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What’s up everybody welcome back to my channel alright today We’re gonna dive into some glitter some liquid lips And I guess they’re gonna be combined and some crazy magical shit is supposed to go down now I have been in Michigan for a few days so girl. She’s back, and I’m ready to roll today we’re going to dive into something that I’ve seen all over the internet, and it is the Ciaté London glitter flip liquid lipsticks now I had to try this for myself because they kind of went viral and Instagram everyone was talking about it And I like Jeffree try it out. Let’s see if they’re Jeffree Star Approved so when I got these in the mail I was like okay. I’m gonna save them. I’m gonna try them a lot of the times. I get so giddy and excited I will try things before filming with them, and then I’ll be like okay I already tried it not filming it so these I was like okay We’re gonna put them aside and here we are so today. We are going to dive into them I actually have all the colors here, but I feel like if most of them work Do we need to try all the damn shades I know at home you guys are like my mouth is saying no So we will do 5 out of these 7, but I do have them all here And I guess basically if you want to see me try these out – keep on watching alright So they all of course come in these unit cartons, and there is of course I just said it’s seven shades, and they all retail for and nineteen dollars a piece I think that’s pretty fair for this type of brand now on this side of the box. It says that this is a Transforming glitter liquid lipstick now. I don’t really think this has ever been done before as far as this type of formula So you know I love when a brand makes something that is not out yet So this says glitter lips made easy with cia’s a glitter flip simply press lips together and watches metallic matte liquid lipstick magically transforms into a dazzling multi dimension glitter lip with none of the mess and a fraction of the time of a traditional glitter lip look now of course We all know When you want to do a glitter lipstick you put down a normal base you take glitter in a pot you take it and you Press it on your mouth now over time does that look good. No because after 10 minutes. It’s all over your face It’s just a mess and it doesn’t really last throughout the day if you go to eat with that Goodbye, this extra sounds are pretty cool Literally apply dry press and pop so it sounds pretty easy to do this product says that it has zero point one zero one fluid ounces, okay, and Let’s open it up and see what’s inside all right? Okay, so the top of it is glitter and this reminds me of the Mack mariah carey collection anyone else got that last year Very similar, but the packaging is cute. We got the stars on there We have the logo of course and this shade is called candy. Okay, so I think um Do I want to try the pink first I kind of want to try this crazy purple this because I have purple eyeshadow on today, so I’m just gonna unbox them all and Let’s see if they work, so I was just reading on the website And I just want to let everyone know that this product is vegan. It’s cruelty free It’s formulated without gluten and this is supposed to be a stay put formula with Non-drying and toward a little comfortable wear will last all night with no need for retouching well if you’re me you’re gonna need some retouching cuz bitch bra was on her knees so this color is called fortune and Let’s see if they smell like anything crazy. Here is what the applicator looks like it is Kind of flat has a little bit of an arch right there and then Let’s see what they smell like hmm Not really anything which is shocking cuz usually when there’s glitter in something. It kind of smells a little weird or a little intense, but Hmm nothing all right, so let’s go in and see what this is all about oh Okay coverage All right, so I dipped in once and I got my entire bottom lip so let’s finish her off All right here is the lipstick fully swatched, I must say I’m a little surprised at how pigmented and full coverage that went on like this looks so pretty by itself of course I have not pressed my lips together whatsoever yet, and you do see that There is already shimmer and a little bit of the metallic hue over the lip obviously it’s a very prominent right there And I really like this color already now of course the moment We’ve all been waiting for it let’s zoom in and press our lips together and see what the fuck is about to happen So here we go one two Whoa Okay that definitely activated a lot of glitter. Let’s do it a few more times oh It’s almost like a disco ball kind of like that like blown on my mouth wow, I’m like hmm any of my teeth No, okay, you guys so this definitely worked no ifs ands or buts about it I love this color here, so I’m like okay. If you take your finger. What happens if you rub it. I’m just curious Well nothing really comes off a little bit obviously it maybe not be fully fully dry yet, but wow this is really pretty I’m like ooh. I think that these are really light which is nice I was afraid that there would be like too thick but the lips don’t feel like if they’re Crunchy or that there’s anything really on them again when you close your eyes, and you’re like It doesn’t really feel like there’s that much in there, which is nice. The glitter doesn’t feel chunky. It’s definitely sparkling I’m gonna take my flash on my iPhone real quickly here, and let’s put it on my mouth and see Hmm. Oh look at Whoa okay I might be obsessed with these let’s try another one the next shade is called candy And it is this soft rosy pink I thought let’s try a lighter shade and see if the glitter still activates as strongly And then we’ll move on so let’s give this color a whirl All right, let’s see if candy has the same metallic glitter moment it looks very very match And there’s not really that much of a metallic sheen compared to the first one. We just did well. Let’s see right now Whoa That is really pretty I’m like oh, okay I’ve never really seen a formula like this, so I am definitely impressed and that looks really really pretty Whoa okay this one is really cool because it’s the color subtle what the glitter is Stunning now. I’ve been dying to try this crazy mermaid teal color. It is called siren and Close-up it has like teal glitter on top of the teal so I think this is gonna look pretty cute Let’s see if the teal one works Woah holy shit, huh All right, let’s see if siren has the same glitter effect, which I think by now We know because look how beautiful and metallic that looks without pressing together already. I’m like who lowered alright here. We go, ooh This one packs a punch and it definitely has a lot of glitter in it which I love mm-hmm Okay, this color is a really cool. I know it’s a little edgy. It’s a little out there So if you’re someone that is a little afraid of crazy colors I think of course that last one candy would definitely be good for you, but this one Lord Jesus I love it alright the green stain my mouth a little bit It looks like I’ve been sucking off a dragon on Game of Thrones But back to the pieces of watching this one. It looks to be like a crazy red with like pink glitter. It’s called Hollywood and Let’s see what she looks like All right now this color by itself before we even in glitter Philippa tis so pretty I love the undertone and that pink like metallic who you already see the glitter wants to come forward right in the fry It’s like let me out, so let’s let this dry for a second and give her a spin all right now Let’s give Hollywood a flip and see how pretty it looks oh That’s silver that just came out with the pink is Spectacular this might be my favorite, maybe it’s cuz my makeup I’m not sure, but I’m looking in the monitor, and I’m like what the hell this one is Obviously by now I think we know the formula works the glitter looks so pretty they all have of course different hues of glitter different Tones, I’m definitely really loving this formula, so we could stop here But then I saw this one called iconic And it is a more almost like a black version of this purple one that we first swatch and it has crazy Amount of glitter in it so I do want to keep this on, but I will swatch this one as well But don’t do this one’s hot it last but not least we are going to try Iconic my mouth is getting a little raw all the glitter and the formula it does last Sonam We’re moving it in between takes you guys It’s a mess, but we got one more to go, so let’s see how does Kylie rocks? Holy shit All right, let’s give this one a flip and here we go Whoa I’m like are we serving some mermaid realness, or what the blue green and pink glitter Undertones, I’m like holy shit hmm. I don’t know which one’s my favorite I’m sitting here looking at the all the colors, and I’m like oh my god like look at the way this glue door moves I’m like It’s so satisfiying damn it all right you guys I think this is maybe my second runner-up, but I think the red is stole the show for me I thought the purple was like fucking Bomb as well and the teal of course, but this red one was my favorite I think the glitter just looked spectacular, and I can’t wait to wear again now this finale though. I’m like Looks like a fireworks on my mouth, and I’m loving every second of it. All right you guys I think it is time to give my final thoughts now. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I First saw these, but I’m pleasantly surprised that ciate London Slade killed deceased murdered this formula I really loved it, and if you guys have a chance to pick up a few colors I highly recommend the red and pink But if you’re a little more on the daring side wear this wear to a wedding wear it to a funeral and where to target But I’m alright you guys. I think it’s no shocker here that the CIA London glitter flip a liquid lipstick is Geoffrey star approved, I am really really happy that this brand is stepping it up and they’re trying new things And I can’t wait to see what they come out what’s next all right you guys. Thank you for watching another review I will be in New York this week And I’m really really excited for drag Con so if you want to see me Manny and Laura click the link down below We’re doing a meet-and-greet We’re doing a huge booth with my brand And I can’t wait to be back on the East Coast but besides that you guys. I will see you on the next one mwah

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100 thoughts on “MAGIC GLITTER TRANSFORMING LIQUID LIPSTICK… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

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  3. I personally thought the red had to least pop or "glitter flip". I loved the black shade Iconic and the teal a lot.

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  8. I came across this liquid lips. Packaging shows a nice orangeish shade.
    Put on my lips, honey that shit turned bright hooker red. I literally took it back to store and said I wanted refund. False advertisement
    ….I didnt learn my lesson and got what advertised to be a nice silver. That came out dark dark grey.

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