Live: Carolin Soldo and Amber Vilhauer on Marketing Strategy & Business Growth
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Live: Carolin Soldo and Amber Vilhauer on Marketing Strategy & Business Growth

Welcome, everybody. I am really excited today. I’ve got Carolin Soldo with me who is somebody that I have absolutely adored,
admired, respected for many years. And I, actually, were having a conversation a
couple of weeks ago about her upcoming event, From Passion to Profits Live, and
you know, Carolin, watching her growth throughout the year has been nothing
short of remarkable and impressive to say the least. And what I love about her
the most is how she’s so rooted and just goodness and a lot of people have this
rise to fame and they get a big ego and then they change. And it’s like, you don’t even
recognize them anymore. And that is not at all what happened to Carolin. She has
a big heart, she’s super present, she’s so kind, and so we were talking and I said, gosh you’re so amazing. What you’re up to. Could we do like a Facebook live stream
and I could just pick your brain and then the people listening could chime in
and ask questions or engage? And she said, yeah of course. Like, I’m not the busiest
person in the world, even though she is, you know? It’s like, she’s just wonderful.
So Carolin, I’m really, I’m just happy to spend more time with you, so thank you
for making this happen today. Oh, thank you Amber, and you’re so kind,
kind words and you know, I feel the same about you and everything that you’re
doing. And you know, that you just have these people around you where you feel
like they’re good people, they have great intentions, you know? You can go to
them when you need something, you can connect and network and just, you know, be
supportive. And it’s just nice to have a community like that around you, so
totally mutual feeling. Absolutely. Awesome. Well, if you guys don’t know
Carolin, I want to tell you a couple of key notes. And then Carolin, you can
tell me if there’s anything else you want to share. But you know, Carolin
immigrated here from Germany. She has an MBA in marketing and then, oh by the way, grew two multi-million dollar businesses, one with her husband Boris,
whom she is madly head-over-heels in love with, its so awesome. They have two
boys, just totally amazing, their lifestyle. And then the second company is
her Carolin Soldo coaching company where she teaches coaches how to grow a successful million dollar business just in the same way that she
did. And she has a really interesting approach toward automation and funnels,
right, which are big buzzwords online these days. But what I love about Carolin
is that she is focused on developing personal connection too. And my feeling is
that the way that automation is being taught today, it kind of strips out that
personal connection. And it’s like, I don’t wanna be involved in my business
because I’m too busy, or I don’t like doing it and so I’d rather not be
involved. But you know, I think there’s an opportunity to still automate your
business and create personal connection with the people coming in along the way. And I see that Carolin is doing that. The people that she’s getting results for,
like it’s unbelievable. And this is what sets Carolin apart from everybody else in my opinion is that she gets serious results
for her people, and quickly, so she really has her process down. And I just wanted
to dialogue about that with you today, Carolin. So did I, first of all, forget
anything that you want to add about like your background? I really, you know,
I always say, I’m really nothing special, and I’m an immigrant girl came
here to this amazing country with big dreams, big hopes and for us and I just
work really hard and, you know, we made it happen. And it’s been a fun ride and just, you know, to see how we can now change other people’s lives, it’s just so
incredible. And what really gets me going is when I have, you know, men and women
come to me and say you know six months ago I never thought this would be
possible for me, and now I’m living a whole new life and I’m my own boss. I
make my own schedule. I’m home with my kids or I’m making more money or they’re
just excited. They’re waking up. You know, so many people aren’t and this stuck in a rut and they
don’t enjoy life and, you know, our clients are on an exciting ride for sure. And it’s not always easy. They’re so like excited about life and it’s just, you
know, invigorating to see that. And yeah, I mean, marketing really has been a big
love of mine. I’ve always really enjoyed it, really been good at it, and I’m figuring out, you know, how to combine the creative side of
marketing with the strategic. And also putting the relationship factor into it,
which is, you think, you know, when you think about automation you think, oh it’s
like removed and there’s no personal touch. But there are, you know, certain
ways that you can definitely put that personal touch into your automation and
your funnels and make them really, really impactful. And not set it and forget
it. I wouldn’t go that far because there’s math to be done. But I mean, it really is something where you can let the market and go a little bit and
become that business owner that, you know, you want to be. Or that author, or that speaker or that coach, so that marketing doesn’t become your full-time job. I love that
you said that. And by the way, if you have questions for Carolin live right now,
post them in the comments below and as you get inspired or a-has, place those
below to just to give us that feedback. I mean, I see people are like commenting.
We’re actually streaming live through the NGNG Facebook page and a private
group of mine and the Amber Vilahuer page, we’re streaming through YouTube
we’re all over the place right now. So if we’ve missed one of your questions
through one of the comment streams, we’ll circle back to it. But definitely
engage below. We’re curious what you have to say about this. What do you think
are some of the key components, actually, let me step back a little bit further. When we’re looking at
this concept of a funnel, Carolin, what, like, from a high, high level looking down,
what is the funnel that you’re teaching right now? Or what is the automation
process even? Just like a couple of the key points so that people can get in
this frame of mind with us. Absolutely. It’s very, very simple and we’ve been
doing this since 2012, and it’s webinar- based, so I’ve done my first ever webinar
as a health coach in 2012 which was an awful experience, and ever since I have
used webinars in a variety of different ways to market my business and draw in
qualified prospects for my team. You know, we have a sales team, we have sales executives and people helping us with the enrollment, but it’s a very, very simple
process of starting up with what I call confetti. So anything that you see us do
with, you know, posts and Facebook lives and videos and YouTube to me really is
part of my strategy but it’s just the beginning. It’s the confetti that’s
everywhere. This is actually a new way – I’m always trying to figure out how to explain this to my clients better so they get this whole
ecosystem, right? And they usually like most people get stuck in the
confetti. And the confetti is so overwhelming because there’s no rhyme or
reason behind it. You can make it for your posts and a
social media schedule, but I don’t even go that far. I post more based on my
passion and what I feel really sort of fired up about. But this is all just
confetti, but then if you don’t have a way to condense the confetti back down
into this machine that draws a prospect to you on a call, right, if you’re hosting
sales calls then the confetti doesn’t do a whole lot. So when the confetti is
there which is your visibility, which is you know, you’re building your awareness
and getting the message out. From there you bring them on a webinar so it’s all
webinar-based and our clients are doing live webinars first. Have to do them live.
There’s something about it, it gets them confident, it builds them up, you know,
talking in front of a real audience. It’s much different than just recording a
video. So we do that and then later on we also help them automate the webinars
through, you know, the tools that we have available nowadays. But we move people
through a webinar and we change our webinar once or twice a year. So once you
have it done, it’s actually a really big asset, and it stays with you. And then
from there, we invite them on a conversation, on a sales call. And then
it’s either me or someone on my team hosting that call, and from there we make
a decision to see, hey, you know, is this someone that, you know, we want to work
with, can we help them? So you figure out if there’s a mutual match, and if there is,
then we invite them in. So we don’t usually launch anything. We don’t heavily promote. It’s very even, it’s very consistent, and it’s very predictable. Which
I like. It gives me peace of mind. I don’t have to be, you know, super anxious or you
know scared that oh my god what am I gonna do next, you know, for marketing and what else can I do to promote myself out there? So it’s a very reliable source of,
you know, great leads and prospects for your company. And it’s, you know, scalable. Which is so nice. So once you have it, you know, figured out and fine-tuned, you can
literally scale this thing up to wherever you want to go which is nice.
Yes. And I’ve watched that in you and what I would I really appreciate about
Carolin, and you and I have this in common, is you did it yourself first,
right? So you proved it and even with Facebook Ads, right? You know Facebook Ads. You didn’t just let go of that control and cross your fingers and hope it
worked out. Everything that you have done from the very beginning, you were there
at the ground floor doing it yourself, testing, refining, teaching, testing,
refining, teaching, right? All the way to the top. I really like that, you know, about my business where I can literally do everything myself if I
wanted to, and I did for a long time. I ran my own ads, I did my own landing
pages, email sequences, setting pixels. I mean, we can go deep into tech, and I
know how all that works doesn’t mean you have to do it forever, you know? Now I have people, excellent people helping me with everything,
but I feel that, you know, as a business owner, man you’re so empowered and you
know every little thing of your business, every piece. And you can take charge of
it. I just makes you feel, you know, confident and in control. It’s just what most people in the beginning really need to do it right.
Exactly. Now, I want to talk to you about getting
personal with the masses, okay? So in this idea of automation, we have our confetti,
you were drawing people into a webinar and then they get to a call with us,
which is really our first opportunity to speak to them one-on-one. So in your
webinar, and in your social media, and in social media, I’ll include video in that
because you’re a YouTube rockstar. So video, social media, and webinar. What are some of the things that you do to make it feel to that person that
you’re only talking to them, which creates the personal connection, which
gets you the results? Like, how do you, what’s your approach to that? So
message is one thing, and we can talk about that in a moment. But what has been
really helpful for us is video. You know, speaking of video, and literally putting video at every step of the way. To the point where you now have our videos in not
just the webinar as a video of course, but then the confirmation emails have a
video, and the call booking reminders have a video, and the follow-up sequence
has a video. And they’re all, you know, valuable training. Little training videos
that address mindset, that address, you know, visibility. So they match whatever
the prospect is going through or thinking about in the funnel. And I
feel the more people see you, feel your energy, you know, on video, there’s
nothing like video really, that the more you build that relationship with them. And
then, when they come on a call with you, they feel like they know you. And there’s
so many times I talk to someone and I don’t know who they, are but they say, oh
yeah, you’re this German girl and you got this accent, and I listen to you all the time,
and you talk about your kids, and I’m like, oh my god, they know everything. Like they
know every little thing, but it’s because we put so much of the video and the
message in every touchpoint that it really, you know, builds that relationship
on autopilot, really. Even before they come on an actual live conversation
with us. Yeah. And just add that something that I
do is, and I even did this before our livestream today, right before I go live or
record that video or write that social media post or send that email, I think, who
am I doing this for? Because the one person that I am channeling in in this
moment, in this live stream, who is this live stream for, and it’s actually, in the
very beginning of my business it used to be one person, a client avatar, that I
sort of made up in my mind. But over the years, I actually now pick different
clients that I have through the book launches that I do or
the websites that I’m building or, you know Leverage To Scale marketing program, whatever it is that I’m doing, I’ll pick out one person in my mind and do it for
them. So it’s always a different person which is interesting, but they all share
the same core values, so that’s how it ends up landing with so many different
types of people. But just talking to one person versus right now, I could just be
thinking about the masses of people across all of the platforms and what are
they all thinking and what are they saying, you know? I think that can derail
you, right? So just staying grounded, intentional to one person, at least that’s for me. Yeah, I mean that gets to that this idea of how do we speak in a way
that they feel like we’re just talking to them and we’re in their mind and we
really get them and what their needs and desires are and what their challenges
are? And I do the same thing, I think, I have three or four different clients
that I can actually close my eyes and I can see them in front of me. And,
you know, it’s the ones that we feel close to and we’ve had like, yeah, good
coaching relationships with and we know them and you know they’re family. So we
kind of feel like they’re our friends almost. And then I do the same but you
also need to really know who you’re talking to and that comes to, you know,
having a very specific niche, you know? So that’s important. And then if
you have the experience, I kind of know my client inside and out and you
know over time you hear the same complaints over and over again. And the
same goals and you know what they want. So it becomes a lot easier for you to
create content that really hits the spot, you know? And I would call that the “did
you see” hook where they, say oh my god I want that, you know, so much and nothing
else. Absolutely. So I have a random
question for you. In my personal experience, sometimes I will be a little
stuck on what I should be doing content about, and I get stuck because I think oh
this one way that I do something, that’s no big deal. Like everybody knows that,
but actually I’m coming into it more and more that, wow, like I am unique and I do have a different way of doing things and there
is value in that. Do you ever come across that? Like do you
ever get stuck in your content or stuck up in your head about what you should be
saying or what’s of value. All the time! I mean we’ve been talking about niching and programs and webinars and branding for a couple of years now. And I’m still sometimes
thinking, you don’t know that stuff, like is this even interesting? Like why aren’t you doing this already? Like why is this so new? But, you know,
the interesting thing is, as we build our business, I feel like we as
people grow our minds, grow our interests, grow, and this is very, very tricky.
Sometimes we move away from the market and I found myself moving away from my
market a little bit where now we have what we call our baby clients, the beginners, we have the more advanced clients, the powerhouses, and they’re very
different people. I love them both equally, so they’re not like, you know, it’s a stepchild and one is my favorite one. But you have to go from one mindset
and into another and so when you’re moving away too much from one market, then it doesn’t resonate anymore, you know? So I
think it’s normal for you to say, oh this is boring or I’ve talked about this a
million times and it’s nothing new because you’ve done it so many times. But
your market is your market and you have to make sure that, you know, you
always tell them the same thing. So yeah, I think it happens to everybody, but it’s
a trap too, so don’t fall in the trap. That was so valuable. So we do have, I’m
looking at the people that are engaging and who’s watching, we do have people
that are just getting started. We do have people that are more experienced. And I
think the more experienced people are resonating with what we’re talking about
right now because it does get tricky and so it is a trap, you are so right. What
would you say, and then I want to circle back to messaging and getting to know your client a little bit better, but what would you say is the difference in
mindset between a business owner who’s that like two hundred and fifty thousand,
five hundred thousand a year versus somebody who’s finally crossed
over into the million-dollar, you know one to three or one to five range? Can
you think of a visible difference in mindset or approach? What do these people know who have more success as opposed to these people who are starting out and
want to get there, but it’s like they hit the ceiling, you know what mean? So many things that come into my mind. Two randomly, I can bring up. I would say, there is a big difference in commitment,
huge difference, where you know the beginners have a very sort of
conditional commitment level where things are going well, I’m super
committed, things aren’t going so well, I’m not so committed. And then I begin to
settle down, right? So it’s a level of commitment where when you get to a
certain level, things are not easier, they’re actually harder a lot of
times. But your commitment level is such that you know nothing will have you
stop, you just go for it no matter what happens. So it’s a fierceness
maybe too that comes along with it. But I maybe the biggest mindset difference I
see is that my powerhouse coach clients, and this is I don’t mean to
generalize, I’m just giving some examples. They have complete ownership of what they do. Complete ownership. They know they own it, they
know they’re responsible, they don’t put any blame on anything. They might complain
about stuff and this isn’t working and this is hard ,but they show up knowing,
this is my job and I’m here to do this and nobody else. And it’s just a great energy. And they’re also very positive. They’re looking a lot more
towards their goals and what they want to accomplish then fears, self-doubt,
things that are not going so well. Compared to someone who is still relatively new in business, I see a lot more, you know, I can’t do this, like throwing
the hands up, you know? This is not working for me, so blaming the outside
world, not taking that control, not owning it as much and maybe focusing a lot more
on sometimes the negative then the positive. So the fear still sometimes
really overtakes, you know, their goals. And I just, I was not planning this but I have to do it anyway. Actually, none of this was planned.
Carolin has no clue what I’m even gonna ask her which says she’s doing great. But
we do have a question in the comments. But I am so inspired by what we’re
talking about, that I’m gonna share my screen for a moment, and I’m going to do
a promotion for your event. You didn’t know I was going to do this, but guys, I
have been to Carolin’s event From Passion To Profits Live, and it is
phenomenal. It’s coming up October 11th through 13th in fabulous New York City.
You can go to Definitely watch this video. Carolin goes all out for her events. She had 350 people in 12 countries there
last year, and she talks about it all, from the beginning, the funnel, the
mindset, I mean it is such a powerful event. Especially for leadership and
growth and just overall community. It’s more than reasonably priced, and anyway I
just definitely think you guys should come. I think you should take a look at
this page and if you have the dates free, I could not endorse it any higher. It’s
fantastic, and this is just like such a bread crumb or a piece of confetti, right?
As to the overall value that she’s going to be sharing at that event. Is there
anything that you want people to know in general about the event, Carolin? And I
still have another question or two to ask you after this, so we’re not ending.
Thank you for bringing this up, Amber. I really want to invite you all
to attend, especially if you’re a coach or consultant or you do anything
relating to the coaching or consulting industry. You know, we have created this
event just for you, just for this industry. And what I think makes it
different is that you get the networking and you get the fun and we make it into
this huge experience, right? So it’s not a trade show. It’s an experience for you
that it is built so that you actually do work while you’re there. So you’re not
just sitting listening and there’s someone … we’ve actually stepped it up a
notch even more. We have a full binder and we
created this whole business plan, right? So we’re gonna be handing out
worksheets, and I will walk you through and work with you on every piece you
need to be looking at when it comes to scaling your business. So you will leave
the event with a binder full of strategies, ideas, and things already
created. So part of the funnel we’ll look at, your program, what’s scalable, you’re
positioning, your branding. I’ll talk about sales and mindset and everything in a very strategic sequence. So we’ll go over those three days, we’ll walk you through
everything, you actually get work done there, and then you leave equipped with a
plan that you can execute and put into place after the event. So to me it’s
almost like an intensive master class, a three-day training where you walk away
with hands-on, you know, actionable stuff that will really impact your
business and your bottom line. That I think really makes us different
from some events that are great too but you get 50 different speakers and you
get a little bit of high-level information. This is such a smart model and this is actually what we do at my event, Author Up Live, which is in March for authors, teaching you how to launch your
book. And, you know, it’s much more workshop style. If we’re getting work
done, we have time in the room to plan Q&A, hot seats, like connecting with other
influencers, writing things out, developing content plans, right? So
important because you know as well as I do that if they leave the event and they
haven’t gotten anything done, they will probably not get it done, right? So if you
help them achieve that transformation and growth at the event, then everybody
wins, right? You get to feel like you are
imparting, you know, your wisdom, creating your legacy, you know, these people are
going out and profiting and impacting the world. It’s amazing. So thank you for
knowing that and for your leadership. I think it’s great, so really hope you guys
go to that page and check it out. We do have a couple of questions in the group,
and then I’ll ask what else you can share with us that’s on your mind.
One from Ryan Benson is, do you have a particular formula that you use to drill
down to knowing your client? And in contras, maybe if there’s not a formula,
maybe you just know through experience working with a lot of people and who you
like and don’t like, I don’t know. But what do you think about that? So a
formula? I would say if you’re someone who’s brand new, and I don’t know what
level you’re at, Ryan, so forgive me. But let’s say you are a brand new business
owner. I would have you do actual interviews. So we require all of our
clients to do focus groups or want to want interviews with their ideal clients,
with their prospects, where they get to talk. So there’s no guessing or assuming
what people want. You actually sit down with them and you ask them and the
interesting thing is that you learn the way they describe it and the
words they choose, which are the words that you want to use in your marketing.
And that’s when people believe they’re like, oh my god, he’s talking like me, like
what I’m thinking, he’s saying right now. And that’s when you learn to speak like
your customers think. So that’s really where I would start and then, you know, it’s a research, we also do surveys, sometimes we do bigger research services so we have more results coming in from social media
and things like that. But then the rest comes, I thikn, from
experience, working with you know people in your fields, learning about them
researching, studying them, you know, really listening to what people want. And so if you’re someone who isn’t close to your market, that’s hard, See, I talk to my clients every single week, you know, at several
hours a week. So you know for me to know what they want is easy because they’re
right there. I talk to them. Now if you’re a course creator or you have a product
that is, you know, that doesn’t have you talk with them and a little more
difficult, and then even more I would say it’s important to you to book those
interviews, so we gotta talk to people. That is such fantastic advice. And really,
I don’t have, I can’t think of anybody else that I’ve ever heard that’s
teaching that, so that’s really, really great advice. Thank you for that. Brad Coleman asks, how do you coach them to push past the fear to play bigger and continue to
grow? So I assume, how do you coach them meaning your clients, how do you coach
your clients push past the fear, play bigger. Ryan Benson says thank you as a
side note…and continue to grow. Well, I would say our clients have an advantage
because we create a lot of safety for them. But we give them loft safety and
strategy, okay? So when they think they come in a Q&A call with us, the
number one thing we say is, let’s be strategic about this. So the fear is
coming up and investing money and I’m running ads and what if nobody shows up, what if they hate me in the webinar, whatever? And so we take that emotion out of it, then we meet, we plan for it. How many people you want to have on the webinar. Therefore, how many registrations are we targeting?
Therefore, you know how much can we spend on ads? We give them a funnel map that
has numbers and targets attached to it where they become more of a statistician,
like a forecaster, and feel a lot more in control. And they’ve removed
themselves from the marketing, the marketing becomes a system that we put into place, and it’s not
like so overwhelming and I feel out of control. That’s one thing. The other thing
is, you know, I think I feel that we really truly love them, and maybe that
sounds cheesy, but they come on our calls and sometimes they cry and sometimes they,
you know, they sometimes, and I can tell it’s anger or this closeness and I’ll
say, hey what’s going on? What’s happening? So we talk, you know? We talk it through. I have two who coaches on my team who can take someone in a breakout room and
really sort of spent that time with them one-to-one. So loving them and also
making it safe, you know, you can actually say that you’re clear and you can say
that it sucks and you can say that you know you don’t know if it’s going to be
for you, and we’re not going to be, you know, telling you that oh, just suck
it up and keep going. We actually let them vent, you know, and then we build them back up with love. And we’ll talk about the goals
and let’s plan for it, let’s look at the numbers, and it’s gonna be exciting.
So we meet them where they’re at, and then we support them. Oh, that’s so great.
See guys? Do you see why I love this woman? Seriously. I love that you said kind of leading with love which draws back into the personal connection piece
earlier. You can still be a kick-ass independent strong woman and lead with
love. You can do both, right? For the men out there, you can still be a leader,
you can still be strong, and you can still be, you know, successful and you can
lead with love. It’s another way of saying is just, you know, sharing the
space, right? Letting people be where they are, and then, you know, building upon that
and moving the conversation forward, right? Well my thing I can say, you know,
what’s so interesting to me. I actually have become a lot more able to hold
space for my clients. The more experience I gained in business. In the beginning, I kind of took their weakness personal, and I felt responsible, and I thought other stuff. Oh,
they can’t do it, is this my fault? Like my program isn’t good or and then I
wasn’t able to really be there for them unconditionally. Now I kind of removed
myself, and I know it’s got really nothing to do with me. It’s just them. So
I can be who I need to be and just focus on their needs in that moment. But that
comes with time, I feel like with a little bit of confidence, not taking
yourself so seriously. I don’t take myself seriously anymore. I guess it’s
okay. I know it works. I know it’s gonna work out, and I want to feel good, you
know, doing coaching and being with my clients. I’m so glad that you said that. Sometimes we’re in a format like this, and we have like a little
nudge like we should add something else, and sometimes we stuff that down. I’m
glad you didn’t because that was very valuable and I’m mindful of the time. You
probably have another call, but is there anything else that you want to share
about creating personal connection or automation or business success in
general or about your amazing event coming in less than two months? Anything at all? I don’t know. I mean, I just feel that
I’ve done myself the biggest favor by allowing myself to just be who I am and,
you know, so you gotta let yourself off the hook, share, be vulnerable, you know?
Tell people what’s on your mind. Be you. Be real. Look at your business.
It’s a long-term kind of thing that, you know, you want to have fun with and
people will know it’s not always perfect. And you know super
glitzy and all of that. But people will really, they will appreciate you for
the realness, and they will feel it. So it’s it’s an emotion that’s this energy, and
it happened to you, let yourself off the hook, you become more of who you are. So I think that’s the most important part, and I absolutely want to see you. Come to From Passion To Profits Live. I will put the link below in the comments. If you
have questions about the event, I’ll be there to answer. But, yeah, you don’t
want to miss it. It’s going to be amazing. Thank you, Amber, so much for your endorsement. I’ll promote you all day long forever. But yeah, I really think, just final
thing. Carolin really does practice what she
preaches. And I have followed her on social media for many years, and I have
seen many of her posts. The raw painful ones where something happened to her
that, frankly, wasn’t fair or right. But she chose in that moment to be a leader
and help inspire others. And I’ve seen moments of extreme like excitement and
wins and fun and travel and balance and team time. I mean she really, she’s really
doing it right. And I’m very careful about who I promote through my network
because it’s an extension of my reputation, and I take my reputation very
seriously. So yeah, I mean, I would promote Carolin to the end of time, of
course. So definitely check out her event. Appreciate all of you who showed up live
today, who engaged in the Facebook group or in the page and just really a lot of
gratitude coming in for you, Carolin. So thanks a lot for your time. Absolutely.
Thank you for having me here. Thank you all for joining. I hope to see you soon and, yeah thanks for watching.

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