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Make It So – This is Only a Test 535 – 1/23/20

hey everyone norm here a little bit of a
spoiler warning before we start this episode because today we are going to be
reviewing and talking about Star Trek a car the pilot episode that will be
dropping today on CBS all access now if you’re watching the video we will be
talking about the show and when we get to spoilers at around the 20-minute mark
we will turn the TV behind us red and when spoilers are done the TV will
switch back to the tested logo if you’re listening to the audio and you want to
skip all talk of spoilers you can skip ahead to around the 47 or 48 minute mark
of the episode or you want to jump directly to spoilers you can go jump
ahead to around the 20-minute mark just a little bit of heads-up and in the
future episodes we’ll save all our spoiler talk to the end of the episode
enjoy for Thursday January 23rd 2020 welcome to this is only a test the
official podcast of tested hello and welcome to a very very special
episode of the Sicilian tests we are through the Nexus I’m norm here with
Jeremy Williams hello Norman and Shaw hurry hello
could you imagine gentlemen 17 years ago that we 17 years later in the year 2020
in the 21st century we would be talking about a season premiere of a Star Trek
show starring Sir Patrick Stewart mmm himself jean-luc Picard because the card
is out that’s a good question that’s a good question would you have imagined at
the time no that that Patrick Stewart would be
everyone’s favorite captain 20 years later oh I think in if you don’t
remember in the early 90s when Star Trek next generation concluded he was the
favorite captain already right but at the time you saw more Star Trek’s coming
in the future yes yeah well ds9 was already airing and Cisco was a very
unconventional captain of course favorites for many people Janeway was
still the horizon first female captain for leading a TV series and the
enterprise yeah and then no one really liked pike the way we like pike right
now post Star Trek discovery you know and of course it’s a it’s it’s a topic
worth revisiting at some point reevaluating now both movie and TV
captains maybe for a future episode but today we’re gonna talk about Star Trek
Picard because as you’re listening to this right now as this episode is
released who knows when you’re listening to this hopefully as soon as the episode
drops but Star Trek Picard is out globally or at least the United States I
don’t know I don’t know recently scheduled globally but CBS Interactive
drop them at 9 p.m. through Wednesday night Pacific 1200 and a.m. Eastern Ave
recording lists a day early so maybe our fingers are crossed there were no
problems with the release of the episodes but it doesn’t matter because
folks are here to tell ya the three of us in this room we’ve seen the future I
appreciate that early in 2020 the
producers at CBS decided this year as garbage we’re gonna transport you to the
2300 s at the end of the 2300 it’s gonna be the turn of the century at some point
yeah they’re gonna go to the 25th century Star Trek is so for so long been
about the 24th century late 23rd century that I’m excited for them to bridge into
the 25th century how are we gonna talk about Picard now we can’t let’s be
upfront I’m being honest we have seen the show we’ve seen the first three
episodes of the show there are reviews out right now other people have talked
and and for subscribers of the channel we’re gonna do a full offworld episode
still to be recorded work ashore UI and Ariel will do a deep dive into the
episodes and also perhaps partake in some shots whoa Picard red wine 2386
good vintage good vintage indeed I think we should it’s not 84 that gave our
general thoughts and then do a kind of spoiler dive into episode 1 okay so
let’s have the premise for people whom if we’ve not been following the
development of the show this is on CBS Interactive subscription base streaming
service it’s gonna be eight episodes so that what is called lis interactive I
thought it was all access sorry CBS all access CBS I named the company we’re
talking about it’s separating a receive us all access my apologies it’s eight
episode at nine episodes so right I thought it was eight I thought it was
eight to I’m but release weekly much like Star Trek discovery it is starring
Patrick Stewart we know that members of next generation
cast members will appear you’ve seen them in trailers most notably if you saw
the comic-con trailer from last year rights minor makes an appearance as data
in some capacity but it’s largely about his his some omission he takes with a
relatively new cast of characters it is said of course twenty years after Star
Trek nemesis and one of the reasons that Patrick Stewart said he wanted to find
the returns Picard not only because it felt right in today’s day and age
Star Trek being a beacon of hope and so science-fiction being a mirror to
reality as it always is but also there were storylines and parts of the
character he felt it was unfinished and now was perhaps a right time to tell a
new story to reflect on those arcs and those threads which the show does so
thoughts all right let’s start with Jeremy because Jeremy you most recently
binge watched as a family your entire family Star Trek next generation were
you able to catch up on the movies not recently I would say over the past five
years we meet but we’ve watched all of next generation and then this past week
I did my homework with my son we watched all four next generation move tell us
about that how did he and you exude never seen the
more bad of course I’ve seen some of the movies I thought I’d saw three of them I
knew I hadn’t seen nemesis okay which by the way most important film to watch him
Picard that’s a really good point right well I’d seen generations when it came
out and I had seen obviously first contact we watched those enjoyed them
they were fine they don’t I wouldn’t say the special effects aged terribly well I
think first contact special effects aged really well they’re fine they’re fine
but then you go on to interaction special effects not some why not some
deals until nineteen fifties when there was when the enterprise crashes into the
planet and you got I mean that’s not your actual effect it feels like an
episode exactly that’s in generation and know that’s an insurrection when they
correction when they know generations at the end is when the saucer section
crashes the arrive trees you are absolutely right you know they blur
together when you watch after another the insurrection does feel like extended
episode which i think is not a fault no I actually I’d like tan introduction I
felt like insurrection went back to what you were saying like a mirror to you
know society and it certainly had a point to make and I like that about Star
Trek I like that it tries to make a sociological point tries to show you
something about you know your world that you live in and make you think a little
different yes steps off it steps on its future soapbox that said it’s an odd
movie the odd number which makes it a bad one and it did get like a fifty
something rotten tomato I as did nemesis which I thought was much
better you like nemesis I did have a system it’s perhaps the most
controversial is it because it’s the most action oriented people really Star
Trek fans yeah some Star Trek fans really don’t like the tune buggy is real
weird it was written by I think Sean Logan who had done like Last Samurai who
and a bunch of big epic sweeping epic movies and yeah and it felt like a lot
of I mean we’re gonna put spoilers for nemesis because that’s a 20 year old
movie but the death of data was left the bitter taste in a lot of people’s mouths
so yeah they discover a new Android that’s uh named before oh how clever
which is a data look-alike prototype yes I’m not like Laura though right which
was odd and but and clearly not as mentally capable as data and data at one
point this is interesting downloads his entire memory into before
his and Graham’s thinking maybe that will make before like me and it doesn’t
however naive there is that element going into Picard of data has been
backed up and I wonder how that’s going to manifest that’s one of the most
interesting threads to me because that’s that’s the one thing of data that that
still exists it’s a lingering thing in at the end of its it’s a little bit of a
flicker of hope because despite the sacrifice you have to if you look at the
character before it it’s a very I think it’s one of the best scenes in the movie
despite all the shins on stuff and yeah that’s that’s the Tom Hardy clone of
Picard Romulan tell gr plot that very overact very yeah not not great at all
you know it’s intrigue in a way that I did not want intrigue it tried to do
Star Trek 6 to discover the country which was political intrigue in a very
Shakespearean way with the Klingon Empire but here it’s way way too
overwrought but the the consciousness transfer thing reminded me a lot of
bones in Spock sorry yeah absolutely I think that was intentional and it’s a
very poignant moment when at the very end of the movie not only do you have
Riker and Troy married now moving off the enterprise finally yeah I mean it’s
it’s kind of unbelievable that you know in this instance time of post Dominion
war that right would not have taken a command of his
own ship but because of his loyalty him he could have he had the option of
commanding his own ship for so many years throughout the season throughout
the series but they finally take I believe the Titan is where they leave
the enterprise and so there’s a whole changing of the guard and Picard has
this moment in his ready room where he’s telling before about data and the
importance of data to Picard yeah it was his son the son he never had
yeah and we know family and legacy is this huge thread for for Picard’s
journey and which is shown not only in the Star Trek episode family after
espera throats Park – when he goes back to where you first see the Chateau
Picard and you see his nephew Rene but they also in Star Trek generations when
you hear that his brother and his nephew had died in a fire and he is essentially
the last Picard you know so data is his surrogate son sacrificed himself and so
now he has this kind of we you know kind of you know dumbed down not as advanced
Android no real personality but it’s not data even though it maybe has some
element of data right and when in that scene were you talking about in nemesis
where he tries to communicate the data how important before I’m sorry when
trust communicated before the importance of that relationship and before just
doesn’t get it I know it’s so sad yeah you can see Picard realized that like
the line of communication is broken and and he feels sad about that and I feel
and not to spoil anything but there that exists that that kind of scene exists in
Picard and I love that I love that Picard is trying to reach this high
minded level with people that can’t reach him back hmm
so did you like it I can’t tell ya what I’m just saying I did my homework the
homework part okay so yes I do I did I thought Picard was was really good I
thought it was dense I thought it was very different from Star Trek we’ve been
warned about that if you watch any of the interviews with Patrick Stewart you
see that he very clearly says this is a reaction that he has as Patrick Stewart
to the state of the world today and that not everything is right with the
Federation 20 years later it’s not all good and and I felt like that was what I
prepared having seen a little bit of discovery
yeah I felt like I wasn’t expecting more of a pg-13 kind of so vibe discover is
really great comparison cuz CBS all access now has it may have in the works
we talked about this multiple start live-action Star Trek shows including an
animation show as well discovery is the show you’re watching if one you love the
kind of TOS era because of course it has the original enterprise you’ve got Spock
and Pike but also it’s a show about a crew on a ship right it’s a classic Star
Trek show a crew on a ship on a missions a season-long mystery Ark that they then
have to go solve you have kind of aliens of the week you go on away missions
that’s your classic template for a Star Trek show Picard it seems like is very
different in that it is not that as it seems so far I mean the first episode
happens on earth if he’s on the vineyard it’s about a one man’s journey and it
really is almost not only just a more personal story and that regard but the
perspective isn’t an ensemble perspective right it is just him and and
he is helpless he doesn’t have all the resources that he did he couldn’t just
say make it so and and have you know a bridge crew to advise him on all the
writings he’s almost just wandering it’s not jean-luc Picard that we left by any
stretch you’ve you meet jean-luc Picard as kind of I would almost say a broken
spirit like he’s you can clearly see he’s disillusioned he is isolated he
lacks sort of the charisma and just sort of Verve that he had when he was captain
of the enterprise and in a way it’s like melancholy I love
how the show so far treats him as if he is 20 years older because the pacing of
the show the things that he’s able to do the way people interact with him treat
him as this kind of like older person and in a way push him aside
many points were you is really hard to see because I think a lot of people when
we first heard the card coming back we know him as the captain I think in a lot
of our heads we imagine okay he’s gonna be in command of a ship we’re gonna get
all the feelings of this brightly lit enterprise-d you know or even Enterprise
II feel you know is it’s not but it’s not that it’s not next generation it
feels like a complete different episode oh we see familiar faces we hear
familiar names and it’s shot very differently I mean I was watching with
with Danica and it’s like it’s it’s shot almost like an HBO show that’s I feel
like that’s a matter of just technology improving and you know camera technology
can becoming more accessible and just you know it qualen the budgets of shows
like this getting higher I think not only that but because it’s not on a
studio set lot it’s not in on a set right it’s not even like discovery where
you have a bridge and you could only shoot and when you shoot an ensemble
crew on a bridge set or a ready room set or the engineering you know Bay it looks
a certain way here it’s on location I this is a part of the show I didn’t
actually like is how it was shot it was reminiscent of the 2009 Abrams reboot
there’s a lot of like lens flaring it kind of like general like over
saturation I thought so that wasn’t my favorite thing but that’s a minor point
compared to the story and the pacing it sets up a story I would say without
getting into spoilers episode one paints a picture picard as a very different
jean-luc Picard and it sets up some minor mystery conspiracy I would say and
leaves you on a quite the little cliffhanger so you know Jeremy you
mentioned you in the homework before we get into spoilers because we will turn
on the red alert light and in talking about the first episode yeah we let’s do
that on the TV let’s talk about some essential homework because if you are
maybe holding off or if you have it rewatched Star Trek in a long time and
you want to get into Picard or you have maybe someone you’re gonna watch it with
I think you can still watch the show and they kind of they they tried
to the watchman thing and feed you enough exposition to let you know what’s
going on but they’re definitely things they’re gonna miss if you haven’t seen
some particular episodes so I’m just going to list off if you have time in
the weekend if you can hold off on watching the first episode of car or if
you want to watch episode one first and then rewatch the stuff and go back i
recommend or wait to the end of the season and bin Jamal oh yeah that’s ten
episodes by the way not 8 episode 10 episodes of Picard I would absolutely
recommend that you watch and doesn’t have to even be in this order best of
both worlds part 1 & 2 that’s the episode next generation season finale of
season 2 and our source yeah 2 3 season 3 and then yes opening of season 4
measure of a man absolutely should watch now are these 1 are these just great
episode you’re recommending or ones that tie into I think art both that tied to
his character okay and also some plot points okay
you should actually watch Eyeborg for sure that’s the episode where hue hue
appears and of course Hugh we know is Jonathan until our Co is on on the show
mm-hm you should also watch the reunification
episode I would say yes reunification part 1 & 2 totally from nemesis
absolutely chain-of-command part 2 to see him broken yes inner light I think
it’s worth watching and then also I’m gonna name two episodes that I think you
should watch The Offspring which is season 3 episode 16 this is a data
centric episode as well as the battle I’m gonna say you guys ask a lot of your
students that’s the Stargate or the one with the Stargate that’s a lot of
homework guys just watch Star Trek nemesis story nemesis I think is
absolutely maybe the watch that as the last thing you I mean honestly going in
watching the car watching Picard I really felt like the whole team on
Picard watched Star Trek nemesis and said what do we do now like I really
felt like they’d be a bit there’s there’s parallels that go beyond like
the plot like that well we had talked about last week how the the JJ Abrams
Kalvin verse you know the place in which the Calvin verse diverts from the main
Star Trek continuity that itself is a big kind of plot point and and a thing
that’s reference and and definitely talked about in picard which is of
course the destruction of Romulus the supernova that which that happens after
nemesis so much yeah much many years after nemesis we if you read the
countdown comics that led up to the 2009 Star Trek you find out that not only was
Spock it was Spock and the you know various members of the crew of the
enterprise D in the next generation we’re trying to save Romulus from the
save the Romulans from the structure in Romulus Spock of course fails in sending
the red matter into the Sun he’s too late so I’m go supernova and that’s what
causes Nero to adopt Borg technology go back in time and and then create the
Kelvin verse right but that event that event in common to both is consequential
for for Picard and not only for Star Trek 2009 yeah and the Kelvin verse okay
but the countdown comics aren’t technically continuity anymore
for example in the countdown comics I think before has if you want to know
what happens to be for in the fans head Canon if you read the countdown comics I
believe you VL elevates to become a captain well it becomes data essentially
at some point and that is not a path I think this show is it’s necessarily
taking well alright is it time for spoilers yeah you gonna put some on the
screen we got what you got I’ll put up and I’ll make it read hey gun can you
make it flash let’s not make things flash okay
that’s good idea okay okay well sure is making the background red how do we
usually want it there we go it’s red it’s red for sure how do we want to talk
about we’re gonna talk about the first episode first of all you guys are
gluttons I can’t believe you did it when you were given access to three episodes
you didn’t have to watch him no one else in the world is gonna be able to watch
all three episodes all we can see is the first one plenty of people have watched
three episodes the reviewers if you are given three Star Trek episodes featuring
Patrick Stewart you watch three episodes of
this is a test it’s not like CBS Alex’s PR is like we’re gonna put three
episodes in front of you and test your restraint and and you get the reward if
you show that you can only you only watch one you guys are a couple of
hyenas who found some carrion on the highway and you couldn’t help yourself
this is a testament to the quality of the show right we were on slack when we
didn’t watch it together we’re at home independently and we were on the slack
and we started roughly the same time in three hours you know two hour two and a
half hours later these are 44 or 45 minute episodes both cash or an hour
like well I guess we watched things like I want to be able to talk about it with
all the mystery that is left at the end of the first episode with our friends
and teacher history our friends who have also seen the first episode will also be
on that page I don’t want you to like have a look in your I was like just you
wait I know I don’t know anything after three episodes
all right helping all right all right for the record though I’ve only seen the
first one okay twice I liked it I was surprised really
surprised at the pacing and I was surprised how quickly yes we got dana
linger on mystery it wasn’t the cart is not a dumb person and I’m so glad the
writers move the story along where it’s not like Picard scenes of him like
asking questions for so long like what’s going on what’s going on they got to him
deducing who people were and what the plot was and it got us got it so moving
in the first well we should talk about the first scene first thing we get data
and we get Mars blowing up in the first scene mm-hmm the poker scene yeah and
this is obviously a dream which you see but at the point it sets up the entire
like mystery arc of the show immediately and you get his even though it’s not
revealed till later you get his disillusion the moment of his
disillusionment yeah yeah the card says at one point that the the dreams are
wonderful but the waking up is what he doesn’t like mm-hmm yeah so you
definitely you know still living in the past somewhat or at least that’s where
the baggage is it’s or you say I said that the data appearance is a dream
sequence the two brent Spiner appearances I loved it I know I thought
it makes more sense if you know I being spoon-fed
fanservice by Star Wars over the last few years yeah this was such a good use
of fanservice where it was light touch in service of a story it’s not like it’s
not a data coming back to life and like look it’s data it was like and brent
Spiner is listed as a special guest star which means he’s not gonna be on every
episode yeah that’s right and there will be social guest stars for the other cast
member cincy well data for data’s sake it was leveraging their relationship to
further the story of where Picard is now right and and also it helped communicate
some of the new plot development they filled out some of the details so of
course they tie one of the big events is the destruction of Romulus they go right
at it there’s this Federation News Network interview this hallow channel
interview where Picard who has not spoken publicly about this he’s given
lectures about his time as captain Admiral but is upfront about you know
the what’s he sees is the tragedy of the Federation abandoning the Romulans and
this goes to this is where we get the allusions to modern day world right this
is about one of those powerful you know organizations nations you know the
Federation as a peacekeeping entity and a you know it’s kind of like the UN of
space space UN not helping with this rescue and Refugee effort and abandoning
one of their enemies I like how the exampie mate they did not let that be
black and white either what the the whole like you got his righteous anger
about the Federation abandoning all those Romulans so they’re gonna die in
the in the supernova but you also heard from the other side there was like tens
of thousands of people that died on Mars that day and so wasn’t this like oh like
the cards definitely right there’s some element of of gray there which I think
makes it even more powerful I don’t know though I think that that there is more
to it than that like I mean in terms of Picard being right
think he is more right than that I don’t think it’s as even as 50/50 because at
one point the newscaster who who I think is probably my least like my most hated
person on the entire episode despite the fact that there are murderers yes no no
doubt that that she’s glib and has like a punchable face yeah look – and she
manipulates Picard and she crosses a line that she promises not to cross in
that interview but at one point you know she says you know but there were you
know Picard says there were millions of lives at stake and it almost was 900
million yeah it was like the numbers don’t like that all right and and she
says you mean Romulan lives and he says no lives yeah and I just felt like that
was so such a powerful moment and and that speaks to like where the Federation
might have been head wise as I’ve been thinking of Romulan lives as less than
yes and the Utopia I mean the kind of goes against a little bit of the gene
Roddenberry utopia but the world is more complex now than ever and the show
really leans into that the Federation is not this beacon of his perfection right
and we and many Star Trek shows have kind of shown the dark side of the
Federation but this is even like a covert dark side this is just Federation
policy and they have to make these tough decisions and it’s all it is politics
and but you also have this Mars revelation this is a new plot point
where at the same time that the Romulan plant and the Romulus was was going was
being destroyed the rescue operation was comprised of ships that were being built
at the Federation shipyards on Mars which is something that’s been long
eluded to know off planet shipyards and that shipyard was destroyed by a group
of rogue synthetics so this is the other big plot line not only we’ve already
talked about Romulans we’re also talking about there’s a lot of new world that
we’re robots like data are banned because of this this mysterious attack
a terrorist attack right on the shipyards which claimed the lives of
90,000 people right do we know what happened to those synthetics that
attacked were they all destroyed don’t know we don’t know don’t know but we
know that that whole project in Federation to create and research
synthetics is shut down yes and presumably these are synthetics
I think it borrows some of the storyline from the EMH storyline from Voyager
so in Voyager the data characters essentially the emergency medical
hologram played by Robert Picardo right he is the the robot the the avatar that
tries to learn to be human but really his computer system has its own version
of a personality that’s the kind of the data
Spock type archetype and in one of the subplots you have this idea that the EMH
system was flawed because all the programming was not great because it was
a reflection of the Creator Zimmerman named after the production here Star
Trek Herman Zimmerman I believe and and I was you know the the the personality
characteristics of the EMH hologram were too vain and they weren’t great doctors
or whatever and you saw in Star Trek at first contact you had the EMH make an
appearance or everything harsh because I’d swear never used one of these in
service and they bring up the EMH one of the Voyager episode showed that the
Holograms themselves gets like in the episode measure of a man they are
subjugated they are relegated to this less than human subservient status and
they are sent to work in the mines essentially it’s kind of a far-fetched
idea you send these you oh well we have these extra Holograms that used to work
on ships now what do you do with them let’s sum them to work in labor camps
and in these mines and it’s kind of on the nose but the Voyager EMH becomes a
this kind of a heroic Spartacus figure for them and his independence and his
development as a character gives him inspiration to kind of not necessarily
you know become more self-aware and self-sufficient and where I think that
storyline is grafted onto the synthetics here where you have the lingering
effects of but you never find out what Federation the really thinks of data
outside of the episode measure of a man once you mentioned earlier right he’s a
unique Android we know there are no androids like him that’s owned created
aside from lore we don’t know before boa and before right but it turns out now
that androids were created to be subservient in the Federation right
before of course the Mars attack 14 years ago before Picard Show and so you
didn’t have androids on uh non bridge crews would you as officers of ships
you mean after data after data now would you consider data to be subservient no
because you know in measure of man these fights for his independence and and
exactly myself are a you know self-actualized person why wouldn’t that
then be a part of Federation policy because they couldn’t I don’t know if
they could have created more datas because there was no so many more surely
saying that the androids that they created didn’t have that sense of that
is presentation and independence yes and that is I think what we’re learning is
that the fact in the very fact the matter that the Android the synthetics
that they’re calling them on the show were you know were maybe they did have
some kind of a Geneva they led this revolt or let this attack right right
but the fact that they were not on bridge cruise and you did see you know
we’ve seen in Star Trek on bridge cruise like characters that look like they may
have been robots but they’re all if you look at the backstory and what’s been
written on on memory alpha they’re all kind of augmented you know humanoid
characters they’re not fully full synthetic characters he this kind of
lays out the show’s vision of what has happened to the state of robot human
affairs in the 24th century what did you think of his like handlers his helpers
the rhyme II love them they’re great there’s some saw best favorite
characters on the show so I love the juxtaposition of taking his most ardent
enemy from TNG and making them his strongest advocates in this show they
are like the voice of his conscience his memory of who he was they constantly are
building him up yeah and then previously when we saw the the news of the casting
and some of those synopses you assume that they’re just kind of the shop hands
and they helped run the vineyard but they’re much more than that they’re
advisers who of the clearly refugees they’re clearly remnants of the
you know the rescue operation and so these are a man and a woman Alaris and
as a bond and they are badass I really like their characters they are
the number they are the Ryker and Troy of this show so far I definitely want
more of them like I really the way that they believe in Picard is if there is
clear and I want to see them more in the in the show I don’t know if they end up
being in the show more because as we saw in the trailers he goes off world so I
don’t know if how much of a fact you know how much of a factor they are but I
hope more Jeremy would you think of the cliffhanger what do you mean the twin
mm-hmm first of all I think that that the whole
twin thing was was really well inter woven into the show you know with the
foreshadowed by the two paintings mm-hmm and the symbol itself of the
interlocking rings I thought that was great I didn’t see that coming but I
thought that was beautifully in her woven and on the one hand I III think
that the fact that there is this twin out there that at the end of the show is
Leeds is great for the for the plot but I I was a little taken aback by how
relieved Picard was to discover that and as if that relieved some sorrow about
the passing of doge of – gosh yeah the Tosh character is I think it is tragic
because so much of this first episode focuses on her and clearly like her
tragic life right and and it feels like stunts plotting where they introduce a
character you think is gonna be main character and suddenly she’s killed off
right and yeah and sadly because like we love her like that she’s incredible to
watch when she activates right and she’s like Jason Bourne and the fact she
doesn’t know she has these abilities and you want more of that I would the the
ending well I guess the the first ending of the show where she dies was really
surprising because you think she’s gonna be a main character I definitely was
like I out ably was like what yeah did that just happen and then
like it like fades to black because they built in commercial bright now we’re
experiencing what Gary felt when he said he used to watch Star Trek next
generation in the UK and they had different you know BBC do sky one
whatever whoever broadcast next generation did not have commercials
between those so fade the block and he’d understand why right no streaming
service viewers well like we will have that same experience because we were not
getting the syndicated commercial break it was a particularly live long pause
you know I felt that too I was like thank god there’s more to this show yeah
yeah but so we go to the ending and she’s aboard this Romulan reclamation
reclamation site that’s a big plot point okay oh my god so we end up there this
is the last scene of the this is the last shot this is a cliffhanger and this
this mysterious man who appears to have some sense of authority walks up to the
twin yeah who has you know different hair but it’s clearly the same actress
yes and and introduces himself and he tries to forge this friendship and he
supposed to be manipulating her into becoming into opening up to him and then
the camera pans back pulls out and out and out and out and out and the
reclamation sites like a power of 10 yes it is it’s it’s cubed
it’s a Borg cube right and cubed is it a Porky’s abort abort but it’s not the
Borg cube from first contact is it so this is unknown right because the pork
cubes have been shown on next-generation there’s definitely the one that was
showed obviously the very appearance of the Borg the QED episode but the most
famous one is the one at Wolf 359 that’s the the one that was put to sleep by
writers man it did explode and then the one in the first contact also exploded
and what was left was was the sphere which then was also destroyed in the
past right so there are many many cute different give well I would also say
that was brought back with Voyager flew through that and destroyed it so I would
think this is a cube that in around faith I don’t know
odd that it has like that second Death Star missing part of it well what does
reclamation mean where’s a still under construction or has it been destroyed I
think disassembled makes a lot of sense I think that if you’re a if you’re the
Romulans and your home’s been destroyed and you are kind of rebuilding what used
to be a great Empire and one of the things you’re known for is you know
military might and you have one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy on
your doorstep in your what used to be your space who knows but you of course
take it apart and it goes to why Nero you know Nero’s ship the Narada had Borg
technology explained in the compound comics and maybe this is where that came
from you see I never thought of the cube as
being a Death Star I thought of the Borg themselves as being devastating like
ants but you think about the resource isn’t just the raw materials and there’s
a it’s a massive baby compared the Borg cube to any starship right the amount of
mass okay can be harnessed people drones right there’s clearly drones that you
know that are there that they can do something with you know or parts who
knows yeah but also you’re missing the point is that these twin sister is not a
Romulan yeah why is she there are the Romulans working with the Federation
here that’s what struck me about the cliffhanger is that it didn’t seem like
a CIA black site kind of place it was like a salvage job well and we like an
organized like corporate salvage job we didn’t talk about the people who are
after uh Josh yeah who are Romulan yes and yet her twin sister is working on
this ship with Romulans yeah so there’s some there’s a disconnect there are
there are Romulans who are who have gone rogue on one side or the other
yeah and I think this is again going back to the Nemesis story this goes back
to the Romulan the the the covert ops the Romulans brought the tau C R and
when Picard comes you know is revived and he comes to his regains his
consciousness they tell him that he was the only one
on the feeds so clearly Federation yeah is is in on this too that was a big jump
where I thought I wish they’d written us in cuz he wakes up from that explosion
and that was a big explosion yeah like like Patrick Stewart’s kind of old and
you can tell when they swap in a stunt double for the running James yeah
right but that was a mask he’s like thrown yeah right and you know he seemed
walking with a cane earlier on the episode it’s like oh it’s brutal brutal
it something he wakes up back in France I’m like does he have some like
emergency teleporting tech where as soon as he’s in danger that’s funny he gets
teleported back to back home to his his caretaker isn’t it
it is cool how fast they can get from Paris to Boston – oh yeah okay now we
have transporter technology of course I love that there was a police report he
woke up in a hospital you know what I was thinking about what and when that
happened though I was like doesn’t the Federation give a crap about his
jean-luc Picard being like wandering around on top of their buildings and
getting blown up well it’s a cover up like they’re they’re clearly covering
that up if they’re saying he’s the only thing that was on their feets cuz it’s
not a matter of having a cloaking device like there were explosions mm-hmm
let’s talk about who else appears in the show is his new characters sure learning
of the twin that happens at this Institute which is clearly a lot of this
is shot in Anaheim right at the Anaheim Convention Center so that I knew I was
like I recognize one building I don’t know Starcraft 2 finals were here and
that Stadium yeah it’s not Okinawa it’s it’s Anaheim yeah and and also you know
the you’ve seen in the trailer they are on Convention Center we’re like
WonderCon and d23 is like that is that’s what they use for Starfleet headquarters
so fleet command of Allison pills in this show and she’s a new character dr.
Agnes jarate one of the last remnants of the synthetics operation yes and you
get and up here you get your you get the answer
Jeremy I do – what what – what well you know you’re wondering if this is in
episode one or not it’s here it is that’s happening yeah that’s the case
he’s doing some math I’m mad that’s an interesting character yeah
with an N I’m I’m hopeful that she’s knocking me relegated to a plucky
scientists comic relief that we did get for with the Tilly character and it’s
discovery and but so far I like her character the well is revealed that they
have before their that’s what I’m talking about young get the answer to
the b4 question and and apparently almost all of what data downloaded into
before has been lost yeah so before did not make it to grow and
become data but she talks about how it given a thousand years they would have
attained this is synthetic purely biological synthetic with a personality
and independent says lay your ascension right intentions if they had another
thousand years but if they only had access to a bit of data in theory they
could have done it that’s a little bit of Voodoo tech yeah but you know it’s
wit you watch the intro cinematic you know the CG thing that they do for the
credits yeah and that’s exactly what’s happening there’s a little sharp piece
of skin mm-hmm that then gets manufactured you see the DNA you see the
I I didn’t make that connection I formed hmm
let’s talk about the sidebar that for a second the the intro oh and the theme I
found it unremarkable I did not care for the theme either
I was really I’m with my heart set like stomach sank I’m like it’s it’s not that
evocative Star Trek music it isn’t I’m really miss Jerry Goldsmith in that
moment I read it at the same time yeah this show isn’t that isn’t that kind of
show any of you look like the the tone of the feed for Burkhardt it’s a tone of
mystery it definitely has a mystery angle to it and then it goes into these
strings that are almost lower the ring like like let’s look into his legacy in
past but it wasn’t triumphant I kind of if they were gonna go something more
somber I wish that they had done like inner light
the song the song and then kind of like too much fanservice turn that into
something more orchestral I don’t know I like it’s not my favorite but maybe it’s
gonna match the tone of the show last thing I’ll say is I liked how the first
episode didn’t get smashed in with all these characters we saw in the trailer
we didn’t see Jerry Ryan right we didn’t see Ryker we didn’t see Troy like all
these things that we saw like leading up in the trailer didn’t show up and I
appreciate the restraint me too we also got a sense of who the villain of the
show might be Romulans like I mean they’re the ones shooting him coming
name-dropped it’s it’s Greg Maddux Bruce Manik Bruce mater he’s set up as a as a
hero he is behind the synthetic operation ruse Maddox is not a hero okay
but he is set up as somebody who Picard would have supported because Picard was
against the disassembly of the synthetic operation and he was behind it my
reading of that is that first of all Bruce Maddox if you don’t know is the
villain in the episode measure of a man he’s the one who makes the case that
data has nothing about property oh wow is he play the same character oh I mean
I mean not he’s not in the Bruce Mannix is the character needs the character
name is it the same actor I thought he does not shelgon he’s not
in this episode I was trying to trick you see if it’s come up yet
but if you get if you read into the history that one he was against androids
and synthetics having any agency dude that’s huge
I didn’t realize he was that character he was that kid that says a lot about
where the synthetics were headed that’s exactly it where I think if he runs if
he was one who the brilliant scientist who ran the Federation synthetic
research division yeah of course he would then create you know a class of
androids that were just subservient to the Federation that’s good
yep gotta kick those thoughts I think that’s as much as we want to say about
the card yes let’s put this out to listeners out there and viewers out
there do we want week by week recaps well
we’re not going to be able to on the first three because we won’t be
able to see them until what we can do one one week later yes we could do one
week later yeah I have one last question how do you think this held up versus
other Star Trek premiers um I thought it was I thought I’d hold up pretty well
it’s still not my favorite premiere it’s the first Star Trek premiere that’s a
continuation of a that you get all the benefits and baggage of the past
character so I don’t think you can evaluate it on the same playing field
but it’s way better than Farpoint which was weird
yes I mean they yeah it’s better than a lot of Star Trek premieres I don’t think
necessarily was better than you know uh yes nine or Voyager I think emissary was
a pretty good show yeah yes nine is horrible dude oh my god it’s only good
once you get going there for me I’m still no good because the premiere sets
up these storylines if you go back you’re like oh that is that that is a
character are people knew what they were working on isolating a premiere you
isolate it you have to getting you excited yes the Voyager premiere was
also very good in that way too I think I think it’s fantastic I think it’s a
wonderful first episode and by the way of the Patrick Stewart’s acting is
fantastic apparently that guy connect who knew I mean seriously though I think
it’s better than Star Trek but no it’s very good it’s more nuanced than yes
jean-luc Picard M TNG no doubt all right let’s go offer an alert because that
concludes our top story this week all right all right uh who we’re doing so many
things to go for this week let’s go just down the slate on what we have laid out
here in the Marvel Universe we have MODOK coming to the small screen now
MODOK one of the weirdest character villains
in the Marvel Universe is a giant head that floats that floats we get a visual
on this and it’s an acronym standing for the mobile organism designed only for
killing there he is there yes he’s a giant being slash like brain looking
kind of thing that has a headband that can shoot telekinetic kind of power it’s
a head with hands yes the hands and feet and he’s on a jetpack how money floats
around he’s kind of this like one of the weird characters that really only should
exist in comics but has been a favorite for comics fans and and video games and
the fighting games and now he will make the small screen but the bigger
announcement is that this is Marvel TV now under the umbrella of the MCU and
Hulu doing their new animated show so this is on Hulu it’s gonna be Marvel’s
MODOK and there’s some casting most importantly the voice of MODOK is gonna
be Patton Oswalt now I’d correct cast I think that the only the only person that
could have casted better than Patton Oswalt would have been John Hodgman
correct with his long ago document a bead for to be to do the voice of MODOK
but Patton Oswalt I think is just as good and I’m very excited to hear his
take Why ask why is there Marvel on Hulu well yeah that’s why I thought is this
some sort of cast off like a Disney’s like I we don’t want it well it’s kind
of like a Ghost Rider was gonna be on Hulu it’s part of that ABC ABC has a
stake in Hulu and Disney owns ABC so this is have shield there but the Disney
could have said we want it for d+ but they’d said now it correct okay alright
and I bet you it’ll show up on d+ yeah yeah ventually I’m still gonna go tout
the virtues of The Witcher toss a coin it’s your Witcher ho value of plenty oh
and the Netflix says now said The Witcher is probably
most one of the most viewed new shows in the past year that the bigger story here
isn’t that Netflix or that The Witcher is popular because it is popular you
guys should watch it it’s really good but the way Netflix accounts for reviews
and the way they show their ratings has changed and they’ve kind of been a
little more relaxed I’m not a such a big fan of this it might be showing Netflix
is concern about services like Disney Plus maybe Apple TV Plus definitely HBO
max coming out later this year being a competitor in the eyes of shareholders
previously Netflix which never talks about ratings and sometimes only very
rarely drops numbers when it’s hugely in their favor they evaluate whether a show
has been viewed by how many people watch up to 70% of the show if it’s a movie
you got a watch 70% of the movie in terms of minutes or if it’s show you
know watch 7 out of 10 episodes for them to count it as a view that’s a high bar
to meet but internally that makes a lot of sense because if you have someone
watch 7 out of 10 episodes of which sure guess what they’ve seen The Witcher
they’re into the show and it can give them a great barometer for the quality
of the show not just this random metric of whether someone has you know flipped
it on and played the first couple minutes now they’re taking a step back
from that new metric to give themselves a little portray themselves a little bit
better because now they’re talking about if you watch something for at least two
minutes they are gonna call that you’ve indicated that your choice to watch that
show was intentional you’ve made an intentional choice to watch something if
you have watched something for two minutes okay so if you’ve watched the
first two minutes of the crown and didn’t turn it back on guess what you
chose to watch it and so they’re saying by this new metric 73 million people
have chosen to watch the crown 73 million people have watched at least 2
minutes at Super they chosen to watch it Jeremy they’ve chosen to watch it okay
and 76 million households have chosen to watch The Witcher in the first month of
release that’s a big number okay it’s 35 date and to be fair they’ve been upfront
that this new metric the way they’re evaluating the ratings so to speak of
the show they’re doing it to kind of by this measure has inflated their numbers
by 35% and they’ve said as such so take them take it all with a grain of salt
yes take it with a grain of salt but I do think this is spot-on that we need to
reinvent what these metrics are standard and it’s not possible to because they’re
not gonna have a centralized auditing system our polling system like you did
with the Nielsen ratings which eventually has inboxes set up in
people’s home but Nielsen was flawed just like any other service because who
you know for many many reasons yeah long story short watch The Witcher move
on to other exciting news big news at a Lego Lego truck word that they will be
releasing an International Space Station set on February 1st for a very I think
reasonable price of $70 yeah it’s interesting cuz it’s a sizable set but
it is sizable in a way that’s affordable so typically the way you measure the
value of LEGO sets is if you look at number of pieces and kind of you
evaluate it’s may $0.10 per brick so if a set has a thousand pieces then you
assume that standard laker price is a hundred bucks and that’s including what
you know obviously all the mark-up does not cost Lego ten cents to manufacture a
single brick all’s you got to look at if you go deeper the size of the bricks
diversity of bricks colors and all that stuff you know basically how well you
could re use those pieces to build anything else if you’re that type of
Lego builder this Lego ISS has eight hundred and some-odd pieces and so the
fact that it’s $70 pretty good yeah pretty good and it doesn’t come with a
minifig it doesn’t does come with a tie nice it’s not minifig scale obviously
yeah but it does come with a tiny shuttle that’s cool yeah it’s smaller
scale than the Saturn 5 rocket for those that might have bought that one this is
awesome Jeremy and I are going to
like gravity with this eye and by that mean like active scenes from movie it’ll
be awesome I said we should hang it from the ceiling and you wanted I think their
legged like now well I think I think want to figure out a way to hang it from
the ceiling maybe maybe clue the pieces together
give it some structural rigidity yeah I can’t wait to see people build the my
own creation version of the seven eaves version of the ISS using these parts the
expanded version or maybe two Valeri in the city of thousand planets and kind of
use that as a template to expand and build your city of a thousand planets
off of the ISS lots of options they are excited for the set it’s gonna be out
February first also uh you know going back to Netflix other news that’s
important for some of you out there who don’t live in the Canada US or Japan
Netflix has secured the rights to distribute the 21 films from the studio
ghibli archives awesome great news for those Netflix subscribers hey awesome
for everyone except us except for people who live in Japan Canada or the u.s. now
we know VPNs are a thing and you could absolutely use VPNs presumably to log in
and say you’re in the UK or you know wherever else Netflix serves but in the
US the rights are under HBO HBO max is the service that will have the studio
ghibli film I would have thought Disney would have it because they bring a lot
of them to the u.s. they do but it’s a separate deal streaming DVD releases all
different now what won’t be on a show max to make this a little more confusing
even HBO max is owned by a teensy Warner Brothers is the Harry Potter films
what considering HBO max this is a City area of Time Warner Media Warner meaning
Warner Brothers which produced the Harry Potter exactly instead it’s tied under a
distribution deal with NBC Universal which is launching their own streaming
service oh thank goodness peacock coming out later this year it’s
gonna cost more than cable eventually isn’t it well peacock will have free ad
based and be Hulu like terms of the many tiers of pay but yeah the ala carte
model I mean it’s not that the ala carte model
makes sense it’s that the ala carte model has given these media companies
the gumption and the motivation to produce more content than ever so it’s
not like if you go back ten years and look at what you’re paying for cable
yeah you might be paying close to if not more than that now but you’re not just
getting reruns of Seinfeld these days you’re getting yeah you’re gonna rerun
Seinfeld and Friends if you’re buying a bee services but you’re also getting
more live TV and TV produce than ever if you want to so call it TV Disney Plus
launching a week literally in the UK and other streaming news that’s great for
those of you who want to start watching the mandalorian oh sorry
yeah I know that what’s funny is that all the stories mentioning this all have
baby Yoda’s like their title big reveals thanks a lot all right well it was
already ruined but yeah that’s funny yet it’s gonna be launching March 24th in
the UK a week earlier than originally planned you know we are I don’t know if
it’s time for a Disney Plus you know month in post-mortem it’s been over a
month but it’s really the archive that’s selling it right now I now understand
why they were charging undercutting Netflix and HBO buy so much and doing
these two year three year package deals this is because outside men Lorien and
some shows at launch they’re not releasing stuff at the pace and cadence
as Netflix not nearly oh god no it’s it’s an archive it’s it’s you’re
subscribing to really an archive until the Marvel stuff comes out this year
look at Apple by comparison I mean that’s a bigger problem yeah no library
still outright apples in trouble like let’s just call it what it is I
don’t know about that but I mean I’ve known Plus T V Plus is in trouble yeah
it’s a hobby whereas I think Disney pus is gonna be fine I mean you have to like
think back to what it was like when Amazon Prime first launched prime video
as a comparison to Disney Plus their cadence of shows coming out was much
less and now you see them kind of hit their stride and their show after show
after show leading you on Netflix is at a higher cadence than that but you know
it takes time to build there they made the investments early you know we
thought it was ridiculous five seven years ago when the Netflix bosses says
we’re gonna take these hundreds of millions of dollars that we would have
given to stars and other licensee licensed ORS to be a licensee of content
and we’re gonna invest in original programming and you’re right it takes
years to spin that up you can’t just hire talent and which companies have
done to develop you need the production companies place you need the
relationships in place and the content the buffet of content is the evidence of
that do you know if the UK is getting all of the mandalorian episodes dropped
at once I believe they are they are they are they must there’s no no reason not
to that would be a slap in the face yeah yeah yeah speaking of Disney they
announced that the 20th Century Fox brand
well it’s dropping the name Fox it’s just gonna be called 20th century yeah
and isn’t Searchlight – aren’t they taking a soft Searchlight yeah and I
mean to avoid confusion because they don’t own the Fox TV network yeah but
that’s a what is what a strange thing the whole relationship between Disney
and Fox and that acquisition you know yes they got a lot of classic Fox things
like The Simpsons on Fox TV is still gonna be Fox TV that they own but it’s
it’s such a weird relationship it’s all very strange but it’s sort of a natural
thing to drop that name given the TV don’t work yeah I wanna go with HBO for
a little bit with a couple new shows on HBO now that Watchmen and His Dark
Materials have concluded first of all Watchmen there will be no season two as
far as HBO is concerned I haven’t watched it yet but you guys talk about
it like it’s the best thing on TV in years and it is the best things I’m
shocked here there won’t be season two after hearing you reviews I have to say
this great choice really awesome choice this is the right choice I totally want
more this is one of the best series to come out in the last decade it ends on a
perfect note and if you don’t have a story to tell don’t do it yep don’t do
it and even though you could say it ends on a cliffhanger
sorts you know where you your appetite for more that is exactly how the
original Watchmen was written as well and it’s how it was a complete
intentional table in Lofton this his team of writers really envisioned this
to be a single-season show the stand on its own which I think it absolutely does
and Lindelof has said he doesn’t he didn’t he doesn’t have motivation he
hasn’t have an idea a German idea to tell a season two he would have been
happy because obviously he doesn’t own the rights he would have happy to watch
a season two if someone else took the reins and ran with it
and the fact that HBO was showing the restraint on such a critically acclaimed
show I think it tells you there’s no good idea
well that that they still value the quality over just the quantity and I
don’t think a studio movie studio would have that same restraint no Hugh bad
voice for but I think the door is open years down the road if they come back
and have a good idea though I think HBO would totally be in and I’m sure Damon
Lindelof would be from the line for someone to come up with that guy idea
having work with that material and this store this version of the story for so
long HBO’s to do shows the have you guys any
of you seen Avenue five nope I don’t watch it yet this is from the creator of
veep and if heap is concluded so it’s a space the science fiction show it’s
about like a almost hitchhiker to the guy hates hikers Guide to the galaxy
like in a comedy comedy yep it stars house m.d. yeah Hugh Laurie in space
okay yeah as the captain I believe the space Cruise is using his natural accent
um no American America Dex huh and I haven’t seen either so actually don’t
know okay but that’s out there also Kirby enthusiasms back season ten one of
the best shows ever oh man so long between this year that was like three
years yes ins yeah yeah it’s like the second
time it’s come back after Larry David said he’s done done with it and it’s
still good into movie news this is deep in the
rumor mill but it’s rumor that Tyco ytt may be working on a Star Wars film at
least he’s been approached and this is following on his direction of the finale
which was so well received the mandalorian and also being in the
already in the house of mouse with director of Thor 3 Thor Thor for this
feels like Disney not taking that full pause on a Star Wars well thinking that
they probably should you need that runway it’s not like the movies didn’t
come out next year there were four is coming out next year yeah so he’s worth
he’s gonna be out of commission in terms of filmmaking you know if he was to work
on a Star Wars film it wouldn’t be for four years so really it’s about does he
want to make that type of commitment I think this is grabbing at a trend
instead of focusing on a story I think it’s getting talented people locked in
to develop hopefully ideas that they can review with and not just then discard
because of creative differences that’s it
yeah I mean that’s what comes to mind when I see this headline is that the
fear that three years from now or two years from now they sort of Lucasfilm
you have differences that but he’s the one I mean this is we talk about the
Doctor Strange in the amount of madmen on the multiverse of madness director
scott derrickson leaving the hourlies director’s seat of the film because of
creative differences and Marvel that it worries me because on one hand tyka they
get let tyka make Thor Ragnarok which is such a departure from Thor 1 & 2 being a
straight-up comedy and then they another hand they won’t let presumably we don’t
know if the story is scott derrickson make a horror film and they’re playing
it safe their Star Wars the franchise where I cannot imagine them not wanting
to play it safe on the big screen because the stakes are you know you need
to make two billion and not 1 billion really I mean I that’s presumably why
they you know they didn’t have the directors of solo on Lord yeah but who knows that’s a lot of
inside baseball we don’t know about I would I from one would love to see
Tiger ytt write and direct a Star Wars film doesn’t need to be part of that any
saga standalone Star Wars film I don’t know like like I said watching mandolin
I think you would we don’t want to go into Star Wars like deep right but I
will say that the comedy in the last episode of Mandalorian struck a chord
with me like that’s something that could be done exactly and if taiko white titi
could do that yes could bring comedy to Star Wars way that’s just like let’s
just go in on this mm-hmm I think it could work but I don’t think that that’s
playing it safe I think that that is a departure that’s what I’m saying and I’m
but the fear is that again that may be what they will allow on TV in the
Mandalorian and or the comics or the cartoons you know the animated stuff is
not what they would allow on the big screen because the stakes are higher
yeah yeah because it’s not just about viewers watching one episode of a show
that they ever bought into and pay the school ship in subscription fee for but
you need to get people to pay 8 10 bucks 20 bucks for IMAX to watch and make a
billion dollar billion plus you know the fact that the rise of Skywalker cross a
billion dollars and people were not trumpeting that is success it says a lot
says that the expectations are way too high they’re not they’re not I mean it’s
a golfclap of a you made it you inched over a billion dollars that’s you yes
that’s so sad the film today and will could make a billion dollars worldwide
and and not be seen as a it now to be objectively it is a success that’s money
in the bank right yeah but I know from a shareholder and probably from
expectation standpoint what was the husband from what was it 200 million
like that it was probably closer to half a billion you think you include
marketing 100% cheese yeah yeah I mean they look at endgame three billion
dollars I think they wanted that difference for the billion to three
billion two billion dollars where we’re going next
oh hey some speaking Star Wars Oscar Isaac has found his next project we’re
wondering where one of these Star Wars actor is gonna do now that the Rises now
with the Skywalker saga is over I can’t wait I mean I I really I love the new
cast so much I can’t wait to see what john boyega’s gonna do what did uh what
uh Daisy Ridley’s gonna do what Kelley retreads gonna do and Oscar Isaac who’s
already had a lot of success outside of Star Wars what he’s gonna do and the
thing he’s doing next it’s another it’s a comic book adaptation this is this is
funny the movies called the great machine and it’s based off of a comic
book by Brian Kavon called ex machina do you mean isn’t that the title of a movie
that Oscar Isaac and in in Exum ex machina is the title of a movie
completely unrelated that Oscar Isaac also started it’s gotta be the same can
see you key you don’t write the title ex machina or dos ex machina without the
same basic conceit well the conceit of the comic book is completely different
than that ex not gonna film it’s not it’s just a phrase the conceit of the
comic book-y I think obviously they have to call it the great machine because
it’s not the ex mama don’t confuse it with ex machina which a lot of people
love and I think it’s a great film but it’s I mean it’s a mayor of New York who
is the world’s only superhero who can communicate with machines and one of the
twists is that he was able to stop one of the planes from hitting a building in
9/11 Oh what is this in comics this is written it like in lived 10 years ago
and so there’s one tower left he has this like jetpack he stopped one of the
planes and he ran for mayor and through some fluke he got basically 100 percent
of the vote and it’s it’s he’s a politician that’s also used to be a
superhero it goes back and forth between his time
as a superhero and it’s time it’s politician I don’t know how that’s gonna
adapt it it’s actually a really great comic book I’m not doing great service
by describing it this way some it’s twists and turns how was the comic
book received very well yeah it’s very very well sprite cave on who did why the
last man he’s known for writing these long epic
stories that are too sensational despite you know the this applauding here but
I’m excited to see Oscar Isaac getting this role
Jeremy you always ask when is gonna be the moment when comics go too far reach
that moment for me yeah kind of feel that way although I will say this
reminds me of a comedians in cars getting coffee episode where Matthew
Broderick gets taken out in a Lamborghini and he makes the point about
the producers that when the producers was made it was only 20 years after the
Holocaust and that they’re making a lot of fun out of Hitler really really
recent you know after the after the tragedy and that would be like making a
comedy now about 9/11 it’s not a comedy though there’s supposed to be a drama
maybe it’s I hope it’s gonna be like West Wing with superheroes because it’s
about the politics next door even worse it’s I hope it’s gonna be good okay back
to Star Wars to pursue a life in pop culture rise and resistance is open to
Disneyland yes I thought you’re gonna go Jeremy I’m gonna go have you seen the
crowd I thought you were here to go for opening day yeah I’m so glad I did you
saw that you did people waiting in line the night before there is like some type
of reservation system yeah when that open people in line waiting to get into
a park you know 3 a.m. you can you didn’t even log in it’s on your app you
don’t think go too fast pass on your app and you get in line into a queue yeah
and you know you have to be within the park boundaries to do it I don’t know uh
I’m gonna wait I’m gonna I’m waiting but hopefully the you normally midweek in
January is pretty light and so I’m hoping that that’ll light enough maybe
I’ll take a trip down later there’s no such thing as light at Disney anymore
yeah no no but but compared to the weekends it’s a relative thing I’m
really curious what the lines will be like on the East Coast at Disney World
where rise of resistance has been open for a little bit already not only good
effects that you don’t think you don’t think it
effect is Neal and I don’t think that the opening and Disneyland will affect
the Disneyworld mom I’m saying like what that what the disparity of minds are
yeah right because when galaxy’s edge opened the
there were no big lines because everyone stayed away I wasn’t planning to go to
this until I watched the last episode of Imagineering documentary the managing
story on Disney Plus and it got me really excited about it it’s a by all
accounts you know arguably the best ride at Disney like this is a big deal if you
if you’re into rights and the Disney Imagineering you know what they do and
it’s an 18 minute ride you’re giving away too much already
well no not this everyone knows this I don’t yeah I think it would be a nice
surprise from Billy Coen even cooler right what but I mean I yeah it’s in
that I just know that from the documentary if you’d really don’t want
to know anything sure go for it but it’s a it’s a very long ride that
incorporates part of the experience into the line itself in a new way which I
like you know it’s a good way to keep the audience entertained but the ride
itself supposed to be quite good and I can’t wait I wonder if they meant to
have this open with galaxy’s edge and just couldn’t get it done in any case
this is this was always intended to be the main attraction the galaxy touch the
Millennium Falcon was supposed to be this for the second ride Wow
so this is it I can’t wait I want to get down there I will hopefully come back in
three weeks with the report from Walt Disney World because that’s where I’m
going in in two weeks Super Bowl week you know I’m gonna test that myth that
Super Bowl day is the worst day best day to go to Disneyland it’s not Disney
World it’s in SeaWorld yeah you are in Florida I will be like
300 miles away for more Super Bowls happening your home teams in it that’s
right it’s a crazy man go Niners and our last story we’ve been big fans
of derecho gallio’s show in and of itself Adam talked so much about it and
amongst the show concluded a wrap-up it’s run on Broadway they were filming a
documentary during its run and that documentary will make its debut at South
by Southwest this year I’m so excited any opportunity to relive any moment
that show and when they just kind of jump face you should watch Jeremy in and
of itself like the highest recommendation I mean it’s always a
little bit of a trick translating what you see on stage just something in
person and from what we gather it’s gonna be completely different wait wait
this is a documentary about the show yeah I don’t think it’s gonna be the
show it can’t be the show I think it’s about the making of the show maybe
they’ll intercut with bits from the show I’m it’s 90 minutes it’s documentary as
you enter the show you take a nametag or a tag that has an adjective that
describes yourself it’s an identity play yeah you have to grab a card that says I
am yeah there’s a million different you can’t do that at home I don’t think it’s
gonna be the show yeah sure his name is crusher yeah I think well
identity playwright I think it’s about the impact the show had about his
journey writing the show and a Frank I was directing it and some of the
audience reactions to it I think it’s me about that the show’s over right it’s
done it’s a I don’t think he can I don’t think it’s gonna be a straight
documentary I think there’s it’s gonna be a little weird like it’s a magic
trick Derek is like a strange guy Frank Oz is
not gonna direct something kind of down the middle at this stage he directed
this he directed the directed the magic show really yeah he would sit in the
back and watch i sat next to forever Frank Oz set behind me what I saw that’s
yeah well man I mean you the wait when you
talked about it having come back from New York and see that it’s very envious
so I will I will certainly watch that so I understand the show better I have
there some you know few things in my life that I regret one of which is
missing Hamilton when he was in New York with the opportunity to see it like
literally we were looking at shows to buy you could have been cool and it
could have been so cool now you’re so cool like Daniken said we should go see
this thing all Hamilton I read a review York Times like uh how about see
something else or we know the tickets are so expensive whatever reason we
missed the opportunity so Bob one of those regrets and I made up for peace
with God we flew to New York to watch this show you flew there to see this
well we flew for like something like a the anniversary thing and we saw it and
well when the documentary comes out we’ll talk more about
perhaps I went by myself and I felt super awkward and then loved every
minute of it was that your descriptor you were I am alone a loner we will have
the spoiler of this show I want at some point well I’d have a spoiler field
discussion do you know if it’s coming we do is still untitled on this yes but why
don’t we describe the actual no you didn’t hack said you wanted to because
it was still alive yeah I wanna spoil is this coming to theaters or it must be I
think it’s gonna go it be itself by with the it’s a station of someone picking it
up it might be a Netflix you might be Amazon you know it’s one of the this is
one of those things that I’d be happy to watch 30% of it to kill then to banette
two minutes two minutes you’ve selected to watch it all right before we move on
to our next segment we got a long show so far already I’ll
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slash test for more information all right let’s get through tech news
relatively quickly but it’s not as important its pop culture well there’s a
lot more power I see a lot more Picard this began there’s a lot of VR so I
wanna make sure we have time to get to that too first of all on the Apple side
there is potentially a low-cost iPhone coming this was long rumored and
Bloomberg’s mark Kerman has reported that it’s entering a mass production in
February the prevailing theory is that it will look similar to the iPhone 8 so
not the iPhone 10 not edge to edge screen and that it will incorporate a
touch ID as opposed to face ID so 4.7 inch screen and it will also use the
same processor as the iPhone 11 so latest speed latest processor but a
worse display and also no face ID no edge edge screen and the station of the
cameras that actually doesn’t sound too bad like isn’t the iPhone 8 is what
probably about 500 bucks or something like that right now it’s I believe 450
so are we thinking about something in that range of price maybe $50 less 399
it would be might be a compelling point for the masala dad so I have no doubt
that a price point of 399 for iPhone is gonna be hugely attractive and it will
sell a ton of units also apples you know the the long-play theory is that they
raise the minimum product that the price of smartphones to $1000 the new norm and
got other people one they were able to sell phones at a thousand bucks plus
like the iPhone 11 pro max is what like 12 1212 50 or something just start it’s
absurd amount if you think about how much the smartphones were costing what
subsidies 10 years ago now but people are paying it we’re paying it there’s
the whole loan program and the whole you know multiply the upgrade program you
know figuring out a way to make more money
making phones that carts cost marginally more than the phones are making for them
in years past at the same time got the market to raise to follow suit got
Samsung to start selling $2,000 phones right and at the same time one of the
theories is that while Samsung has sold a bunch of phones at $1,000 and famously
not being able to sell like with galaxy fold premium phones at over $1,000
Apple has then snuck in and you know renamed the 10r into b11 and sold the 11
for a reasonable relatively reasonable price of 800 bucks and now coming in
potentially selling in with a low cost phone of maybe $400 it’s interesting
that normally Apple has no problem having samsung follow suit and copy them
yeah and you’re spinning that as a positive this time around that they
conned Samsung to raise their prices to a point where only has a problem with
that either what the field Samsung maybe did sell as
many as they whatever maybe they could have that’s implicit their prices 800
they might have done better in the market in terms of market share but they
fall suit and so one of the the you know they could have injured their way into
owning not only the high end but also the mid range at $400 now you got to
make a comparison to the iPhone se right which was the iPhone 5 with a faster
processor and a daily cost was a big appeal to the se buts that different
than the 5c yes the 5c that was plastic the 5s and that was the low cost phone
right right this feels more like if if they are gonna put a low cost phone with
iPhone 89 this feels more like a 5c then it feels like the 5s see so that’s using
and if I can’t understand this like this is what Jobs came in and like wiped out
when he came back to half and simplify the skiers yeah my argument is or my
question I guess is is Apple discounting the popularity of small form-factor
and missing an opportunity to sell a ton of these
new phones by going with an iPhone 8 chassis because iPhone a chassis and I’m
sure they’ve done the market research and I’m sure people love big screens and
people like oh okay for three dollars 450 for an iPhone 8 size phone with a
fast processor a good camera sign me up I’m in for that but I know there’s got
to be a segment of users who are looking at the growing size of phones
and once something like the 5s see in the SE once something like you know
nothing fast processor I don’t need a giant phone so instead of 4.7 inch like
where are you time 4 and a half inch one and a half but also the aspect ratio
being a little taller a candy bar phone I don’t think so I don’t feel like I’m I
mean I know who those users are that doesn’t mean they don’t exist but I
think we’re at the place where like that for net and that four and three-quarter
sizes and I’m is dead you think it’s dead I mean I I think
it’s I think it’s unfortunate I think if I gave you a iPhone 5 which was the
thinnest phone they’ve married and the smallest lightest phone they’ve made and
as a iPhone user now I’m like I’ve accepted the fact that the phone is this
big right the 11pro is that big 11 is that big I love it even bigger but I’m
holding a five I missed that how light that phone was I miss how small that
phone was and maybe Apple will go back to that sometime in the future and maybe
they’ll charge more for it maybe that’s not a maybe that’s the MacBook Air
equivalent or the MacBook you know when they read into the MacBook it may in
charge a premium for thin and light anyway that’s all in the rumor rumor
mill Apple also made a lot of news this week in terms of its privacy policy and
there’s a story out of Reuters that said that Apple may be in it and if you even
follow us news you know that Apple is kind of in a at odds with the Justice
Department right now over the unlocking unwillingness to unlock a suspects phone
but the report from Reuters is that Apple dropped plans to encrypt backups
on iCloud after the FBI complained or maybe to appease perhaps the FBI what do
you think Apple’s internal designs are for cooperating with the government
because they can’t do it publicly I say it’s a Chinese Chinese got rid
they’ll do it the Apple can’t come out and say okay FBI we will unlock that
phone they won’t they’ll never do they’ll never and and why are our tools
that the FBI could use yes I lock the photos what I’m saying maybe there’s
there’s another way you know there’s like back channels to teams of people
who’s the entire company is hacking iPhones they could feed them a method or
I don’t think they do lady nor not block an exploit that they’ve discovered you
know soon enough in order to block them from beyond the
unlock a store that’s a real slippery slope and that’s bad policy regardless
well hey what do you think they are selling is private privacy and we have
encrypted backups if you backup your phone locally on a computer so you think
iTune do you think Apple’s genuine Vince in that they will never cooperate with
unlocking any kind of phone and they will do everything they can to lock all
this whole I think they’ve done so far their stance and their big marketing
message is that that’s different than an internal stance and if we want to be
realistic about it I’m inclined to believe that they will give in
especially they have shown they will cave you know to pressure which is
disappointing if that’s what their message has been I so I wonder if this
is just them capitulating to public perception or the risk of public
perception if they are seen as not eating law enforcement in some way like
actually stopping crimes do you think that’s the message that
will come out from the FBI in law enforcement
like we need this to stop crimes from happening
yeah and Apple doesn’t want to be in like a PR war around that that’s been
the message from the president already yeah I mean I think oh and like the
president today announced that he wants to work
Apple on encryption so that there’s like a public stance going back and forth
here I don’t think they lose in the court of public opinion unless
information is leaked unless there is some type of data leak which there
hasn’t been so far and I don’t think unfortunately I don’t think the vast
majority people even those who follow the Apple in news care that their data
is not encrypted server side a reasonable solution might be to offer
that and let it be opt-in and maybe not by default that’s terrible but Google
does it Google does encrypted both ways your your data your your Google backup
because it’s so much more than what’s on your phone it’s the whole cool ego it’s
where you live yeah yeah all that your location yes sir all like that’s
encrypted on their side and your side with keys that you generate locally but
on iCloud it is not secure I mean email isn’t secure either you know it’s to be
honest yeah right this feels very wishy-washy from Apple like go one way
or the other it feels like this is just a loophole to you know straddle the line
I think this is gonna be settled in courts more than is gonna be settled by
local policy because I’m sure we’re gonna get into court cases where where
law enforcement is gonna be able to compel your face to unlock your phone
hmm thinking about that that’s really gets real messed up I have my my kids
already like hold the phone up to my face and before I can tell what they’re
doing it’s unlocked it all it takes you were to get to some of the valve news in
VR of course with half life Alex but a little bit of maybe news is that at CES
Android police had a chat with a director of project management for
Chrome OS on the Google side and one bit of news that was released is that they
are looking into bringing the steam to Chromebooks the steam client this is
craziness they can’t what like steam runs in the
cloud or is like a local local on the on the Linux kernel okay so the question is
what would you able to what would you play well
what everyone’s team whatever the Chromebook could run and Chromebooks are
pup are powerful there are some books that you can get on the high end that
are powerful certainly games that that don’t require powerful PC let’s team as
well most people that have Chromebooks do not have powerful Chromebooks they
have the kind of low-end kind of use for school kind of but there are plenty of
you know 2d games that you could potentially get
it’s just another storefront it’s a it’s a big deal because this is laying them
perhaps it’s the install native App Store for games because go maybe it’s
not as viable on the on the chrome store right now
chrome a store all this games can I just can’t I just wonder if steam will ever
launched a stadia type service or you can just play every game on Steam strand
that’s a huge engineering undertaking and you know if you go by and I think
companies like Microsoft and PlayStation have the backend and the helper support
to perhaps launch that google has showed it struggled already with stadia you
know maybe over-promising the the feature set and very high expectations
given how much resources they put into it but in sturms of stadia news there is
news and stadia they said that they are going to have a hundred and twenty games
coming in 2020 that’s tracking right now and that also probably includes the
backlog that catalogs but their partnership with you be soft and there
you play plus doom Eternals come into it yeah yeah are you excited for doom
eternal I wasn’t until I watched this recent noclip podcast interview with
dude from it’d he’s an excellent interview and they post-mortem the first
doom which I didn’t dig a whole lot and I related to the post-mortem they like
kind of admitted what I found at fault with it and which is what you could play
it wrong you could play you could play it with the double-barrel shotgun just
run up to people and blow them up and you didn’t have to do a lot of you know
strafing behind and you know weapons switching and you know jumping around
and acrobatics and they apparently you know that they strive to fix that and
the game now forces you into the fun zone and
it sounds like a game that I will enjoy more hmm you if I have time for it yeah
it’s like that yeah you know you want it I want the time for yeah I’m actually
really glad about our next story because cyberpunks been delayed and I know it
sucks for building long waiting for it but it’s been pushed till the fall but
better to get it right what who was it’s Miyamoto that said you know late game is
potentially good every game released too early is always bad that’s that’s
absolutely right yes so push till to September 17th cyberpunk 2077 still
crossing fingers for some type of VR support eventually that’s a game that’s
that’s the next game I’m not they’ve never they’ve never said that crossing
yeah one could dream yeah one can dream if Microsoft can have its opinions
changed and incorporate VR it’s a flight simulator you know maybe maybe CD
Projekt people have wanted GTA 5 since that came out in VR and there’s been
hacked yes you can you can do it with a mod but yeah it’s not native no that
would be that’s if it’s gonna happen to some game like that you’d think that
would be it yeah yeah I will say though Lofa if you want that kind of Blade
Runner vibe low fine looks quite good and you can
buy it you can get by early access right now if they’re also the developer it’s
gonna promises to he has a little arcade with playable arcade games in it it’s
gonna put Star Wars in it oh are you serious wow that’s cool yeah yeah not
not playable just League happen it can that be there it’s cool yeah when you
provide them the model or they’re like Mike and Sean provided assets Wow nice
Easter Egg I got to play that now all right that does it for technology news
before we move on to our next section I won’t let you know that this episode is
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see capital 1.com for details now it’s time for a moment of science
all right there’s a ton of VR news so I’m gonna keep this brief but first
breaking Piccard news whoa so Patrick Stewart went on the view
today and he was talking about the season and he have fishel II invited one
of the view co-hosts to be on season 2 oh I can guess who that is yeah that’s
one of my wife’s favorite characters what do we think about guidin coming
back I’m Pro gyno and we’re in the Nexus Allen we’re in the Nexus folks yeah she
got emotional and got up and hugged him oh my goodness like this was really did
you get like to get this and said it wasn’t planned hey even if it’s
contrived I bought in there all right so just a couple stories this week we
first have to talk about what’s happening in Wuhan in in China this is a
city of about ten million people it’s essentially on lockdown right now public
transportation is shut down through Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
flights are canceled in and out of this city because they detected about a month
ago maybe like even eight weeks a transmission from a animal market that
had fish and other livestock a virus that went from animals to humans
it’s a corona virus which is this broad class of viruses that includes stuff
like SARS and MERS that tend to when they cross over to humans cause
respiratory ailments now in the case of the corona virus and Wuhan they’ve
demonstrated that it is being transmitted human to human typically
through coughs and sneezes and that’s why they’ve shut down all the
transportation around Wuhan to try to stem the spread of the disease there’s
already been a confirmed case that has landed in the u.s. so that all right
yeah in Seattle they set up screening at airports where they’re taking people’s
temperatures there’ll be infrared cams that are
she’s looking for people that have fevers walking through the reason
they’re taking this so seriously is because of what happened with SARS years
ago where we had I think there was just short of a thousand deaths from SARS in
about eight thousand cases if you remember that a while ago that scientist
Jo Durie C was on still entitled talking about all sorts of viruses and stuff
scare us episode ever Jo is largely credited with one of the scientists that
first characterized stars and one of the reasons SARS was a bigger deal is we had
a hard time tracking that virus down we just tracking the infection the vector
of the entire spread in this case the corona virus has already been identified
that’s causing this we don’t know how it went from the animals to humans at this
point so they still have to understand that but it’s essentially already been
isolated so while they’re nervous about it we’re like leaps and bounds ahead of
where we were with SARS but because of SARS are taking these huge precautions
about its spread made of seen in the news lots of stories about the spike in
the number of cases at this point we aren’t sure if that’s actually because
there’s been more cases or just more characterization of the cases like more
just diagnosis but at this point we’re in the low few hundreds of cases being
identified at this point about 15 to 20 percent have serious respiratory
ailments where they’ll have to go essentially on a ventilator and a number
of patients have already died but at this point I think we’re actually in
like weirdly I’m very optimistic about where we are around this like the
Chinese government has been apparently pretty transparent about what’s
happening here there’s been a lot of coordination across country lines to
contain this and a lot of shared information so far in terms of the
science so we can actually stem the tide it’s a really serious issue but not one
that I think anyone should be panicked about and be wearing masks everywhere
you go but it seems like we are starting to get
a handle on it and probably in the coming weeks we’ll we’ll learn more but
this is essentially imagine this world that we’re living in that coronavirus in
1918 because that’s what killed there’s a flu virus that spread in 1918 that
killed off a million-plus people and essentially because we couldn’t track
the vectors we didn’t understand where it was coming from
we couldn’t quarantine people’s transmission we had just million like
near a million people died from that entire spread so you can see how much
progress we’ve made in sort of containing this situation still really
such a serious situation to the point where they shut down transportation
about ten plus million person city that’s what I mean logistics about is
crazy because it all it takes is a few people to get through and the fact that
that works is a testament to just like how will organize like you said we are
today yeah on a different note let’s talk about rockets going exploding oh
boy in a good way SpaceX is a weak expected way launched a
a test where they blew up some of their own Falcon 9 rocket as part of safety
testing for their new Dragon capsule and what they demonstrated in this series of
tests is the Dragon capsule ability to be to eject and like demonstrate it’s
like ability to parachute off and then detonate the Rockets remotely before it
reaches orbit super successful great visuals a huge success moment and sets
up another success on the way for SpaceX to actually put the Dragon capsule into
place this is a pretty key safety bar for them to hit for this to go forward
so I was pretty excited about that slow D and last thing NASA is looking for
names okay for their next Mars rover and it’s not a boaty mcboatface situation
but it’s close they have set up an online poll where kids in in grade
school have up with have submitted a list of nine
names for the rover okay so alright tell me which one you like the best
okay are we gonna list them I’m gonna list them now this list order
I think bias is a little bit but we’re gonna read them as they’re displayed
it’s fortitude ingenuity tenacity perseverance promise endurance vision
clarity and courage so just note when you refresh the page they’ll change the
order oh nice at least mine was in a different order
than you mm-hmm I also say it looks like each name came from a different grade
set yeah so there’s like k23 and then you know high school and middle school
okay kind of levels if you have a favorite out of the nine yes
which one vision vision no for a rover yeah
because I feel like that’s what it gives us and I realize the others are more
heartfelt but but the vision seems more literal and I like that I’m on the
either perseverance or fortitude because I think the Mars landscape is very very
challenging place to be and so I like the the Mark Watney style work the
problem situation I look at fortitude up my imagine if this was open to the
public you know the the Mars rover fortnight might have been was chosen
I like ingenuity oh look it we all chose very different things yeah when I look
last night there had only been about 5,000 votes in this and NASA said
they’re gonna take the name that you vote on under consideration so no
promises no promises that’s boaty mcboatface for you but you should all go
vote and mean do I have to sign in don’t know oh I voted you know it’s a sign in
okay done great thanks NASA and is it for a moment of science the VR
minute virtual reality this week all right
hey let’s let’s not talk about half-life Alex’s yet still parsing through so much
of the comments in the AMA let’s talk about Pavlov well sure it’s not
technically news is it but it’s part of the discussion we have been playing a
lot of Pavlov on quests that is the news Pavlov Shack is out
well yeah cuz it fell on to it was always intended to be on side quest and
it finally showed up almost a month ago maybe three weeks ago and and I’d played
it with you on PC and I enjoyed it but I’d always I kind of thought the quest
version wouldn’t be as good so like I was late to that party I never seeked it
out and I didn’t even stall it when it showed up on side quest right away but
my son loves counter-strike I’m so I said to hey I might have a game for you
try this and he fell in love with this game like this is all he wants to play
now so hence I’m playing it a lot inviting you to play it a lot and it’s
not funny your son is 12 years old it’s well 13 in a couple weeks you and it
wasn’t beat saber oh no he’s like you know he’s like super
good at beat saber right but yeah in fact he’d probably still be playing beam
saber had I not given him Pavlov but Pavlov and he’s a Minecraft and
four-night player previously but in terms of great but now with this is the
one thing he wants to play yeah yeah he’s crazy that’s crazy no I completing
the same boat where I love paying Pavlov on the index I love the image quality
the fast refresh rate and I was suspicious about the playability on
quest but I’m really enjoying on quest as well the performance is really good
yeah I mean I when he played it he was like why isn’t this in the store this is
really good now some of the graphics on it one of the maps in particular is
pretty rough and there’s lacking some features you can’t form parties sure
have to hit join at the same time you know start a boys chat and just join you
also can’t group I feel like early access can’t group mute you can’t turn
your mic off in the game these are all things that they have you got modes like
TTT zombies you got search-and-destroy I’ve got the gun game stuff all the
weapons are there all the reload mechanics work real mechanics work the
sniper stuff they’re using just the hollow scope as opposed to outsite and
ESPO sexual scope that might be a performance issue as well make sure
which makes it easier to snipe on the quest but is that the real mechanic is
that the big thing right it’s the how dexterous your your hands need to be
yeah to use these these firearms in this you know in the games and when you got
full servers of 5v5 like this feels like counter-strike more so than even Pavlov
on desktop VR he was like I mean not in terms of the the the search destroys the
same game mode but in terms of where it is in the VR world like whatever
represents for VR is what counter-strike represented for PC gaming back in 1999
that’s what Pavlov feels like now the excitement over it the kind of mod
aspect of it that’s not from established publisher it’s not an official story a
side load this the rough graphics of it the ongoing development this is also
reminiscent to the counter-strike community which was one of the things
that drove PC gaming people buying graphics cards people getting faster
internet connections the whole communities built around that in not
that early arms in 99 2000 that’s what Pavlov feels like now with the benefits
of all the piggyback and all the mechanics that have been developed since
that time yeah I would I’ve never played Counter Strike because I’ve always been
bad at it because before I should say because the community has always been so
good at it and it is the main mode of Counter Strike is perma def until the
end of that round and I don’t know maybe it’s that Pavlov the community is still
so new that eyes don’t suck so much and I can compete that I’m enjoying it a lot
more is there’s not cross play yet with the PC users is that a real big problem
because your frak during the community well it would be
better if it works cross-play but it’s there’s plenty of players cuz it is free
there’s always players online there’s always people playing and if not it
drops bots in who aren’t half-bad although it’s far better with people but
like you said all the modes are in there and we’re having a really good time like
it and I want I wish that I was better than formed about this at one point it
was not coming to the store and as far as I know that’s still the case and it’s
going to be on sidequest and that might be the end of it but I
think onward is coming to the store and maybe I’m curious if anybody can let us
know has Pavlov been submitted subnet well-accepted hmm yeah chewed through
the end is eventually coming properly to oculus quest because that would only
improve the user base and I think that’d be a really good thing
yeah that’s clearly finished I’d be I’m curious why they wouldn’t accept it I
think it’s playable I don’t know would you’d say finish
no absolutely things that all those things I mentioned still have to be
added yeah but stick bra gameplay like you can tell if if I were an oculus I
would be like yeah just fix these things and you’re in yeah it seems good yeah
I’m not sure exactly what the short requirements are but it’s super easy to
sideload it there’s a whole naming thing where you got a use side quest to change
your name if your character and loud for microphone input and but it works it’s
super playable super fun I would say you know we’re beat Sabre is the mainstream
killer app potentially for for for quest yeah and VR this is that a little more
of the hardcore it’s a general killer yeah and if I could make one request to
the developers if you’re out there I have a 13 year old playing the game I
would love if you put in the menus of the game itself mic muting and voice
chat muting that’d be awesome because right now he has to do it manually for
everybody like I’m sure we all agree voice chat isn’t always pg-13 that’s
right yeah it almost never also on side quests there’s update to tea for god i
wish i could tell you that you didn’t play it no but it’s a massive update and
this is a beloved game this is one of those games that like does something no
one else has done before which is creates ease non-euclidean
worlds where you turn a corner and you walk in a circle and it’s a whole
different space it has to be single-player it is using yeah exactly
redirected walking but like you said not including the worlds it’s breaking the
rules of physics and space yes in a way that you can only do in VR and it’s
customized for your play space which is a very rare thing in VR procedurally
generated environment and it what they’ve added is just a lot more
complexity and an interest see to what you can do in the world and interact
with you like the menus and it’s supposed to be very good I’m sorry I
don’t have more of a review for it but I saw it was on SciQuest I can’t wait to
play it so one of the updates in there changelog is that they are actively
working on hand tracking support as well yeah controller free hand tracking
support and which a lot of developers are doing right now with a quest we’ve
seen a lot of great videos put out of people manipulating hand tracking for
physics space interactions but also you I you know mapping things in the real
world also we’ve just reached the tip of the
iceberg for the potential of hand tracking on a mass user device like the
quest and you can install some very basic demos inside quest and you’re
curious about what a hand tracking can do oculus has not yet released anything
official on the quest or using hand tracking they didn’t expect developers
to have anything ready until later well until this year so also sorry
SciQuest there’s updates I quest I’m looking for it yeah and I don’t know
yeah they had a big announcement this morning it seems like there’s going
they’re going to start having paid games inside quest which is interesting
because it is really the alternative to the official quest store and they’ve
never charged for anything they there have been games for sale but they’ve
been through each dot IO and they just simply link to that store it seems like
they will be having a I button in there which we know which is which is fine
which is great as long as oculus is still cool with this and they don’t
start banding side quest or you know side loading which knock on wood they’ll
never do cabal the updates want to mention budget cuts to which was
released late last year has now been updated with modifiers so you can kind
of play the game as you want and also most importantly
free locomotion which was one of my biggest requests for this and this might
get me to actually get through the game because I I mean it’s an option I don’t
know it’s the game probably isn’t designed with that for all the
challenges of the puzzles but I’d like the fact that it’s it’s there lets me
get into those precise positions where I want to peek around the corner yeah and
then use the total court mechanic after that its I feel less restricted me do
budget cuts to I felt and budget cuts one you know constrained without people
walk around the game for sale inside Quest is to the top to the talked was
famously denied my ocular stoop all right admitted into the quest store
however they did say they would welcome their sequel and so they’re friendly but
they had they had ported to the top to quest and it wasn’t accepted well now
you’ll be able to not only play but you can actually support the developers by
buying it inside quest this is fantastic I hope to see the same from climie and
knock on wood the same from jet from a jet island
I love jet island that is we can give free and wild locomotion the best is the
best locomotive I’ll well okay echo VR is the best but in terms of like
moving around on the planet I’d love Jedi yeah uh you know we’ve been
wondering when major Animation Studios would start experimenting in VR for
something to be seen publicly I know Pixar’s announced and Disney’s now they
have some projects going on but one of them is frozen – we’ll have a VR short
that will be unveiled at Sundance this this month what is a VR short these days
is it Henry is that I think it’s more with like your Angelica I think your
Angelica so far as my pinnacle of VR store telling the VR short at 360 right
what why is it why is it well is it through is that all that it
is it’s a story that happens all around very true because Henry was converted to
just 360 video and you could enjoy the story the same way you never really did
interaction no Henry had some programmable aspects program aspects
were hadn’t keep his eyes on you as you move your head around I contact stuff
somebody that you need VR or two and with eye tracking even better but you’re
right it’s mostly three kind of 360 video will you embody one of
the characters like will you be Olaf and you’re walking around interacting with
people I don’t I don’t know um you guys aren’t gonna get it cuz you haven’t seen
frozen – nope you won’t get it no only only frozen one he dreams of
summer that’s right what does this snowman do in summer yeah he doesn’t
recap a frozen one in frozen – that’s one of the funniest parts of the whole
movie just letting you know you still be still a hit Josh GAD hmm yeah yeah I
wish we were at Sundance to see it I hope there will be opportunities for
other people to see it I think it’s a it’s a it’s a caustic like why invest
money in these projects you’re not gonna let people see it well I just don’t get
it I mean I don’t I don’t know what this is I’m glad they’re experimenting with
VR I just don’t think of VR as being a
passive experience I don’t that’s why I don’t want to necessarily see movies
maybe created a VR VR I mean there’s the argument who made that like you could
watch you could be in a theater watching a performance and that would be more
like real life but I don’t know if I want to go through this struggle and
discomfort of wearing a headset in order to experience a passive experience like
that but that’s a short-term problem the friction of yeah headsets is something
that you presume and as a current problem it is it is but they still got
to work on the content maybe that’s not the problems the thing I mentioned
experiments in inquest and hand tracking Greg Madison on Twitter posted a video
sharing his experiments I believe it’s his experiments using unity and the
quest and mapping his own real space real living room in a quest environment
including a tabletop surface that could be used as a alternate reality interface
yeah and school ID grabs the map and moves it around this is really really
cool I mean it seems it’s interesting that he’s using VR for this because this
really is more of an augmented experience yeah and of course you you
miss map anything you miss map the Guardian system and and every any type
of misalignment screws this up completely
yeah obviously with latency as well but it’s it went viral and the credit should
be there I don’t think this is how we’ll be using
VR and hand tracking in the future no I think that this is more of a a are
improving concept I do think that there is opportunity to do some local slam and
slam it’s already local but in terms of using the cameras on a VR system if
you’re gonna have some type I pass through to also add geometry which they
kind of do right now with the reprojection it wouldn’t be this high
fidelity it wouldn’t be this high fidelity but also just recognizing
basically flat surfaces yes please my right now VR menus is because people
have experimented with you I spend kind of you know Ray casting and pinching and
grabbing things and maybe popping up a UI on your hand your virtual hand but if
it could use slam to see that there is a flat surface big enough whether it’s a
wall or a tabletop to then plant a menu on then having that tactile feedback
based in the real world in some type of pass through a UH VRA our would be
certainly a different type of UI make UX something I would love to try out man
it’s so exciting that this technology I love being at the beginning of it we’ve
been dating for a long time and so a long ways we we worked the beginning
into video games for a long time the early 80s and it continued to be
exciting like it was yeah yeah Iron Man VR which we’re excited to play
on PSP are delayed until May 15th again same thing goes play game essentially be
good rush game will never be good wait I’m sorry Iron Man’s delay till when May
15th okay just a couple months yeah yeah and are we ready to talk about Oh
otoscope permanent price cut one hundred forty five hundred forty nine dollars
yeah it’s gonna go away soon and removed from their enterprise yeah I think so
they’re not offering like super corporate deals where they’ll be able to
make cool experiences they’re pushing them to quest mm-hmm
what’s back in stock though is the vive deluxe audio i don’t want it say that
you know it’s not gonna be by the time this airs are you sure yeah this is went
back on sale a few uh it’s still it’s still available it’s worth checking if
it was available it is it’s still for here Add to Cart all right good luck
people nine nine bucks well the best upgrades you can get to a quest does
that add to cart’ button work for you oh maybe not
worth checking and something we’ll definitely be asking HCC about like it
was actually in stock on the Amazon and according to Reddit do but yeah so
there’s the weird stock coming back keep your IO path of the warrior co-op
launched oddly you and I both tried it the day was supposed to come out and we
didn’t have the option in our menus we will you know maybe it’s got update got
it well you just installed it yet EA so I don’t know yeah I’m sure I’m sure that
was a few days ago it’s probably live we should try it I look forward to trying
it you know coops fun yeah yeah yep and now we get to our valve news the nan
Alex news is that half-life games or what one no left 4 dead 3 they’ve come
out and said you mean wall to go there no still not working left for dat VR
yeah and it’s not something there they hadn’t working on there was that rumors
that it was you know their next secret project it is not one of the VR games
are working on right and also until half-life Alex comes out the entire
suite of traditional half-life flatscreen games from half-life 2 2
episode 2 that will be free to play on Steam they well that’s huge news yeah
including the mods to so you could actually play the VR versions the VR
fan-made versions yeah you mean on Steam or on quest
oh no I mean on either right yeah because you can play half-life 1 on
quest by in side loading the executable and then copying the source files over
there yeah if you own it on Steam and it’s completely legit and it’s wonderful
they’re the reason why they came out with left 4 dead 3 isn’t happening it’s
because there was a weird leak from HTC or somebody yeah I think there was a
PowerPoint presentation on HTC roadmap to set in 2020 you know VR is gonna be
big because of things like half-life Alex and then also they throw up their
left for dead lol ft3 years but it was purely speculative on there what a weird
thing to happen very weird yeah yeah and what and then they came out saying it
was just we’re just guessing we really don’t know anything but clearly like
it’s not happening yeah I don’t think valve is just doing a red herring uh and
then it lets talk about the half-life Alex AMA so you
can go to Reddit right now read the full thread it’s a long thread the half-life
Alex team spent a couple hours answering questions they drop a lot of information
we haven’t even had a chance to parse through all of it yep I’m gonna go
through some of the highlights including the fact that they are on tract that
they believe for release in March not right the game is done
they’re not planning on shipping a full SDK they’d like to see it released at
some point but it’s a ton of work because source 2 is a new tool set and
this is how they’ve done SDKs in the previous source release making the game
takes precedence and after that they looking at they look at what’s next the
game is done 80 developers at valve working on it their biggest development
team yet play testers at valve played two entire game multiple times right now
they’re doing polishing and fixing bugs which is where they hope to be at this
point of the development cycle they plan on releasing gameplay videos leading up
to launch so in the next month or so I hope to see gameplay videos to showcase
not only gameplay elements but also VR specific elements like the different
movement options so you dress new movement options what else did they say locomotion and comfort features are all
done including things like ceded game play left handed mode and they have
almost all their accessibility work done but there’s a little more like they want
to build and support for one-armed play so it would make reloading really very
different and they’re gonna have videos they said showing the different
locomotion options specifically this interesting they say they don’t render
arms fruit for all the good reasons that I think we know about we talked about
before a lot of people miss that you know I think that’s you’re missing the
point but they say that they actually do simulate invisible arms yes which
connect from your hands back to your hmd and we use those to detect impossible
things like completely closing a drawer over your wrists oh yeah that makes
sense so they used the uik yeah but the ika is
not shown because you don’t want the mismatch in the visuals if they can’t
precisely show where your elbows are mm-hmm for example the barnacles do you
saw them in the tested video some more details they say they don’t kill you
instantly you’ll deal with them in familiar ways and barnacles what do they
think of the ceilings yeah Sachin and the opportunities afforded by VR give
you new methods use against them they don’t move the player so they don’t grab
you and pull you your head up you just take damage while you’re underneath them
and the tongue is on you because they don’t want to disorient you and make you
uncomfortable I hope they’re not playing it too safe because I could I don’t I
don’t think I’d have a problem with that you wish that was an option to turn on
yeah yeah yeah interesting yeah it doesn’t sound like that’s gonna be there
yeah and they said as with many aspects of working on this game they had to find
new ways to make well-worn mechanics and other half-life’s tables into the
specific framework of VR now they say specifically calm when soldiers return
but in a form you’ve previously seen as well as new variations that keep the
players busy and take advantage of VR take advantage of VR how Jeremy I know
creatures respond to audio more than other some creatures respond to some
creatures respond to audio more than others others they don’t want spoil
anything but there’s an example of this but they’re particularly excited about
no what does that mean I don’t know hyper phone use that would
be cool as I’ve read I’ve hold your whistling whoo oh that mean need like if
you if you have to do it certain things over your voice or if it’s part of it it
could there be an audio puzzle I mean it doesn’t have to be a saudi oh that you
create you could be knocking things over the physics object and yeah I mean
distraction is the easy way to think about it but yeah and then the answer to
why there’s no jump in the game because the game includes ability to mantle in
continuous motion so if you need to get obstacle over an obstacle like a crate
or so forever you just mantle which means you cannot leap over it by just
walking over it Wow somebody is asking about horror and VR
and when Tristan one of the dev says personally I admit I cannot deal with
headcrabs in general and definitely not in VR if I’m testing
the game and I’m in an area where I know one of those things is around I will
move the headset hold it off my face as I play in 2d on a monitor what I mean
you can’t talk about that but you encountered a headcrab yourself I would
imagine any yeah yeah gosh well I mean there’s so many responses here and it’s
well worth reading weapons the weapons all require only one
hand but they can be optionally grabbed and steadied by your offhand they wand
really wanted to focus on simultaneous two-handed play throughout the game so
we need the player to always be easily able to have a free hand so that’s why
there’s not traditional two-handed weapons like a shotgun you hold with
with two hands and you brace and they keep the free hand busy with the gravity
gloves and movement world interactions flashlights and so on maybe we should
get this game sound good what’s the call again half-life Allen guy yeah I’ll
preorder it I think came a pre-order with your index purchase oh what a deal
what a deal indeed that might do it for our episode this week I think I might
have an episode of projections and the week depends how far along I get for
through the walking dead saints and sinners which I’ve been playing and for
a review they say it’s a 15 hour game and it is a long game so far that’s all
I can say about right now let us know what you think of the card yeah yeah
apologies for those of you who have not a chance to had a chance to watch it we
did it put our spoilers spoiler section early on if I can make a suggestion for
the audio listeners maybe you could post in the show notes the time code yeah our
discussion ends because but they won’t have the benefit of the rest screen
yeah you know what what am I do is I might record a separate audio segment to
stick at the front of the episode to say we have spoilers in the beginning you
jumped at this time yeah an audio warning for the supress poi lers that
will require some symmetric work we had a lot of great stuff on the site
it’s what is this Thursday when this is coming out oh you got to check the video
that we’re supposed to put up on Wednesday that we had T’s on so entitled
is actually coming up Thursday hope you guys enjoy
is this it that it will be this theta part of it yep yeah yep
and um a lot of good stuff I guess all I can say hey you guys you guys want to
promote talk about my daughter’s turning 10 on Friday oh happy birthday and then
your am i sending 13 a couple weeks later how does that work like in terms
of their like biologic does it work well or not well in terms of siblings having
that’s great birthdays are so close for a couple weeks there are only two years
apart and I think she enjoys that oh you know younger one yep enjoys it yep
got it yeah there’s still maybe just a little too close to Christmas but
besides that Wow it’s all good okay and do we been out
TRO this week potentially right Jeremy’s gonna look for that why does that I was
filibuster looking for more a bit half-life Alex info I think in the
future if we had a chance to recap Picard episodes we might do it toward
the end of the show and have a dedicated segment so if you are a audio engineer
audio editing not mixing and you want to create a segment interstitial music
piece for us for a Picard discussion really welcome it I’m sure there’s
plenty of fodder from this episode here that’s all it’s tickets tablets and make
it so dan gay make it so engage you can’t do both go ahead engage tea
Noro gray sorry you’re saying you were doing the dramatic pause you go you go there are four lights tea Oh gray hot no
chalk is that Klingon it seems likely on da mock and you know
do you know what it’s not me it’s tested calm
apparently the forums are officially down oh so we have no out room I have no
access to out dress Oh No okay we’re gonna come up with another
place to put the outros if that truly is the case or just do you think it’s
permanently down dodo if it’s not loading you know what the site might be
down right now or it could be our internet connection let’s see if it
tested itself yeah tested itself is not responding yeah
woof all right sorry no outro what you’re gonna get is what you just heard
our attempts at Picard sound effects hey thanks for listening this week we’ll be
back next week and we’ll be probably discussing Picard episode to seal and

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