Make Money Online On Fiverr $50 Per Gig Double Method + Bonus
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Make Money Online On Fiverr $50 Per Gig Double Method + Bonus

hey YouTube fam it’s a boy cave coming
at you here again today with another exciting video and I’m going to show you
in this video how you can make about forty five dollars per sale on a job
that you’ll be doing to help other people who want your service
alright and the thing about this is is I’m going to show you two methods to do
this and you’re going to want to stick around for this whole video because
later on in the video I’m going to show you how to really scale this thing up
and ramp it up and make even bigger money so I’m going to get you started on
that here or right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video my name is Kevin laner with Kevin – laner calm and as I told you earlier
in the video I’m gonna show you a way to day to make forty five dollars per sale
on a service that you’re gonna offer and I’m gonna show you two ways to do it and
also later on in the video that’s why you want to stick around because I’m
going to show you how to scale it up and make even bigger money with this
particular method then I’m gonna show you today alright alright guys well tell
you what I make all kinds of videos here for those that are newcomers and been to
my channel before I make all kinds of videos to show you guys how to make
money online from home and also the tools that I show you is also to make
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really but nevertheless reach down there below right now and hit that subscribe
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new videos which we do fairly regularly here okay alrighty guys with all that
out of the way let’s get started in on this video I’m kind of anxious here to
show this to you it’s gonna be a little bit detailed here so I want you guys to
hang out with me particularly toward the end of this video like I told you I’m
going to show you how you can really double this thing up or triple it up and
even make bigger money with this okay alrighty great okay so what we’re going
to do here is I’m going to switch over to my other monitor here and it won’t
take but just a second hang out with me here and we’ll get her done right now
and there we go alright okay guys now what we’re going to do is gonna come
over here to my favorite browser and to my favorite website which you guys have
seen my other videos here about fiber right you see it up here in
the address bar right up here at the top there now if you notice already here at
fiber I’ve typed into the search engine whiteboard animations as you see it here
whiteboard animation now what you’re going to be doing here in this
money making method here is you’re going to create a gig on whiteboard animations
now one of the methods that I’m going to show you that I was telling you out of
the two is you may be interested in this you might be a cartoonist a person who
likes to draw a person who likes artwork through this type so the first method
I’m going to show you is how you can do this yourself the second method is the
other way around that I’ll show you how if you don’t want to do it you can have
it done for you for your customers okay alright so the first thing you want to
do of course come here to fiber and you want to sign up for an account it’s free
to sign up here right and once you join the click on join once you sign up
whatever then you want to click on become a seller you want to sign up to
become a seller this is all free doesn’t cost anything guys
this can also be done anywhere in the world for free alright now become a
seller what you’re going to do is going to create a whiteboard animation gig
right as you can see some of these other people here that have done this and the
thing I want to point out to you right now right here as you see that there’s
only 2063 you see where my pointer is there 2063 people that are offering this
service guys when you consider that there’s about 3 billion people on the
internet this is a needed service as you can see a lot of these people are
getting having jobs to do this already and so it’s a wide-open market here you
can get involved with this and make a lot of money with this ok now so what
you’re going to do is going to create a gig now and I recommend that you model
your gig of course we don’t copy right we’ll just take ideas from other people
that are successful on here and model our gig from that ok so as you can see
some of the prices here somewhere people are charging anywhere from $15 to start
here’s four 350 here and as you can look down at the different prices people are
charging to do whiteboard animations and is down through here so that’s why I
suggest here’s one for 650 and look right here’s one for $3500 – to do a
whiteboard hand draw this was all hand drawn and stuff now if you like to do
this type of stuff I’m going to show you here a minimum of how you can do this
all right now so well that’s why I say set your price because you’re if you’re
just starting out and you don’t just you’re new to this and you’re setting up
your gig for the first time set your price at about $50 you don’t want to be
real high and you don’t want to be real cheap either you want to about fifty
dollars would be a good range okay now so for example you want to model your
gig after someone that’s got good success on this this guy right here he’s
a fibrous choice one he charges 350 and he’s got a 5.0 star rating with with
over a thousand reviews so see he’s been doing this for for a little while okay
so but let’s click on his gig and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna model he
he’s gonna model your gig after his okay and you see he’s got a little video here
that he’s created about it and he’s got some other like pictures and things like
that to put on there too so you can you can do the same thing you can get your
own pictures about it you can usually probably go to Google and do a search
for whiteboard animation images and then look on Google you can download those
for free it doesn’t cost anything and put them up on your gig and then about
the gig you sort of want a model of somebody that’s successful like this you
don’t want to copy exactly what they have because fiber will frown on that
and so will Google because these gigs all rank
in Google search engine – okay so just take what you’re seeing here and sort of
get ideas from another person’s gig like this and then model yours
after that okay and then one last thing that you want to do of course well first
before that you’re going to give a little description about yourself right
create a nice description you can model it after some of these other ones here
and then the next thing you want to do is to come down and you’re going to work
if you’re going to offer a basic package a standard package and a premium package
you can do that when you set up your gig as well that’s your choice on that
alright but what you want to do is to come clear down to the bottom and use
the same tags that a successful person like this use you can use these same
tags on your gig which will help you get yours ranked up quicker in fiber and
also in the Google search engine as well now so you want to create your gig
similar to that and model it after someone else’s now so now let’s say that
we have our gig created at this point okay now I’m going to show you method
number one on how you can do this and you can do it if you like to do the work
you know if you’re like I said if you’re an artwork or you like to draw and you
like to do these types of things I’m going to show you how you can do this so
what you’re going to do after you have your gig set up and ready to go you’re
going to come over to a site like this here it’s called video scribe as you see
it here in the address bar up here it’s video scribe dot Co now this is just one
of many this is I’ve sought out several of these and I find this one to be the
best one in terms of easy to use and the price is cheaper now this site here it
allows you to create these whiteboards whiteboard animations very very easily
as you can see here they tell it’s easy to use select images that they have type
text and music or voiceover to your animation
videoscribe takes care of the rest it’s quick create captivating memorable
content in minutes and then publish and share and then it’s a fantastic value
can produce as many videos as you like with the most cost-effective tool
available and then they give a little bit of a an animation kind of feature
down here and showing it how it can be done and how easy it is to work with
it’s like it says right here it’s easy to use drag and drop it’s just drag it
and drop functionality very easy to work with now and create your whiteboard
animations and give you a little bit more information about that and you can
see some more of the stuff that people have done down through here and you also
get a 7-day free trial of this now let’s take a look at the pricing on this so if
I click on pricing it comes over here and it loads up and you can see their
pricing here the monthly price for this is $35 okay that’s the cheapest plan
then they’ve got a yearly plan which is paid yearly of 14 bucks a month for 168
dollars and then they got a one-off $800 lifetime payment to use this site now
any of these actually aren’t going to really actually be anything due because
of the money that you’re going to be making right if you’re eventually like I
said I’m going to show you how to scale this up to make even bigger money so the
money that you’re going to make even in the beginning is going to far outweigh
the cost of this right here if you want to do the work yourself okay if you like
to do this type of drawing and artwork and cartoon type of stuff whatever like
this you can do this yourself right here on videoscribe website okay alright now
that’s how you can do it yourself let’s say for example now that you don’t want
to do this work yourself because let’s just face it guys the the whiteboard
animation model is something that’s in high demand
as you can see here on fibers a lot of people that are looking to have this
done a lot of these people have said well done because this is used on
YouTube videos it’s used in businesses can hire you to do this to make that
video animations for their company and about their products and services and so
on and so forth it’s a very in demand thing actually I’m surprised there’s
only 2,000 people doing this on fiber right now so it’s wide open for you for
this market now let’s say you don’t want to do this work yourself how are you
going to get it done all right well when you’ve got your gig set up first right
you set your gig up first then you get an order from a customer and you don’t
want to do it yourself by using a tool to do it yourself and you want to do it
another way the way you’re going to do it is you’re going to come over to SEO
clerks or SEO Clerk comm you see it right there in the address bar SEO clerk
and you type in whiteboard animation in the search engine you see I’ve done that
already right here now on here you can see that people are doing this but look
at the prices here’s here’s one for example here’s a girl right here that’s
offering this she’s level two here she says I’ll create a whiteboard animation
video for your whatever that is I’m not sure without clicking on it but it’s
look at her price it’s only charging four dollars okay that’s why I told you
guys to set your price at fifty dollars so that if you were going to use this or
if you’re if you’re using video scribe and doing it yourself you’re going to
get all the money okay – the whatever the monthly cost take that $35 for
example if you chose the low plan divide that by thirty what would that be about
a dollar something today so nevertheless if you don’t want to do it yourself
and you come to SEO clerk and hire someone like this person here to do it
for four dollars for your customer you got an order off your Fiverr gig and
you’ve got to bring your customers information and requests what they want
done over here – SEO clerk and you hire that done for four dollars so then you
charge your customer fifty – the four you’ve made what forty six dollars okay
but you’re probably gonna get many many many orders to do this so that it’s
gonna you’re going to make pretty good money doing this I can imagine all right
so you can hire it done for as little as four dollars over here you can see some
of the other people’s prices down here’s five dollars ten thirty forty so on and
so forth but I’d hire I’d I’d get it done for as cheap as I could on SEO
clerk and then just pocket the difference forty six dollars if you
hired it out for four dollars okay so all right guys so that’s two ways that
you can get this done either one on your own if you like to do the artwork
yourself right and then the other one if you don’t want to do the work yourself
then you just come to SEO clerks with your customers order and you hire it
done and then once the SEO clerk person gets
that work done you just bring that video file back and just give it back to your
customer on fiber and you get paid all right so that’s the two ways to get this
job done right here and you can see it’s a pretty wide open market now I’m going
to show you a bonus here on now on how you can scale this thing up and make
even more money with this big money with this all right
now let’s say it’s you’ve got your gig created on Fiverr and it’s going fairly
good you’re starting to get some orders in here but you want to scale it up well
why couldn’t we do this we’re going to come over here to another site called
people per hour see that people per hour com it’s similar to fiber alright it
works the same way as fiber I’ve typed in whiteboard animation in their search
engine and you see what I’ve come up with here right people are charging 4500
70/40 140 180 so on and so forth so you can
see what you’re going to do here you’re going to create a gig of the same thing
that you created on Fiverr on people per hour
same thing here you’re going to come here and sign up on people per hour it’s
free doesn’t cost anything sign up here get your account set up and then click
freelancer where you can click that now and you can click I want to become a
freelancer you can sign in with your Facebook account or a local account
right on this people per our website so same thing here you’ll create a gig here
and you can probably just copy the same gig that you created on Fiverr and bring
it over here set it up on people per hour charge about $50 as you can see
it’d be a reasonable price here compared to all these others now mind you guys as
you grow in this this is going to take time right just like anything it takes
time numbers or the more time you’re on it greed relates to more business so as
your time grows even on fiber you get more offers you get a good rating same
thing on people per hour you create your gig there you get better ratings there
you can raise your prices up right and make even more money
alright that’s something to keep in mind just remember it’s going to be a time
thing this stuff doesn’t happen overnight
internet marketing does not happen overnight guys it takes time ok now now
this is another site you can really begin to ramp up your service by
creating a gig here on people per hour calm the next one is an up-and-coming
site just like Fiverr it’s called conquer conquer dot IO you
see it right up here in the address bar conquer dot IO it’s an upcoming website
just like fiber and as you can see I typed in whiteboard animation here on
their site as well and it comes up with only eight people guys only eight people
offering this service conker is not as well-known as people
per hour or fiber yet but they’re up-and-coming so it’ll be a good idea to
get your gig on this side it’s free to join and you click on start selling up
here once you get signed I’m already signed into my account to be able to see
the prices on these right here you have to sign annal they won’t let you see the
prices all right so you could set up a gig here as well let’s start selling
right click on that and set your gig up bring the same one from Fiverr and
people per hour over here set up your gig on this site ramping up again
scaling up your business and then the nother site that you can do this on guys
is up work and sure everybody’s heard of up work just like Fiverr right you see
it up here in the address bar come over here you see I’ve typed in
whiteboard animation as well right here on this site and you see all these
people right here again there’s not very many here people offering this there’s
about maybe I’m going to say probably less than what’s over on the fiber but
you can offer your gig here you want to post a job come here sign up for free
again this is all free sign up click on post a
job ok and then set your gig up on this site just like you see these other
people here that are doing the whiteboard animations here layers one
this lady here is charging 39 50 per hour
you could set yours at about $40 per hour or something like that and then
when you get jobs on here it’s the same way you can either do it yourself
through a site like video scribe if you like to do this work on your own or you
can come back to SEO clerks and hire it done for just $4 and then you just pop
it the difference you see that guys this is the three other sites that you can
set your gigs up on all for free and make even bigger money doing
whiteboard animations all right guys the only thing that matters is is you are
you gonna take action on this because I can show you all these ways to make
money guys on my channel here which by the way if you like this video give me a
thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and click the bell so you
get notified so you catch my videos now all that matters is if you take an
action on this that’s the only way you’re going to make money you’re not
gonna watch this and not do nothing expect making anything right doesn’t
work that way got to take action on what you want what
you want to do on the Internet to make money guys that’s what I wanted to show
you today now if you want to get out of this and stop making small amounts of
money and you want to make high ticket sales then you reach down there below it
and click where it says mentor with keV calm and come on over and check out the
business that I have there and you can make high ticket sales up to $4,000 per
day in the business that I’m involved in my number one recommended business guys
click the link down there mentor with keV calm well guys I’m going to let you
go with that don’t forget to comment down there if you liked this video or
you have any questions about or whatever comment below down there in description
below the description in the comment section and guys I’ll let you go
and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days or so on the next exciting
money-making video make sure you subscribe catch you guys later
bye bye

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