Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing Part 1 of 11
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Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing Part 1 of 11

Alright welcome to the Niche Builder
course on Affiliate marketing my name is Matt Gerchow and I am gonna be narrating this for you and what goal of this course is for you to have affiliate web sites where you can represent various
manufacturers and you’re able to refer business over
too manufactures web sites and then secure sale using one of the
various affiliate networks Alright so without further ado let’s jump
right in Let’s look at what actually is
affiliate marketing well affiliate marketing can be defined
is a process where manufactures goods and services
use virtual or online sales reps for represent their goods on the Internet now the term bill marketing usually
refers to the Internet as the Internet as kind a
facilitated a lot on this tracking and the payment system what we know for you know click systems, pay-per-click paper for all lead tracking affiliate sales, all that kind took into flight on internet before the Internet it was a lot harder
to track sales you could maybe do some sort of agreement with the you know
what the representative but how do you track it? So you have
arguments over I sent this person so that should be my commission…
with the internet and it just made it a lot more clear as to what someone was actually doing to procure in
new customer most companies prior to the Internet
they focused on one or two strategic relationships in order to drive business but after the internet not going you know
these technologies that we are looking at
for click-tracking automated payments well with these
inventions clicks became easier to monitor and payment
systems allow for hundreds if not thousands a virtual
sales reps to market and collect commissions for single product and since then affiliate marketing
skyrocketed to become one of the most sought-after business models on the
Internet affiliate marketing also as a low
financial barrier to entry and that has made one of the most popular planned attack for beginning internet
marketers or inexperienced internet marketers
everyone look at it in this segment an image builder
training we’re gonna cover all the various components affiliate marketing in the order that
you encountered them as you build your business now these items include but is not
limited to you market research, niche selection affiliate networks product selection offer selection web page design funnel design and then opt-in vs no opt-in that’s for your autoresponder and traffic generation in additional also take a brief look at
product launches and conversion optimization For any item that you have additional questions on
I want you to feel free to submit a support ticket or shoot us an email at [email protected] before we dive into the meat of the matter, I want share with you a little bit of my personal experience with affiliate
marketing You see affiliate products have been pretty near my heart since back in 2009 when I purchased my
first set of affiliate sites from the Sites that I bought were small and
they didn’t have too much content they were pretty simple in nature all they did was tell people where the
get a service and what I thought about them originally the content I was presenting
wasn’t even what I thought about the product the content was got the original site creator
thought about them and then overtime I swapped out along the
content my own writing and personal touches here in there I’m not sure how much that increase
conversions but at least I felt better about what was being represented at the time of purchase these sites were
supposed to be makin 644 dollars per month and they had six months seasoning to them. Seasoning in the website world is how long has the
site been live or how many months has the site been
generating X income the first monthly commissions were
dismal I think it was two hundred dollars or to one in eleven dollars I was very upset. I thought I’d been
scammed by this guy and that he inflated the number somehow and what I didn’t realize though is that
there was a switching cost moving from one site owner to the next at the end to the next month my numbers
were 752 which is actually higher than when I purchased were originally at that point anyway I had a business.
And in all honesty I purchased several other sites from
Flippa and haven’t really had much luck with them should be told the latter purchases not
panning out was one of the primary decisions in us making and niche builder for you
guys or as it was back then we called niche
traffic builder the reason that we did that was because
we saw that we have to build sites you can’t just rely on decent sites
becoming available in niches the you want to go into I mean
that’s like a needle in a haystack its in just doesn’t happen Let’s go back to the site’s the
original sites. One of our traffic models the TAM or traffic accumulation model, I
found several other keywords in the same niche that had pretty low competition so I created this group the website’s
across the niche and then they touched on related
keywords within that niche that started converting really really well I started throwing numbers on the board
every single day and it wasn’t that impressive but it was
like thirty to forty-five dollars a day just of one site that was awesome so I just saw this was good may you know
I dug down, I did more keyword research and Then I found 8 to 10 other terms
relating to the one that was converting well and I started building sites around all
those now from there that little business it
went from two hundred eleven dollars a month term you know over 17 grand a month on a
consistent basis and then overtime other competitors in
jumped in the niche and they spend a lot more their time
working on this than I do. So my incomes dropped a little bit but it’s still well over ten random on
with about 20 minutes work on any in those sites each month Just to throw you a little update in here and do things are back up, I had some very
successful months as a reason but I don’t wanna share these you
know I don’t really share these with too many people arm I’m only sharing this with you silly understand did I understand the business again
right where you are I started with nothing you know I was
living in Columbia with my wife who was then my girlfriend
and we are expecting our son the tail was
just awesome I didn’t have any other option aside
from making money online my Spanish wasn’t good enough to work
down in Colombian even if it was for sales or whatever I
was good at I didn’t have a college degree I mean
what was again a really do in colombia is a really heavy on you have to have that college
degree in order to do anything so maybe I could
find a job like 600 bucks a month well our rent was more now so it didn’t make
sense to do anything but online and I’m not going to say it was easy but
I figure it out and so that’s why I’m and that’s why I am here. teaching it to you guys okay so One last side note that I want to share
with you as we get into this intro is I would like to offer a warning that could save you lot of time and grief as you become successful marketer and that side note is to only help people
that ask for it. Okay you guys invested your
money you’re here on Niche Builder you’re
looking for help the past several years have really
thought me a lot about myself about relating others. When when I started making money
I was so excited and I want to share that with everyone
and I want to give everyone a chance to make the same money but when I found out is that if people
don’t wanna work at something you can teach all day long but they’re
never gonna do anything it actually seems like they were just
prefer to fail rather than create a similar income in
their life so for now I just keep my mouth shut only
help the people that actively seek me out for advice like you guys I feel important to mention this because
in all the training that I’ve done on how to become an internet marketer no
one’s ever mentions this and you’re probably gonna go through a
similar experiences as you become a successful marketer anyway so that’s little bit my story you
know now a little bit about me let’s go dig into the subject matter.
The first step in getting your affiliate business going is to do some market

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  1. Hello Matt, thanks for the video. Very informative. I've been searching about affliate marketing for a long time ever since I lost my job. I learned the concept but don't know where and how to start. Do you do mentoring by any chance? It's said, behind every man's success, there is always a hand of a mentor.

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