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42 thoughts on “Make Money with YOUR VOICE Only (5 Legit Ways)

  1. Hey Pat! Thanks for putting this video together! I'm a big fan and am currently working on starting my first affiliate marketing business thanks to your encouragement from both your podcast and YouTube channel.

  2. I strongly dislike the way my voice sounds on video, BUT I’m trying to get over that by listening to my voice more and editing the audio. BTW that you for giving game theory and the odd one out shout outs,
    I’m a subscriber of them too.

  3. Great breakdown, Pat! It’s cool to know you and witness you lean more and more into YOU. Thanks for the inspiration. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  4. I've been planning on starting both an online course and some voice-over type videos.
    And my like wasn't to say you're ugly! Lol

  5. As always such great advice. As a side note, and I know you didn't ask for it, you Mr. Flynn are quite attractive. The humility and the smarts makes you even more attractive.

  6. I really sweat when I saw you juggle with those AT mic 🎀. I know they are more robust than other but …. wow risky business 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  7. I love your videos! By the way, I wonder how to record a video from the top of your head, for example when you were explaining the difference between the microphones. What kind of equipment for my camera and iPhone do I need? On the other hand, I already have an Amazon Influencer account, I'm living in San Diego but my YouTube channel is in the Spanish language. I'm not sure how to use the Amazon links for different countries. Thank you for being you! πŸ™

  8. I like voice in support of instructional/course videos, but also the idea of amsr, which fits into voice over, I guess, but not sure how lucrative that would be.

  9. I’m planning on making another round of YT videos for my channel and I’m thinking of doing more voiceovers and video demos than standing in front of the camera. I find it easier to sit down, have a outline in front of me and talk. I don’t have to worry about my appearance, body language or filming conditions (upstairs neighbor noises). Voice is hell to edit in video (I’ve had software updates since the last voice video so I hope it’s easier) but it’s easier to edit without visuals 😊

  10. Everyone loves my voice on my channel. NY accent but I can also do non regional US. I'd love to do a movie narration or a book soon.

  11. Love the video! Great advice and very encouraging. I myself would invest more time in podcasting. On my end, I could talk and explain a lot about how to become a voice-over artist. PRO TIP. You can become audiobook narrator. There are tons of possibilities opens for you in Voice-Over Freelance

  12. I am seriously putting effort into an online course. The biggest waffle I am having is about the platform. Udemy and Skillshare are similar on paper, but in use, they are very different. I actually like the Skillshare model a bit more as a student. Skillshare courses tend to be smaller and easily digestible while it's not uncommon for Udemy courses to be jam-packed with more than 24 hours of video.

    As a business, Udemy seems to be the one that earns the most money since you are paid for the entire course while Skillshare pays per minute watched. While neither company prevents you from uploading to both sites (for now), I personally feel that each site has a style that doesn't necessarily work well on the other platform.

    I could be overthinking it.

  13. Thank you for sharing. I'm trying to get myself out there using my voice for voiceover work. Would you actually take a look at my page and tell me what you think about the opportunity of me creating a podcast? I would be extremely grateful for any assistance. Great job on your part.

  14. Hey Pat, I've thought about starting a you tube and or podcast, but I have so many different interest I'm finding it hard to zero in one one or even a couple that I could put together…any suggestions that could help?

  15. Fun video. The lights you have makes the room look mad scientist-ish…I like it. Also, love that you used channels like Brizzy Voices and TheOdd1sOut in your video. For the screen sharing you could also use Loom for free.

  16. Just started this video. Thank you Pat Flynn for being an amazing human being and a beautiful person to create such inspired content. I LOVE YOUR Channel!

  17. 3:30
    That's the first video that I watched when I wanted to start podcasting. It's thorough and informative.

  18. Working on podcasting! Would love to see a video on building and marketing online courses. Quite frankly I am pretty frustrated with Teachable.

  19. Excellent advice agian. For newbies (like me) . Started a podcast 12 weeks ago, 30,000 downloads has made $105.00 . Using Spreaker. Ever so easy to set up. Follow Pat's advice and you can't go wrong

  20. No voice at the moment. Still making videos though. Thank you for the ideas. Just started my own podcast. Literally two files now.

  21. Cool tips Pat. I like the affiliate marketing and online course options as they appeal to me more than the others. Thanks

  22. All of the ideas you brought up are great! When you spoke about the voice over while showing a video on YouTube immediately reminded of an awesome Youtuber who has at least 2 YouTube if not 3 YouTube Channels his name is Mikey Bustos and the particular youtube channel of his that immediately comes to mind is his Ants Canada YouTube channel its fascinating! and his voice overs on that channel are BRILLIANT! His passion, his dramatic take on storylines of his Ant colonies + other insects, his humor and so much more that channel alone if my memory serves me correctly has over 3 million subscribers…as you were talking about that type of voice over work I was surprised you didnt use that channel as the perfect example. Go check him out and you will see what I mean…it will immediately pull you in it's very fascinating. Thank you for creating this video I'm going to share it to my FB page – hopefully it will inspire someone to take a look at voice over work as another Avenue to to make income/money. πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘πŸΎ

  23. Nice video, I want to product a podcast or something like that without showing my face, but I'm not afraid at all, I just don't want to show it xD
    Thanks for the info, I apreciate it. And… Of course you are beatifull! πŸ™‚

  24. Podcasting, I will definitely go for that one, then probably expand it to online course. I love your actitude, always encouraging people with so much positive energy. Thanks Pat!

  25. Good to have smaller pakcs of Your knowlage. I like Your Podcast, but sometimes I don't have that much time to listen it.

  26. Pat you are an inspiration and the reason I just started my own online school. COATI+ U launched not long ago currently has a free course and a short course on cleaning up your energetic field. How to we really get the word out?

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