center start by uploading a photo when it's time to add a filter scroll all the way to the right and tap manage hold and drag on the three grey lines to move a filter hit the white checkmark to hide any you don't want to use speaking of filters did you know that warm filters get more engagement than those that highlight cool tones test me on it trial art Mayfair or rise on your next post I'll admit this next Instagram hack is simple but it took me a while to get I wanted to insert a line break to separate my caption from the hashtags but the return key was missing all you have to do is tap the 1 2 3 button to bring back the return key you could also put all of those extra hashtags in the first comment of your posts to keep things uncluttered finally let's deal with one of the biggest Instagram frustrations linking to an external site well you can't link in your post you can't update the link in your bio as often as you want need your captions to encourage people to click the update as link in your bio that's a wrap let us know any tricks we might have missed in the comments

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10 thoughts on “Little-Known Instagram Hacks for Marketers

  1. And stop using the phrase “just” when giving directions. I find it us usually used when important steps are skipped over so I despise its use in instructional videos.

  2. I used this to go through and teach a small beginners class, it helped to become comfortable to navigate through the app. We paused after each tip and walked through it on our phones. If you have not used Instagram before, this will help get started.

  3. I'm just a newbie to this ( insta leveraging and HubSport ) and yet I knew all of these "little known hacks" that appear to be widely known or obvious or just sorta borderline "maybe of some value" = Not Subscribing…..

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