Louis Leong’s Incubator Program | An Internship Experience at E3Hubs 171221888 #bit291video #BIT291
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Louis Leong’s Incubator Program | An Internship Experience at E3Hubs 171221888 #bit291video #BIT291

For now, I have to introduce my company
which I intern for ten weeks. This is it E3Hubs. So, E3Hubs is a
company that doing networking between entrepreneurs and also providing
incubation for those start-up entrepreneurs. So, at E3Hubs, I learned that here
is for the person who wants to start up their business or entrepreneurs to
attend our incubation program by attending our workshops and lots of
things. So, they could learn how to meet the requirements so they can start up
smoothly without any challenges they will get the mentors and professionals to help them At here, I enrolled in a project
management department. We learn a lot of events management How to organize an event How to invite our guests Our speakers And How we engage with them Through social media And we do a lot of Marketing stuff With guidance from Mr. Calvin who is the co-founder of E3Hubs I’ve been an entrepreneur for about 12
years already and previously I’ve been in a lot of businesses such as F&B, clothing, Beauty cosmetics and I realized that as an Entrepreneur even though you have a good product and
a good idea, it doesn’t end there, that’s so many things we need to learn from being an entrepreneur So, that was the reason why we started this E3Hubs Here at E3Hubs, we can learn a lot of things that you never learned in school And at school, we just learned the theory part At here, Calvin will lead you through
the case study so you can take this knowledge into your real-life and
practically. Because at here, we also attended workshops so we learn a lot of
the real case study that video marketing or business model not so easy to constructed and
to work on. So, at here, you can learn a lot of stuff if you interested to
start a business and also thank you for UniMAP giving me this opportunity to
having this incubation program at E3Hubs and I also would like to thank my
partner Looi and also the others which help me a lot during this incubation period. So, thank you very much

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