Maggie Rochford, BS Marketing and Finance ’19, Roche Diagnostics
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Maggie Rochford, BS Marketing and Finance ’19, Roche Diagnostics

[MUSIC] My name is Maggie Rochford and I am
a Senior Double Majoring in Marketing and Finance. And upon graduation this May,
I will begin at Roche Diagnostics in Indianapolis in
the Accelerated Developments program. The Accelerated Development program
is educational program expanding across two years. So I will have the opportunity to
try three different rotations, which I’m really excited about because
I will have three different various projects in the roles in two years. So I’ll really be to understand
different functions of the business and have an impact on these different areas. The vast creator alumni network is really
what helped me excel in professional development throughout my time and
what landed me both of my internships and eventually my job offer. Because I was involved in things such
as school with the management council. I had a lot of opportunities
to meet various alumni and make connections with
Krannert Alumni across the world. I think I’m mostly excited to be able
to balance both the personal and professional skills I’ve
learned here at Krannert. I’ve learned a lot about time managements,
being able to read a room and work with different people through various
group projects and different courses. Krannert is very diverse in both
nationalities and thought diversity, just a lot of different people that I’ve
been able to work with over my time here, which has really prepared me to be able to
work with others in the actual workforce. So I’m excited and
eager to be able to use that emotional intelligence in
the actual work place. [MUSIC]

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