LR Health & Beauty Ολοκληρωμένη Παρουσίαση: Ιδέα-Προϊόντα-Marketing Plan
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LR Health & Beauty Ολοκληρωμένη Παρουσίαση: Ιδέα-Προϊόντα-Marketing Plan

Hello, I am Zissis Ahladas and I would
like to thank you for being here. I have been with LR Health & Beauty since 1998, developing the business both in Greece and abroad. You are about to watch a presentation of LR, split in 3 sections: How LR works, LR products and LR bonuses. Today LR is a great business opportunity
for thousands of people across Europe. One of the most important notes that needs
to be made, while watching this presentation, is the fact that LR is a company which
has been operating for the last 30 years. Perhaps this information makes you feel secure about it. The company’s reputation is
synonymous with three words: a. Quality. We focus on premium quality products, which are loved by millions of
customers around the world. b. Reliability.
LR carries out everything they promise. c. Opportunity. Starting 30 years ago, it remains until today a great
business opportunity for people, who are looking for a flexible
way to replenish their income, and it will remain a world of
opportunities for everyone in the future, as it is a developing company. Back in 1985, in Ahlen, Germany, LR was founded as a perfumery at small premises and started producing few very special and unique perfumes. Later, it enriched the variety of its products with new categories, such as body and face care, or products that boost the human body. A milestone for the company’s story
was Aloe Vera and its products, which have been making its brand name
from 2001 till today broadly known. More than 1200 employers
at the headquarters, which are equal to the surface of 3 soccer fields, are taking care of the production of its unique products. LR’s turnovers are noting an upscale route every year. The company exists in 30 countries around the world, which allows us to develop our LR activity in any country we may have contacts, in the same way we develop our activity
in the country we currently reside. In 2010, at the Best Marketing Award, LR was ranked among the first 10 companies being next to great and broadly known
companies, such as Procter & Gamble. In the beginning of 2016 LR was awarded with
the “Company of the Year” title for 2015, from Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association. Moreover, LR’s products have been nominated and won awards in many events countless times. One of the newest products, which
I will present you in this video, has been nominated for the
German Design Award 2016. Here are some photos from the 30-year-celebration, with many famous guests. Karolina Kurkova and Bruce Willis who have chosen and trusted LR to produce and promote their own
personal perfumes, were also there. Here, you may see photos from
inside of the company’s factory, as well as the warehouse in which are stocked raw materials valuing 11.000.000€ per week. What you see now is the modern research and development center, which was built recently, with a cost over 1.000.000€. Every year, more than 50.000 product tests are conducted there, with the goal of
developing new and innovative products. Other than its business activity, LR created the Global Kids Fund in 2009, an organization with 30 annexes and as a goal «a promising future» for the children with less opportunities in education and development. You may find more information
on this subject at the LR website, at the organization’s Facebook page which
has frequent updates on their activity, and of course at the Global Kids Fund website. In April 2015, the LR Greece gave away a mini bus to the “ΧΑΤΖΗΠΑΤΕΡΕΙΟ
ΙΔΡΥΜΑ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗΣ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ”, in order to facilitate the organization’s activity. Let’s discuss now the company’s idea and philosophy. We already know that if we want to buy a product, we need to do so through a store that sells it. For the product to reach the store from the factory, a number of individuals mediate, such as the importer, the representative, the wholesaler and so on. You understand that those professionals’ profit, as well as their businesses’ costs, are added to the final value of the product. If you also add the costs of advertising, then the price we pay as customers is nowhere near the real cost of the product itself. LR’s philosophy is about promoting the products
from the factory directly to the customer. It provides to every customer the ability to create
their personal and premium code, ClubLR, thus being able to buy the company’s top quality products,
directly from the factory. For the whole procedure to be carried out,
only one mediator is needed the company’s partner. That way, all the customers obtain high quality as well as products, the moment after their production. LR works with 2 basic catalogues the Health Collection & the Beauty Collection as well as a monthly offers catalogue, which includes very enticing offers from the variety of the LR products. This LR philosophy is widely known. Most of the people are purchasing products
through internet, for this same reason. For example, if we google “insurance online”, we will receive 1.180.00 results in just 0,45 seconds. If we google “clothes online” we will receive 7.610.000 results in just 0,36 seconds. This is the power of technology today, the
main cause of the free market nowadays. Most of the people is using the
Internet to compare product prices, product characteristics, and buyers’ reviews, in order to
buy the best product of the market. Also, they avoid added costs,
such as the advertisement costs. This is exactly the philosophy
of LR for the last 30 years. The direct distribution of the products to
the customer, avoiding the mediator chain. The range of the LR products include: The very successful line of Aloe Vera products,
which is divided into these categories: The 4 Aloe Vera Drinking Gels:
Freedom, Sivera, Peach and Honey The treatment and cosmetic line of
Aloe Vera products for epidermal use The Aloe Vera line for Men, with
emphasis in avoiding face irritations The Aloe Vera Baby line with products for daily care and the sun protection line of products. Next, there is the perfume category. There are the brand-name perfumes, the LR Classics which are the classic perfumes by LR
– they all have the same bottle style and the design perfumes, every one of which
has its own bottle style and name from LR. LR exclusively promotes the perfumes
of Bruce Willis, Karolina Kurkova who we just watched in the previous video, Emma Willis – Bruce Willis’ wife – Cristina Ferreira and Guido Maria Kretschmer,
a famous designer from Germany. The Figuactiv line of products, which helps in controlling the ideal body weight. The Microsilver product line,
with nano–technology processed silver, with antibacterial abilities. Food supplements, such as:
Omega3 – for strengthening the heart. Colostrum – for strengthening the
immune system and restoration rate. Probalance with minerals and
trace elements for maintaining maintaining the acid-base balance, mainly for athletes or people with profuse sweating. Probiotic12 or probiotics for a healthy intestine, is called the second brain by many, and Mind Master – a global innovation by LR a product which decreases the stressor indicators
of the body, and at the same time increases the indicators of concentration and efficiency. Its main action is to combat stress. In 2015, LR made an entrance in scientific technology, inaugurating the beauty devices field. A field which has one of the
most powerful growths globally and it is also expected to overcome
1 trillion euros in turnover, by 2025. Today, we have in our possession the
Zeitgard Anti-age Management System A complete cleansing, antiaging and care system which is divided in three levels, that
may work either separately or together, fulfilling one another, that way
offering a long-term result. Let’s meet the skin cleansing device, Zeitgard 1. The second device, Zeitgard 2, was created to complement
the cleansing device’s action. It focuses in anti-aging and its result is based on hot and cold technology, which are the natural functions of the skin, offering a visible result in wrinkle smoothing. At this point, it would be a good time to present you the LR scientific team’s opinion, right
from the company’s headquarters: Right after the great success of the cleansing device, even our suppliers called us to congratulate us. They told us that we should definately focus on this. I have nothing more than positive comments for this. This product proves how innovating
and interesting is working for LR. Let’s continue with the skin care
products, for every type of skin and every age. Hair products for men and women. Algetics for the feet and local fat. Two different make-up lines. Colours, the economical make-up line for daily use
and Deluxe, an enriched make-up line for more demanding results. You may learn about how to achieve perfect results through the make-up lines by LR through the LR Online Academy on Youtube, created from professionals
in the industry who use them. Concluding the LR product presentation part, it is good for you to know that all
the products have the certifications needed from global organizations,
and national organizations as well. You may find more information
about the products and their effects in the Beastarwithus website, which is solely for the Beastarwithus partners, or from the Beastarwithus partner
who sent you this short presentation. We are leaving now the product section to
discuss the business part of the activity. Everyone who is introduced to LR is able
to create a code, among two kinds. A customer code (ClubLR) or a partner code. The main difference of the two codes is that the ClubLR code is only for purchases, you may buy anything you want,
with no pressure or obligations whereas the partner code offers the ability
to work according to the marketing plan, the ability to earn an extra income. Let’s discuss this a little more. ClubLR code offers a 15% discount for every purchase, even for the products of the monthly offer catalogue, direct purchases of the products from LR, receipt in the name of the customer, 10€ coupon for each new ClubLR from the customer, and of course, the ability to upgrade the customer code to a partner code, gaining automatically a few more bonuses. The Partner code offers: Income from developing more ClubLR customers, income from developing a network of partners, the ability for small orders, 2-3 days delivery time, no minimum limit for obligatory offers, right of return in a 14-day time, and of course anyone can stop the
partnership anytime they wish to. There are 3 kind of motives that
boost the career of the LR partners: Money, most of the people start for this
reason only, this is why I put it first, car concept and LR trips. If you enjoy safe and luxury cars or the unique trips that may offer a life experience, then you just found the business area you should be! The first way an LR partner can produce income is by creating and developing their own customers. Through LR’s innovative privilege customers’ club, the procedure is very pleasant, you may easily include it in your daily routine and it can produce a fine income,
easily and in a short period of time. How does it work? Every partner can create his own
group of ClubLR customers by opening directly a customer code for his friends and
acquaintances, by using the ClubLR form. The company deposits the 25%-35% of the turnover your customers produced, in your bank account, at the end of every month. The form can be also filled online, through the ClubLR website. That way, people who lack the free time, may also use their social media
contacts and have a result. By chatting online with friends, they create
the opportunity to earn an extra income, working from home and being with their family. In the next 48 hours, LR will deliver the products, in both Greece and Cyprus, it won’t matter how far you or your partners live. This is a safe way to create an extra income,
especially for the people who are working, who have a family, and are searching
for a way to improve their finances. Also, this activity liberates the mothers
that don’t have time to work, but they need to increase their home finances. A valid survey of Nielsen, notes that: The customers trust their peers’ suggestions more than other advertisements. In social media, we often notice people or companies to talk about or advertise their products. With LR, we also share the ability to talk, and advertise in this way the products
we trust and we may earn a lot as well. The second way to create an extra income is to build your own team of professionals. Networking is an intangible business
and it doesn’t require to approach strangers, of course. Instead you just need to communicate
with people we already know and after presenting the LR business to them, you may have one of the results below: Firstly, if the liked any of the products they may create their own ClubLR code
and become your customers. Secondly, if they liked the Idea and saw it
as a good way to earn an extra income, They may create their own partner code in order to be able to promote the products
and create their first group of customers And thirdly, if they would like, they could join you to create their own team of professionals. Every month, the company is adding
the purchases of the customers or the partners you have created, and it provides you with your commission (or bonus). This procedure is repeated every month. As long as you grow your business,
your income improves as well. The Company provides you with your bonus. This practically means that no one
is earning money from anyone. Also, whoever from your network
achieve exactly what you did, they will be awarded with exactly the
same bonuses you were awarded from LR. It doesn’t matter in what level the
person who introduced LR to you is or where he is in the bonus scale. Everyone is able to surpass the person who introduced LR to them, in the matter of level or income. In the next example you see an
order of 140€ in catalogue price. The partner’s price is 100€. This means that the partner has 40% profit while buying his products using his partner code. From the 100€ that the company receives, it keeps only the 56.3%, while returning to the partners
the 43.7% in the form of bonuses Here, you may see some
information on the bonus categories which compose the 43,70% bonuses such as bonus difference,
Leader bonus, special leader bonus etc. special leader bonus etc. This is the LR Bonus Scale for the partners globally. It is split in 3 sections: Percentage,
Turnovers in Euro and PW behind every purchase in Euro, there
are points shared accordingly. For example 560€ are equal to 1000 points. It doesn’t matter which product we have bought,
what matters is the amount we paid. Every month, the company is adding
the personal and team points and it evaluates us accordingly,
depending on the bonus scale. Indicatively, I will mention some of
the incomes someone may earn, regarding the level they have achieved. Most of the partners want to reach the
level of 21%, which, as you can see, has an income of 400-1000€
without any personal sales. This money will be deposited by
the company for you to create, support and expand your team of partners. You may find more information
about the marketing plan, from the Beastarwithus partner who
sent you this short presentation. The second Bonus category,
besides money, is the car concept. At the first level of the car concept we have the LR Polo. LR Polo is given to the Manager level partners, which is covered by the 14% and
16% levels in the Bonus scale. Acquiring the car is optimal and
it comes co-financed with LR. For more info about acquiring of the LR Polo, speak with the Beastarwithus partner
who sent you this short presentation. LR, even with the special challenges we have encountered in Greece and Cyprus these last years, continues impetuously to reward the partners with cars. Now you see some invitations
from events open for the public, and everyone could attend. If you are interested to watch and
live a car giveaway from up close, just contact the Beastarwithus
partner who sent you this presentation and attend the next car giveaway and celebrate with us. Many partners from our network are enjoying their own LR Polo. People regardless the age and the profession, open to new
business ideas, tried LR and succeeded. Students, engineers, businessmen,
accountants, teachers, self-employed, housewives, private employees and so many more are pieces of the puzzle of the successful LR partners. The second bonus of the car concept is
about the Mercedes Benz luxury models. In this second level of bonuses, you get to choose between 12 different unique Mercedes Benz models. LR is the biggest company client
of Mercedes in whole Europe, and has given away more than 2.600 cars to partners. Here are many of the successful
partners from our network in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece,
with their own LR Mercedes. Success – success – success. This shows that the LR system works and it is able to pay off in difficult
periods as the current, as well. In this slide, you can see our partners from Athens, people who received their cars in the beginning of 2015, during a great event of LR Greece, in Athens. There, 30 new amazing Mercedes
cars were given to 30 LR executives. You realize by now, that turnovers
and bonuses go hand in hand. The fact that the company gives away
30 brand new cars as a bonus in 2015, is the greatest proof of the upward
route of LR, nowadays. The third level, is about the dreamy Porsche cars. In 2010, LR established one more car bonus. The free choice between 4 Porsche models. Besides the fact that in 2010,
in Greece, things begun to change, the company on 2011 and 2012 organized large events see the photo from Tae Kwon Do with more than 4.500 LR partners, just to give away 2 different Porsche models
to two different executives in Greece. Last but not of less significance, the dreamy trips are one more bonus. As we mentioned earlier, if you love trips then you are about to love this business. Let’s have a taste of what is running for 2016-2017. LR is really a world of opportunities. Through all these amazing trips, it is easy to understand that this is more than just a job. If you are active, ambitious and strong-willed, and you want to be rewarded
accordingly to what you offer, then LR is really the business for you. Let’s finish with the Career Scale. The previous was the Bonus Scale. Someone learns how to work
according to the bonus scale, so he may transmit his experience to his partners better and eventually move up to the career scale. Within a year, if someone works with LR seriously even if it is part-time they may enjoy an annual income up to 45.000€ , whereas for those who want more, in 3 to 5 years, they may build
an annual income up to 200.000€. An early and logical question for you
who are watching this presentation would be: “Can I do it, how is it done?” The answer is YES. You can do it because here, you are not alone. There is top of the notch support
and continuous education: Firstly, from the company itself
and through LR Academies. When you become a partner of our network,
you will have access to our team’s website, which includes rich educational material, access to our facebook page which you “like” and find out our daily news. Access to our blog in which you can find and read articles that will help you with your LR activity, and of course, access to our youtube channel, a channel which is loved by many till today and it is widely appreciated as a
source of information for LR activity. There you will find topics and playlists with interviews, mini presentations,
as well as educational seminars, , for products and business, which
are free for everyone to watch. For starters, you will need to receive the LR starter set, in which you will get useful printed material, product samples, your personal LR folder, products of your own choice, which you will buy and try, your career passport and of course
the bonus coupon of 25 or 45 euro. The most interesting thing for you who
are watching this short presentation are the 3 points of LR’s Marketing Plan: Just – Because it rewards those who work, and it is also certified and awarded from
the according global associations. It is Clear – Without any small letters, hidden terms etc. Everything is clear from the very beginning. nside every new partner’s starter set there is a
brochure which analyzes the bonuses for all levels, so there is no doubt about it. Lastly, it is Tested – As we already mentioned, thousands of people the last 30 years have grasped this business opportunity of LR, and now they enjoy a better way of life. The richest people in the world are creating networks, the rest are just looking for a job, says one of the most famous
self-made millionaires in America, who started his career with Network Marketing. And just like one of my favorite
authors, Robin Sharma, once said: “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It’s because we do not dare that things are difficult.” To make everyone a millionaire is not the point, but to give them the opportunity to live his life
as he wishes to, with the minimum cost. That way, you prove that you are able to do
things which no one believed you could. You may possibly want to smell one
of our perfumes which may suit you, or to witness the result of the
innovative beauty devices of LR, or even learn how someone can become an LR partner. Contact the Beastarwithus partner
who sent you this presentation today, and find out everything about
what you were interested in. One more thing…. the fact that this video reached you, means that the person who sent it, believes in you. Don’t let this chance go to waste. Thank you very much for offering your
precious time for this presentation. I wish you the best!

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