Local Clients, Automation, DM Predictions 2018 | #DigiTalksbyDigiperform 001 with John D Saunders
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Local Clients, Automation, DM Predictions 2018 | #DigiTalksbyDigiperform 001 with John D Saunders

Yeah, and the next time you are in India probably will do a face to face interview Yep, can you hear me yep loud and clear so Finally 🙂 we have 2 screens… If you do the Indian accent it would be pratik, and if you talk about the outside in your Pronunciation or that tune it will be perfect I think I think transparency is what it’s about being able to tell people what you do how you do it it Just it helps people understand the process and trust you know what you’re doing so definitely man I appreciate it then you know I’m definitely definitely appreciate you reaching out to me and Talk with us, and it’s funny You’re in New Delhi right yeah, New Delhi so for people who are watching us right now and people are not aware about John or his Spanish artist spell he’s a digital marketing strategist and founder of five for digital Which seems to be very interesting? I personally like that name with the five as numeric and four as the number or say a word right and I’m gonna definitely come on that but yes He’s the founder UTT five for digital with a plus years experience In building brands or online and he has been working in this 8 plus years journey with top brands like Land Rover body and and NLC P John has into website development content marketing and social media strategy And he has been a udemy premium instructor various trade 90 hundred plus students Probably, I’m just seen it’s four point six Ratings and out of that. It’s it’s it’s great guys It’s great And he’s also sued or who builds certified partner so basically if I just term John Saunders in one line he leverages digital marketing Strategies to build and ski and businesses so once again John welcome, and I’m glad to have you on this particular session So thank you. Yeah, yeah, so it’sit’s wonderful. I’ll start with this particular question What is five for digital and how does that actually how did it all start? It just just way that how did it all started? Well, so so I worked at in I guess all the way back in you know when I started in marketing I’m 31 now. I was probably 19 or 20. I did a couple of internships No, one would give me an advertising job right because I didn’t have experience so I finally got a job with an agency The founder Chris firm and he hired me and I was kind of a young guy You know I was just doing web development then myself writing HTML writing code and doing social media So he hired me to just kind of help with social media, and I was there for four years I moved up through the rankings I worked my butt off to really get to To a level where I could help and be influential right so I actually became the marketing director of the agency oh, they were about a 16 to 18 percent team at that time and Yeah, I went from basically helping with social media to the marketing director overseeing the entire team so awesome Yeah, yeah, and I was there for four years. We did automotive stuff, so everything was basically around cars right so Land Rover outie Toyota Nissan I got to kind of get my feet wet and really work with these clients on a digital level, yeah We traveled a lot for work and stuff, but I wanted to kind of branch out away from automotive and kind of get more Diverse in my portfolio, so you know I approached my boss. I said hey listen. I’m gonna leave. I’m gonna start my My own thing and do it that way and you know we had a long conversation was PI like three hours You know I ended up leaving and you know I felt bad but you know something that I thought I wanted to do and see what happens right so I Started working with with clients locally I worked with an exotic car rental company I worked with the n-double-a-cp and some other local businesses And I started to really see how powerful this digital marketing was right so that’s when I started five for digital That was about three and a half years ago. I’m in the first six months to a year I was doing everything myself and then I started to kind of see local people that could work with or partner with and then I started creating an International team and now we have so many processes in place where I’m trying to automate the whole process so I just kind of take myself out of it and just work on biz dev and And other passion projects and stuff like that, but that that’s kind of a quick story I’m sure how you started, and how you are right now And how you will scale it 10 years down the line through T is down the line I’m sure it’s all about hard work And then going back to that part where you actually said that you started looking for local clients, so what was your strategy? How did you actually find out did you actually go to the stores? Would you actually go to the businesses locally by yourself? How did it all start with the local businesses, so? That’s a good question What I started to do was Really, just provide value as as you know you know we both followed Gary Vee one thing He says to do is provide value provide value provide And then ask for the sales rep so for me I was like how can I make a name for myself in this business? And I was like well one I could do some projects for free so I built like probably 10 15 websites projects for totally free Profession friends so I can kind of build my portfolio, yeah Right and then what I did was I created value so I did weekly video blogs I did blogs. I went on Facebook. I joined groups I tried to answer questions that people had and essentially when I I went to local events as well I tried to speak at events I said hey, I’ll go for free. I’ll do whatever you need. I’ll be there I hope you set up I’ll go buy the food whatever you guys need our help and I started to make a name for myself locally in South Florida as a digital marketing Strategist and Wiz that those those people that I helped that those kind of became my case study where I could be like hey you Know I’ve helped this customer do this I hope this person do this and that’s what really helped me kind of you know meet you you you basically Created a leverage for you by creating free stuff by bringing up value for yourself for the future for five full digital Right you created leverage. Yeah, and That’s that’s where I go like I I recently changed my home screen It’s it’s I don’t know whether you are able to see that or not. It’s like 5149 exactly give more than you asked for gift will bring value bring value And that’s that’s the like the normal thing. It’s the same patter which is going on Yeah, so so Back to the question of how did that name came to your mind like five for digital? Yeah? Actually actually I think I made a mistake in naming it that way because It’s kind of confusing for people right be someone five for digital comm they’re gonna spell it out They’re gonna put the number it made it difficult right so that was a mistake on my part I kind of copied what the logo came out to but um five four is an important number to me because It’s it’s actually the street. We grew up on in New York. I’m originally from New York I’m in Miami now But it’s it’s just a community and a culture of Family right everybody’s closed everybody leaves their doors open Everybody’s pretty much a close-knit family, so I feel like five four digital. Is that as well right? We’re a close-knit family that helps people reach their goals yeah that that actually reminds me that actually reminds me of that Boston few years I don’t remember the part But right at the end probably it’s Fast & Furious 6 or 7 in which He asked for the prize money to rock and he says 5 for 11 something like that the number of his food Yeah, that reminds me that reminds me of that same journey Yeah His production company here at 7 bucks in his pocket when he moves Yeah, and it’s called like seven bucks productions or something like that. So yes. It’s definitely meaningful yeah Wonderful wonderful so and then like like you travel all across the udemy How do you come in to udemy? Where did you think that you actually can train people? When did you actually came to a thought process where you started training people in the field of digital marketing and especially udemy? Why just udemy? So that’s the question The course is probably about two years old right now so in this is a world that’s painted right It’s like three months If you guys want free access like access I’ll be happy to give it to you, just let me know after the call Yeah, 50 minutes But the main reason I built in the main reason I made it so so inexpensive was because I wanted to 1 provide I Provided a ton of free value, and I was like hey listen what if I released this small cost? Course I wanted to see how it would do right, and it did it did really well in regards to signups and people purchasing The course and it actually helped us itemize the process right so by creating the course it actually helped us perfect our website development process because I had to break everything down and itemize everything and Even right now to this moment. We’re extremely organized like everything has a spreadsheet or task management. We have a project manager She manages all the projects and everything that’s going on so we can keep everything in the loop and that helps me Free up time to focus on big picture things like this yeah And it really just helps me kind of have a peace of mind that my team is out here executing so with the course I’m actually releasing another course in the next few months on automation and how to create a process Because I feel like once you can create enough value now you can order Provide a proposition to people like hey, you know, I provided a ton of free value for this because of all the work That’s gone into it I’m gonna charge a premium But you can rest assure that it’s gonna be a quality product exactly exactly by bringing value by providing free stuff What you are basically doing is building trust and authority so once that is already backed up by just giving giving giving When you pass most of the times the conversion it’s not hundred percent conversion never it would be but it’s always a higher conversion than Starting and just selling in the initial stages, so definitely yes, it does have the leverage it Everything boils down to leverage if you have that leverage Then definitely you can just ask and that conversion would be paying much more higher. Yeah, indeed that So how is your experience on udemy like do you have all the students like in touch with you or how did it all go? Yeah, so so you ruby is great because it’s um They do a lot of the work for you, so the platform is really user friendly. You just basically upload your videos They have an internal forum and everything where people can communicate and ask question, and they really hope you kind of create that community Yeah, you do me well Actually you also go out and sell your course to so they’ll do retargeting for you do Facebook ads for you And they just take the percentage of the sales, so I think the platform is great for the next course We’re probably gonna self host just because two years ago You know we were great, but you know you’re supposed to Excel right so now you can basically create our own proprietary on-site system where we don’t need to leverage udemy and we can just build it on our own website platform, but Starting out or creating your course I definitely recommend you to Mia’s as the first point of contact exactly and the experience the experience is solid It’s really good the UI or the user interface and user experience is super clean and easy and functional exactly That’s that’s where the most of people most of the marketers who are actually starting out. They make a mistake big mistake That they try to go fancy all right they think that No, I’m going to build my own platform and sell my quotes And they just don’t even start selling that first part so as you said yeah just keep It simple stupid like in the first initial stages use udemy platforms like that and have leverage build Authority and then just go for your Own customizations exactly exactly, that’s that’s where you are So John I’ve been following you on Instagram since I contacted you on Instagram And then I’m actually looking into your stories as well You share stuff when you are with your kids at times you share your office stuff You share your computer screens, and one of those a couple of times I have seen you mentioning three words non-stop process process process How do you define that? Anything since the day I contacted you Listen process. It’s it’s it’s extremely important, and you know for me Starting out I was trying to do everything myself. Oh I could do website design I could do SEO I can do social, and yeah, you can do everything yourself right, but if you’re doing everything yourself You’re not gonna have time with your family. You’re not gonna have time to hang out with friends You’re not gonna have time to decompress from the business right yeah, you can’t spend 24 hours in the business It’s just it’s just not healthy even Jeff Bezos has breakfast with his kids exactly, and he’s worth a hundred billion dollars obviously he’s a big guy I Figured in order for us to scale and bring all more clients. I had to create some type of process and for me I don’t want to have a big office building with 500 employees I like keeping a nice small boutique style because we can still do really well and we’re able to pivot and create projects that are that are more one-off that are more creative that are more conducive to What we want to do in the future right so I was like okay. I need to create a process I’m just not hiring Internal people that can help me get this stuff done so what I did was I wrote down every single process that for example for onboarding a client I write a list when we want to board a client We send them an email we request their website login we request their cPanel we do this. I crafted an automated email I tell the project manager anytime we bring on a new client. This is what you send them now that saves me 45 minutes Yeah, when it comes to website development instead of me going and purchasing the domain and getting the SSL. Nope I Created a list using asana, which is our tax management system. I give that to a mint who’s our lead developer And then he goes in and he create And he does all those tasks and completes them so in essence a lot of times. You know I wake up at 6:30 a.m.. And My team that’s working across the world has already completed 50 items That would have taken me four or five hours to complete now You know I can spend the 30 minutes or an hour with my son playing with him Hanging out with my wife watch a TV show You can really balance and do more as well as go to events do things like this so so for me Process is the way to free up your time and and help Alleviate some of the stress of the workload. Yeah, exactly exactly now on this Yeah, please please go ahead Yeah, so on this point I would just mention for all the people who are just starting out and just make it clear very clear for those guys If you don’t have money to do and scale all these things don’t just hang around with Investors don’t try to find investors And then have huge amounts of money and try to automate in the initial stages initial stages just as John said he’s into this Space since eight plus years, and he stated that it’s since nineteen years or twenty years. He has been into this space now He’s 31 right now, and now he’s thought thinking of process process process now. He’s thinking of expanding now He’s thinking of other people to join the team now He’s thinking of just spending some time quality time with the family and balancing it with work so in the initial stage John. I’m sure like you must not have seen like hours like it may be 4:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning 2:00 in the morning or 12 o’clock midnight, I don’t think so you must have seen time in the initial stages when you are just building out 16 18 hour days I was I wasn’t getting much sleep. It was a You know sometimes it’s like that right you have to kind of put in the work in the beginning initially to set everything up and My thing is bootstrap right. I don’t I don’t believe in going out and asking for money. If you don’t need it You can a lot of times you can create value out of nothing right the digital Landscape has really helped us be able to do that Yeah
People that are starting ecommerce stores people that are starting to teach their own Agencies and you can bootstrap to get to that point right when you bring on one client That’s a that client base pays you $1,000 a month. Okay? How can I reallocate this? I can I can allocate $200 to a Content writer I can allocate $150 to someone to help me manage a project and then the rest can be can go back into the business Right so you wanna you want to pay yourself according to what your bills are and not you know you’re getting a new Ferrari and Then once you hit that certain pivotal point where your whole team is happy They’re paid. Well your business is booming then you can go and think about other expenditures that Exactly hundred-person hundred percent people are selling their car just to get an iphone eggs to show off in front of their friends That’s a crappy bullshit fucking idea You should not do that all right people are doing that and then they are saying that it was my investment They’re just taking selfies just to have a good camera there buy eggs Phone behind, but it works fine, yeah Yeah And the thing is you can splurge If you’re doing well for yourself. There’s not there’s nothing wrong with purchasing something that you like or that you admire It’s just that make sure everything else is in order before Before you do it depends upon Individual when it comes to balancing the life like a couple of people might do the same thing in 18 hours couple of people might? Do it in nine hours, that’s fine right? It’s completely on an individual great great free John It’s it’s turning out to be a fire thing on this particular video. I seriously didn’t expect this low conversation right now It’s already we have into this video for 20 minutes, and I still have lot of things going in my mind Yeah, so I’m going to ask you three predictions for digital marketing What do you think digital marketing would be just three predictions random predictions, which comes to your mind for 2015? What do you think? so one is I think that Topical topical research is going to be huge because you know a lot With like you just said you know you have the Alexa There’s the Google home you have other competitors that are coming out so martinis are starting to implement this voice search Implementation, I think that’s gonna be a big big thing for for organic SEO, right? It’s a lot easier to be like hey Google What’s the name of that ornament that I wanted to buy? It’s like this exhale, what’s digital marketing? Stop I Actually have I actually everything I’m in love with that. I’m in love with this particular device We are actually using this for over digital Institute at did you perform. We have communicated the skills And I’m I will just tell you that it’s like hashtag ask beekeeper on Twitter Where people actually ask us questions now we have digital marketing voice on Alexa so that people can just ask them It’s been in Sevierville. Sorry. Sorry sorry I Think it’s gonna be huge, it’s gonna be huge most definitely. Um let me see second prediction is Facebook Ads are going to get a lot more competitive and expensive. I think just because a lot of businesses are moving into the space You’re able to Get ten of hundreds of points of data and regardless of targeting people and then we see the third one and digital marketing I Think we’ll see hmm That’s a good question Yeah It might be something like this it might be something like this very like I Would say third one for me personally, I think to my knowledge I think it’s all about like indie veil it’s like six letters or together which is cont E And T like 787 content all right. It’s all about content Like be like text be like image beat like video beat like voice. It’s all about content It’s true all right how dare you chew I said is thousand is huge in that’s what people want to hear exactly exactly so Like like if you are still stuck on that same SEO part very new just would have organic rankings in Google You are missing out on part where you can rank now on voice there might be something like eyes I don’t even know I’m just predicting this there might be something like voice se you there might be something like voice PPC Because right now if I’m saying what is digital marketing. It’s giving us some answer Alright one answer across the board exactly yeah Exactly And it’s the same pattern how well your writing title how will your writing description that is still in description? It’s the same pattern Exactly exactly so great like voice Like Facebook Ads Facebook Ads great product people who are still not doing Facebook ads and I’m sure John They would definitely regret by end of 2018 because they might think that I must have started in 2017 or 2018 early stages they will definitely regret if they’re still not on Facebook ads Because what do you think is that their business is not working well on Facebook Ads by not even running a single ad for them Customers so that’s that’s the big mistake, which they are probably doing right now and Yeah, yeah That’s that’s that’s all I have for you like if we go on and go on probably like Digital marketing is so huge. I call this as a digital ocean I Actually, I actually think that it’s a just an ocean who you give deep you actually learn how to scuba dive and you Actually enjoy that part and you do come out You can be be my thing is you can’t be an expert at it because it changes too often, and there’s too many parts Right you could be you be a CEO like guru, right But then maybe you don’t excel at social media or maybe you’re a great at creating funnels, yeah You’re not the best at UI and UX so it’s a really exact it’s it’s so broad, and I think maybe my prediction is that the industry is just gonna continue to grow because Every business these digital marketing You know before when I got into the business it was 30% Traditional marketing 70 I’m sorry 70% traditional marketing 30% digital now. It’s reversed right Yeah, every company’s doing digital because everybody’s using the internet everybody’s using their phone People are using fools and anything people now. They don’t know Google. They actually open up Facebook and Instagram Another sale estimate is notable in they are they you just don’t know how to find him That’s the point I found you, I never knew who John Saunders was what five four digital was and right now We are chatting for twenty five pass twenty five minutes. Healthy conversation on digi talks It’s a Great piece of content so any like I’m sure you don’t share that but any one single Insider tip of what you’re doing for five four digital in 2018 if you can just share that I’m not keeping any secrets so for 2018 I Want to reach? You know a high level of automation on on a lot of our projects so that’s probably one of my biggest goals In regards to being able to provide a quality product for for our clients But that’s also Itemized to the T that we can automate because if you think of it even the hardest things that you do in life Right even the hardest tasks can be broken down and itemized right so if we can itemize all the things that we do Make sure that the customer is getting a return on the investment And we have kind of a recipe for success with of course things changing is because that’s how it is. Yeah I think I think we can we can really really scale and then My ultimate goal would be to either you know put somebody in position in my position at the company and start some other projects Okay, and then use five for digital as the marketing mechanism for all those different ideas, okay, so that’s and yeah That’s that’s why the biggest piece just automating everything To a level where Let’s say I can leave for ten days and come back and everything is just now smooth. Yeah quick reboot, so it’s like it’s like Scaling your time by scaling people And wedding things yeah Any final thoughts for all the digital marketers out who are just starting out and trying to become a successful digital marketing Yeah, definitely I say you know You know if you’re starting in digital marketing it can be Overwhelming right because there’s so many moving parts so many different things that you can kind of focus your efforts on So my recommendation is to kind of research What’s what part of my digital marketing you want to you want to kind of? Focus your efforts on at least at first so if you’re like hey You know I want to focus on social media marketing dive in deep into social media marketing try not to stray away and do SEO or SEM or other things because it’ll come below your thought process right and if you can get a solid understanding of one part of digital marketing You can always move into another one right if you can if you can master one thing you can teach someone to do your job And then you can go on to the next task so if you’re starting a marketing kind of pick a path Use that and build on that and then another thing would be – if you’re starting out You don’t have any clients in no case studies Talk to friends and family see if you can help them Build their business see if they’ll give you a small marketing budget you want to start somewhere And you know I think the misconception that Instagram provides is oh you know. I’m 19 years old I’m driving a Lamborghini, and you know life is good life is great But you know we all start at a different point right You know we all have different starting points where we begin on this journey So don’t look at and focus on what other others are doing kind of focus on your path stick to that and keep crushing it Exactly. That’s a great piece of advice and That was john saunders from 5 for digital with digital With digital peek at digi talks by digital form we’ll look forward to see you in the next episode with all the digital marketing stuff You love to have John once again with all the latest stuff in 2018 is well Thanks, I’m filming once again John. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining in Cheers man my take is that we really really really appreciate you watching this video till end and if you’re Listening to me right now, then here is a video which I want you and we add Did you perform wants you to see right here tap on this video and what’s that mean because that’s gonna help you in the next step of digital marketing

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