Loop Is Reducing Waste by Providing Reusable Containers For Your Favorite Products | MONEY
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Loop Is Reducing Waste by Providing Reusable Containers For Your Favorite Products | MONEY

In the United States 40% of people who buy liquid dish soap pour it into a different container when they get home. If that’s happening, why not give it to them in the perfectly designed, durable container, and then clean it for them as it goes around, and let them experience a throw away mentality, but be doing the right thing from an environmental point of view. The process for Loop really depends if you’re buying it in-store or buying it online. If you’re buying online the durable products are delivered to you and when they’re empty, no cleaning, they’re picked up from you. And then when we check them in you get your deposits back. If you buy in-store, you buy it in store and then you take the empties back and return it to store and then get your deposits back. So just depends how you buy but very, very convenient. The idea of Loop is to solve waste at the root cause which, we think is using something once or disposability, by moving to durable systems for your favorite products at your favorite retailers, without compromising on the benefits of disposability which is convenience and affordability. We’re in a garbage crisis right now. 25% of our plastic still today ends up in the ocean. It’s really a big problem for us. And then of course the environment at large. By Loop being an engine for retailers and brands, we are in conversation with almost all the world’s biggest retailers. Within a few years, you will likely see Loop in the U.S. in the top 10 retailers easily. I hope with Loop people out there can enjoy the future of how we consume products by getting a portable convenient service for their favorite brands, and effectively being able to live in a reused environment without having to consciously do so.

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7 thoughts on “Loop Is Reducing Waste by Providing Reusable Containers For Your Favorite Products | MONEY

  1. But you'll need more space just to store those containers.. And unless those containers stack and nest into each other in order to use space efficiently…

    Oh well, this is aimed towards girls anways. They're obsessed with boxes and shit lol. Their logic is "The more containers and boxes I have, the more organized my life is!" lol

  2. I love it great idea😁Well executed in attractive packaging it's about time we do something the US🇺🇸 is going to look like the Ganges River 🇮🇳 if we don't clean up our act.

  3. It's true.. it can't be everyone doing a different thing.. it needs to be a ubiquitous ecosystem that we all adhere to anywhere and everywhere.. maybe this is it.

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