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Lord Huron – Products of the Universe with Marsha Tanley

[TV noises] -Yeah.
-And now it’s different. Welcome back to the LH Shopping
Network, your most amazing
products in the universe. I’m Marsha Tanley
and I’m here with Dale
Frandor. Hello there, Dale. Well, hello there, Marsha. Uh… Now Dale, I’m so curious. Show us what
you’ve got for us today. Well, Marsha, I am just
so fired up and excited to share these products,
particularly with– –oh, they’re equal– -special stuff. These products you absolutely
will not find anywhere else. These products, to be quite
frank, would have been
illegal just a few years ago. Help– Open your palms
to receive the cosmos. [soft music] You have any idea
where she might be? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe try the
farthest reaches of the cosmos. -What?
– She’s a sky-gazer so as Zoe’s got her
hooked in Vide Noir. Perceive the hidden
structures of the universe. Comprehend the secret
truths of the cosmos. And Marsha, it will make you
look and smell good doing it. [Marsha] Holy cow! [man]
Live from Whispering Pines. ♪♪♪♪♪ In the light of the moon At the edge of the city I will wait for you Though I can’t wait forever Someday I’ll be dead and gone And I won’t be forgiven For what– I understand, so I just
wanted to tell you. –I’ve done I will wait by the river I will cry out to heaven [woman]
Follow your master– –touch the sky I will wait by the river I will wait by the river I will wait– We got to get out of this place. My friend, Heidi here
is wearing what we like
to call a sky-gazer’s harness. Now that is a proprietary term, so if you run across one with
that phrase, you know you’re
getting the real thing. Unbelievable. What does this allow you to do? You may be asking you may
already know, but it allows us
to do exactly what it says. Gaze into the sky and
accept what it is giving us for our health and for the
health of those around us. – It’s comprised of the helmet–
– [Marsha] Okay. –which is receiving the energy
from the tube that goes right– –this has to be, you know,
a bit of a spiritual vampire– –around– Baby, you’re a baby,
you’re a baby, you’re a baby. [Dale] We– –experience things. Like rainbow? Comparing Vide Noir to rainbow
is like comparing a spaceship
to a Greyhound bus. They both take you
to strange places. But the question is how far out
do you want to go. [beep] Welcome, fellow drifters, to the
celestial realm. I am your guide through the territories ruled by the law of the past. No more where we see people
who are not steadfast. Expand into eternalness. A figment of my mind Baby, I don’t mind Are you dead or are you alive? [applause] –home and unplug
your microwave. Are you in a safe– Marsha, what if I
were to tell you that you could relive
the good old days
and rekindle a lost love? Would that be
of interest to you? You bet your buns it would. -now you can with Mind Pigment, this glorious
wonderful product– -Right here.
–that will open your
hidden moisturizers. Do you hear that? It moisturizes. You’re not going
to find that anywhere else. You’re not going to find Mind
Pigment cream that’s actually good
for your skin.
Anywhere but on the LH– [man on phone] Here I am,
stuck with this dimensional
portal in my living room and I just don’t
know what to do. I see. Yes. -aura is being warped
by this threshold. It’s– it’s difficult
to discern. I must consult
the Balancer’s Eye. [man on phone]
Oh, geez. I just really hope– Silence! Not only do you realize
how other people affect you -but you start to feel how
you affect other people.
-[Marsha] Right. So what she was experiencing
was much like I was– I will trace her lines as I have traced them
thousands of times I just stare out into space Searching for her eyes
In a never-ending sky Leave me where I lie I don’t care if I live or die I will never ever love another
One the way I loved her If I ever learn to love again I will wait until the end ‘Cause I don’t know where
I don’t know when [soft music] A woman. Can you see where she is? Yes. Yes. I think so. It won’t be easy. We’ll have to trace her astral signature. But, yes, four or five
dollars I can help you. –so dead. [cough] I don’t know, I have so many
ideas right now. You know
what I was thinking about? -You know what that–
-When there’s a garbage can that fit in your car called
garbage, you would -tape it to the back
of the passenger’s seat.
-Yeah. That way we were driving– You said it Marsha, because
who wants to end up black brain and with Cosmic Ash
such as this? There are no worries and
because we know people are
going to go absolutely ravenous for this new Vide Noir, Marsha, we are now offering
Cosmic Ash in jumbo packs. -We’ve got the Cosmic Ash
diffuser right there–
-Right. –sold separately but– -I’ll explain exactly
what Cosmic Ash is.
-So just tip. Just tip and sip. If sipping is breathing
through your nose. Now Cosmic Ash
is the cremated remains– -living stars’ rays and we’ve
cultivated that through
processes that are way too complicated for
me to go into in this program. Marsha, how are you
feeling after that? -Dale, I’m having a really–
I have to tell you–
-Yeah. –just this moment I feel
like I’ve really transformed. –the universe between the
boundaries of space and time. Now I’m floating. [soft calm music] What you’re feeling is– it’s the– [soft music] [upbeat music] I cast you back
From whence you came Cosmic ash and blackened brain I call you by your ancient names I got to get away from here What the fortune teller said is I’m alive for now
But good as dead She claimed she’d seen it all While she was gazing
In her crystal ball I can’t evade my fate then
I won’t sit around and wait A falling star will be thy bane I call you by your ancient names I got to get away from her I’ll never see another sunrise I got to get away from her Oh, if I leave this place alive I got to get away from her I’ll never see another sunrise [calm music] [coughing] [upbeat music] I got to get away from her I got to get away from her I got to get away from her I got to get away from her [man] Just his back to the edge
of a pure black void. Muttering ancient
names at forgotten tombs. Staring up in the jewel sky torn
a sunder by a moon beam’s sliver
slipper. And there, my bones
beneath the balancer’s
eyes and cried never ever out in the casting cosmos. The univers yawns and lands
its long-arm loads. By force of thunder
Im thrust through the front. I got to get away from here If I live to see
The next sunrise I got to get away from her Oh, if I leave this place alive [man] Lost in time
and lost in space. I scan the spinning sky in
the dawn i spy a emerald star. This I follow across eons Beneath black oceans, passed places where
darkness cools and pools
when the night is over. That all the emerald stars
and by, and by I return the minute she came down to me. The flowers bloom
and wilt and die while I wait aside the river with the secret of life in hand staring into the pure
the black void… [woman] She is close but she is hard to see. –outing her all– Marsha, of course, this here is
the Balancer’s Eye home edition, which receives its power
from the ojo de equilibrio which I discovered
in Aztec in Mexico. Basically this allows your
vision to telescope through– Surprise, surprise. Indeed, Marsha. Indeed. Ed Rice from WBUB News. We’re here looking into a report
that we received that there was some unusual
coloring in the night sky. We’re– we’re looking at it.
We don’t see anything unusual. Some of the blues appear to be
a little bit lighter than normal and some of the clouds are
moving a little more quickly, but other than that there’s
nothing really more that would– Air Force is also
looking into it. They’ve sent some planes up and
there’s some weather balloons to check out if
it’s a weather pattern and NASA is looking to
get involved with this as well. So we’re going to be monitoring
the situation all evening. If anything happens,
we’ll be breaking– ♪♪♪♪♪ Is the Drifter coming? [monotonous vocal sound] My one and only love I’ve been lonely long enough Will I find you
When the night is over? Tell me where did you go? I’ve been searching high and low I have only
Till the night is over You really don’t know,
shhh, do you? Nuances– Enlighten me. What does it do? That’s not really
an easy thing to– –obliterate the self
and the boundaries
of space and time. You tried it? Well, have you? Get out of here. I pass your reflection
In the glass By the stars above
I know we were in love I have only
Till the night is over I feel the weather change I hear the river say your name I watch the birds fly by I see an emerald in the sky Now the trail has gone cold I don’t know where else to go And my time
I fear is nearly over When the ocean drinks the sky And the city winks its eye When the night is done
You’ll vanish in the sun Will I hold you
When the night is over? Am I lost inside my mind? There’s an emerald in the sky I hear the river say your name By the stars above
I know we were in love I hear the river– –guy right here is what
we like to refer to as a
Consciousness Neutralizer. I love this. One of our most popular products because it’s the most
like a fun toy. Basically what it does– -consciousness and begin
to take over humanity. And it’s very easy. You
just place the little crystal
there inside the little hole– –too powerful. All right. Marsha, well,
we’ve got plenty of
things I would love– Well, that’s why I’m drawn
to your show, because you’re
a celestial queen, you see. -Drifter.
-Yes. The heavenly bodies, they emit. I like that. –but it’s like ev– You’re saying I just take
off the lid and smear it
across her forehead. Just scoop and goo. That is true. You apply it
as if you would sunscreen. All right. But as opposed to repelling
the cosmic energy, we’re
going to be accepting– –instantaneously, doesn’t it? -That’s incredible.
-Mm-Mm. I feel like this is really going
to help to kind of block– Sour and taste nothing
but sugary treats. -Unbelievable.
-Mm-Mm. Unbel– They were bringing me out
here to do whatever it is they– -to the astral plane. We are out of body, but we recognize one another as we travel through
the celestial realm together. -babies, this is the moment
we’ve all been waiting for. This– -this is the new and
improved Vide Noir.
-[Marsha gasps] [man] Vide Noir. It’s what I’ve been living for. This is it. This is amazing. Yes, because this is your
one-way ticket to outer space. Couple drops of this
will slingshot you right
past the astral plane. D–Dale. Fool. Dale. –ruled under– ♪♪♪♪♪ Many nights have I heard a voice What did they do to you? Those suckers black-brained me, put enough Vide Noir down
my throat to shoot me to the
edge of the universe and back. -An overdose?
-Yeah. That’s how they like
to do people. Stupid psychotic jerks!
That’s why. Why you? Calling out
From a pure black void Tears of sorrow or tears of joy Drops in my cup
As my mind is destroyed Staring into a pure black void So what if I’m living
Out past the edge? So what if I never
Come back again? –so much for joining
us today, Dale. Just you’re such a neat guy
and I’m so glad you were able
to share your gifts with the– Consume my true form, but particularly I really
enjoyed getting acquainted
with you once again, Marsha. Thank you, Dale. So sweet. -A true blessing.
-Thank you. A true, true blessing. Wow, unbelievable. Un– I’m– This is Ed Rice with WBUB News. We’re back here again and– and
since the last report, things
have gotten a lot worse. I– I don’t know
if you can tell here but the sky has
become literally a
kaleidoscope of colors. There’s all kinds of foam
and it looks like clouds. I can’t describe this and
there’s a smell, it’s like a
sulphur molasses. I don’t know what is happening
here. People need to evacuate. Prowling the night
Raising hell with the boys Getting high on
A pure black void I am only a nameless soul Heading into a pure black void So what if I’m living
Out past the edge? So what if I never
Come back again? -all my years of reporting,
I’ve never seen– I got to get
the heck out of here! –you go when
It’s all in your head? These are the last words
That I ever said Where can you go
When it’s all in your head? I am only a nameless soul Heading into a pure black void I am only a nameless soul Heading into a pure black void [music ends] -so much for tuning in today
to our four hour-long show. I’m Marsha Tanley. [distant mumbling] [background show music] I love it. Love it. Surrendering to something… ♪♪♪ [TV NOISE]

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  3. The many steps of the soul breaking through its own emotional and mental consciousness and adventuring out into the great unkown, enduring all things good, mysterious, and bad until surrendering to the experience in order to come back changed and haunted by the weight and magnitude of the truth. All captured with the most radical essence of art that Lord Huron possesses. This is so deep, and so rare, and so stellar. I Love everything about this!

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