Make Space Boring S01E10 – ICST Security, Benoit Chamot, Chris Johnson
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Make Space Boring S01E10 – ICST Security, Benoit Chamot, Chris Johnson

[Jason Kanigan] I’ve had a tough time with this one today. I’m just not into it, but I have to do it. It’s Monday the 2nd of December: how the heck did it get to be December? I’ve been up since very early working on things,
and this video needs to be made so I’m going to shoot it. However, there are a
few exciting things I want to share. So over the weekend I released a summary of the National Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain [Security] initiative, new rules coming out of the Department of Commerce:
President Trump issued an Executive Order in May declaring it a national
emergency, that our information infrastructure is under attack from
unnamed outside sources–we have a pretty good idea of who he means–and the
Department of Commerce has responded as of last week with some new recommended rules, and there’s a 30-day period of public inquiry. And like I said I’ve made
a 10 minute summary video: I recommend you go check that out because it will
impact space. I mean everything from resellers and internet and software
development, app updates, everything. They can roll back, with these new powers
they’ll be able to roll back deals that have already been made as of May 15th and later this year, OK. I mean this is some pretty powerful
stuff. So Benoit Chamot, who is the head of sales and marketing for CubeSpace who
makes satellite components–particularly control systems–he’s booked to be on in
February. So we’ll probably see his episode in March or April. Much to my
surprise somebody I haven’t even met yet, Simone Paternostro, who’s worked with
Gernot Groemer, who’s the director of Austrian Space Forum, that fellow I
talked to and he said, Hey, how about we get an analog astronaut who’s worked
for me on on to your show. And that’s new to me, I mean that’s a, this is an analog
astronaut, it’s like a simulator which is pretty cool. So I’m looking forward to
getting to know him and finding out more about what an analog astronaut experience is like. And today is Monday so that means a new episode of the Cold Star
Project, the full format show, comes out. You can find it on YouTube;
you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, anchor, all those things and a whole bunch of
audio-only platforms as well as the video version. And our guest is
Christopher Johnson. We recorded this a little while back and I’m excited to get
it released. I’d done a ton of research on space law before meeting with him and I had this like bowl full of space law salad. And I’m like what do I do with this, you know, and I’ll tell you he helped me organize all that stuff: we just plinked
through it in a very straightforward manner and I think you’ll have a similar
experience. So if you’re wondering how space law works–you can’t just go do
whatever you want–then I say go and watch Chris Johnson explain this stuff
and it’ll it’ll really help. Especially if you’re an engineer; I think that
that’s very important. And I’d like to conclude today by saying, Look, if you
know a student or a new graduate who’s coming into the space workforce, please
let them know about this this show, the Cold Star Project, and maybe this Make
Space Boring thing, because look at the advantages: like, a lot of people come out
of college and have no guidance and no career planning, and they’re just, “Oh, I’ll
take anything,” as far as what comes along. And yet they have tunnel vision, right,
because they got educated in one field and don’t know about much else; I mean I
know what I was like 20 plus years ago when I got out of school, and I wish
somebody had been there to give me some direction or show me for free who’s
doing what and what’s going on in the industry. I mean this is a real gift you
could give somebody, just to pass along the fact that these shows exist. So
that’s my recommendation: you could change your life, you never know. I do, I
have the fun of doing that all the time by letting people know, Hey, this exists,
it’s an option. Like, just by watching this show, this two minute or six minute
thing or whatever that I’m doing on weekdays, you get to find out, Oh, this
person exists, right, this field of study exists, and then with the full format
Cold Star Project show it’s an in-depth look at some area–
whether it’s launch vehicles or space law like this week or something else,
planetary protection, right–you’re gonna find out
and, and those students and, and young people are gonna find out, hey, this is a
bigger world. And these are also connections that they could make, right? I mean, I’ve done kind of the heavy lifting here for you: I’ve connected with this person and
demonstrated that they’re a friendly person who wants to be connected with. Gee, that could be useful. So hopefully you’ll do that; if you could just share that
with two people today, boy, I think that would make a big impact and and they
would really enjoy it. This is Jason Kanigan from Cold Star Tech: I will talk
to you Tuesday.

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