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Lubin Graduate Programs: MBA Marketing Management

My name is Irina Dementyeva and I’m from
Moscow, Russia, and at Pace I’m studying MBA in Marketing Management. it’s mostly
famous for accounting and finance, so people sometimes get surprised that I
say I’m actually studying marketing here. But it’s challenging and I enjoy it, and
that’s why I chose to get an MBA degree. You know, what it’s really famous for is
helping students get jobs and internships. I believe the job placement
rate is like 90% at Pace so that’s pretty incredible, especially, you know
with the competition that’s in New York. During a networking event at Pace, I met
a recruiter with a company that’s really close to Pace the name is GfK, it’s
one of the top market research companies in the world, and I was offered a summer
internship there and I’m hoping to join them full-time once I’m done with my
master’s degree.

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